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I have recently posted on my Instagram profile a post: "One year from now you may not recognise me. All that happened this year has changed me so much and transformed me into a new person. I have learned valuable life lessons. I no longer force things. I've faced my shadows. I have forgiven. I've realised how strong I am, and witnessed my weaknesses. I have outgrown my old self." That is exactly how I feel about the year 2018.  In this post, as per our tradition on the blog, I will share with you my year in review and life lessons learned.

vision board moments - vacation in amalfi coast - positano

At the end of June this year I traveled with my dear soul friend to Italy (Positano - Amalfi Coast) which was the dream vacation on my vision board. My dream came true and I was literally living the pictures pinned on my vision board! The Universe fulfilled this wish in a grand way to me - not only did I travel to Positano - Amalfi Coast, but I also had a chance to spend the weekend in beautiful Abruzzo with breathtaking views and heart warming people. We also visited ancient Pompeii city ruins where we had very profound moments of contemplating on life and death, and the shocking and surprising similarities of the history back then (over 2500 years ago) and the present of today's day and age. We also visited the Greek temple remains in Paestum, which was such a soul fulfilling experience. I knew while I was walking on that sacred ground that I will write something related to Greek Goddess afterwards, as I was so much moved and inspired, and I felt some strange feeling of deep self discovery and deep connection to that place, like it was where I belong. Later on in August I wrote the blog post inspired by Goddess Athena Self Empowerment - How To overcome Self Doubt, and also created a short online course "Awaken The Athena In You". This trip to Italy was incredible and I wrote in detail about the experience in my previous blog post Six Life Lessons I've Learned On Vacation To Italy - Positano

2018. year in review - my transformation journey

In January this year I was giving self empowerment workshops to female managers in Fortune 500 companies in Delhi,  motivational speeches on building confidence, and Emotional Intelligence workshops  to kids in schools,  with my colleague, Lata. In February I visited beautiful Rastriya Dalit Park and Lotus Temple in New Delhi, and enjoyed wonderful meals in my favourite cafes and luxurious corporate meetings and lunches in five star hotels. If you are following me for a long time, you could notice the topics on this blog since February - there have been many blog posts on self love, self confidence, self worth, self empowerment, dealing with anger, self doubt... as I wanted to share here as well piece of advice I have teaching while giving Emotional Intelligence workshops and group coaching programs this year.

In March and April I enjoyed doing workshops on emotional intelligence and motivational speeches for kids in various schools in Delhi and Haryana state. I visited some really beautiful places, like Birla Temple, Royal Mughal Gardens, and had a jeep safari as well! Along with beautiful birds, I had a blessing to see during the safari the lotus flowers live for the first time! You may be remembering that last year I have realised that I was so emerged in my work and everything what was happening over the past years, that even while living in Delhi for three years, I have visited very few places. Delhi is the ancient Indian capital, which was demolished and rebuilt seven times, and it is very rich in history and beautiful monuments, but I was not exploring them and enjoying all the architectural treasures. Last year in October I have set a goal to visit ALL the beautiful places in Delhi which I have not seen. If you follow me on Instagram, you could have seen what the beauty I was missing to explore before! The lesson I've learned is that we so much long to travel and seek the "new" while sometimes we forget to enjoy, explore, and appreciate what  we already have around! We can so much consumed with work, to-do list, grind of life... that we forget to actually enjoy our life. Exploring the place where we live in does not take much money, time, or effort, like traveling to foreign countries, just the willpower, decision, and some planing!

I also had the privilege, blessing, and enough money to afford to be coached by business and money mindset coach that I truly admire - it was my dream to be coached by her which came true this year! Although I am a coach myself, I work with coaches as well, and have had a mentor coach since the day one that I got my life coaching certification, as I love to practice what I preach, and because coaching self has it's limitations since one cannot get out from it's own head and be fully objective. Also, learning from the best coaches in the industry helps me to grow as a coach and show up as a better life coach to my clients! 


In May I was doing a lot of self reflection, meditation,  self discovery work... suggested by my own coach. I am very grateful  inner shift and mindset upgrade that I have had during the process, as I have evolved A LOT as a person, human being, soul, and as a life coach for my clients. I visited in May one of the most beautiful places in New Delhi, Qutub Minar, and I was honoured to give a  powerful Emotional Intelligence Coaching workshop with my dear colleague Lata Dasila Singh to a group of successful business owners. 

On the 2nd June I flew from Delhi to my birth country - Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spending a week in June with my life coaching mentor and now soul friend  Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic in beautiful Netherlands has been such a soul fulfilling experience. I gave a very interesting workshop in Netherlands on Vedic Astrology basics for the first time in Rotterdam and participants loved it. They all were so much in awe and wanted to learn more on (what they call it) "Indian Horoscope" :-)).  I enjoyed soul fulfilling conversations and exchanging wisdom nudges with my mentor Vanja,  shopping in HEMA, and of course, delicious Dutch food. Vanja published a printed version of her book "Život" in our native and in Dutch language this year! I am so proud of her! Two decades ago she came to Netherlands as a refugee, with neither of her two University diplomas recognised by Dutch law. She did not want to live from charity or social help, so she accepted to work as a cleaner, until joining her newly wed Dutch husband to run a business. After helping her husband to build a successful business, she became a life coach and cognitive therapist, Croatian language teacher at Dutch Business Academy, the host of successful talk show (in language which is not her native!), and she has also published her book this year!  I feel really blessed to have her to guide and mentor me! 

In the end of June I have traveled to my vision board dream destination: Amalfi Coast - Positano with my BFF. I wrote in detail about our trip and life lessons learned in Italy in one of my previous blog posts - 6 Life Lessons I've Learned On Vacation In Positano Italy

After returning from Italy, I spent a lot of beautiful bonding time with my little sister, celebrated my birthday, and went with my my sister and mom on vacation to Croatia. I was able to enjoy daily swims and beach relaxing time, working in cafes on the beach on my laptop, read good books, drink good wine, and have wonderful Italian pasta. I recharged fully on this vacation and got so much creative inspiration for creating content for the blog and booking new life coaching clients.  

In August, after returning from our vacation in Croatia, I was spending time visiting beautiful places near by my home town with my mom and sister, and bonding with my stepfather to be. I have spent a beautiful time with my good friends as well, which I am missing a lot while in India. I created a lot of beautiful content for the blog, social media, and even a short online course.

Confident Woman - 10 Ways To Boost Feminine Confidence

In September, I flew back to India, where new built temple in my garden was "waiting for me". I feel so blessed that now, along with the beautiful palm tree garden, gym, and the pool, I've got a temple as well in front of my apartment. It took me a while to unpack, recover from jet lag, and get back into my normal daily routine. I visited Goddess Durga temple, enjoyed delicious vegetarian food in my favourite cafes and restaurants in Delhi, which I was missing a ton while in Europe (where is much more difficult to be vegetarian :-)) My colleagues who co-founded the self development magazine for women in my native language with me decided to leave the magazine, so I took over the entire project on myself. That gave me a lot of responsibility but also the freedom to do a complete makeover, redesign, restructure... of the magazine and make it just like I wanted and imagined it to be all these years! Now we are publishing solely articles on spirituality, tantric sexuality, feminine energy, Vedic Astrology, Positive Psychology... Entire month was engaged in a lot of creative work, but the hard work paid of in a form of my long years dream for the magazine coming to reality. In October I was mentoring coaches from MEQ Academy, along with doing my regular life coaching work, and I gave my first online Master Life Coaching webinar with my dear colleague Lata Dasila Singh. I visited the Safdarjung Tomb. I wrote a blog post on the topic of dealing with anger, which got a lot of praise and attention, comments, shares, reads... by both women and men in my community! I feel so grateful that my words and advice had such a powerful impact on people who have read it. 

In November I was giving workshops on Emotional intelligence with my dear college Lata, celebrating all the festivals, and very passionately studying Vedic Astrology. I visited beautiful Lodhi Gardens and Agresen Ki Baoli in New Delhi.

At the end of November I visited the city of Lucknow. Wonderful trip to Lucknow gave me so much creative ideas and energy boost to create a lot of content for you guys in December to help you to set and achieve your New Year goals. From the luxurious business class flight delight to wonderful sightseeing and spending time with heart centred people over there,  enjoying delicious vegetarian food in the lounge club with most amazing cocktails and lounge-tech-chill music (my favourite!), and most delicious aloo-paratha for breakfast… I will cherish the memories of this trip for a long time to come.

Traveling is indeed food for the soul, exploration ground for the mind, expansion for the heart, shower for the boredom, and ticket for adventures.

December month was all about intense learning of Vedic Astrology Academy modules, coaching calls, and writing goals setting post and year in review blog post for all of you in my online community. You know I love to be a Christmas Santa and offer the content of good value at this time of the year to help you with setting your goals and getting the clarity what is it that you want you want to change and achieve in the year ahead. It is the season of giving, and that is my way of making the positive contribution to the world. I visited beautiful Red Fort, enjoyed seeing decorated palm trees and Christmas tress, here in Delhi and the indulging in traditional Christmas plum cake. :)). I have had the most wonderful Christmas lunch with my BFF Radhika in our favourite The Readers Cafe. Happiness is... having a vegetarian  Italian Christmas lunch with someone you have soul level connection with. As you know if you have read my previous blog post How To Set New Year Goals You WILL Achieve, I like to spend the end of December and the New Year's Eve in reflecting on the year behind and setting goals for the upcoming year. 

new year wishes...

Life changes and so do we in a year. We should follow our own heart first and foremost and if we realise in the middle of the year that the goal we wanted is not anymore what we truly wanted we should be flexible and self-loving enough to let go of it.

Thank you being part of my community, reading my blog, and following my journey. Are you looking forward to transform your life in the upcoming year? 

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