life lessons - 2019. year in review

This year, I had been traveling, learning and studying a lot, suffering and recovering from terrible barotrauma experience, had my article on emotional intelligence and success being published in TIMES magazine, and evolved a lot spiritually. As per our tradition on the blog, I am sharing with you my year in review, best and worst moments of 2019., life lessons I've learned this year, and my major goals and vision board for 2020. So, let's dive in...

january and february

In January, I have visited ruins of the Old Fort in New Delhi , did lot of writing and coaching work, studied Vedic Astrology... In February I visited Kanpur, where I attended Indian marriage and visited beautiful Radha Krishna temple. I also redecorated my working space at home, which made my coaching sessions with clients much more enjoyable. In February this year I got my permanent visa, and  proudly celebrated the moment of freedom (from doing the same kind of boring paper work and visa office run-a-round every year).

march and april

In March I was visiting my favourite temples and beautiful spots in Delhi, and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and Holi festival.  I also visited Rashtriya Dalid Prerna memorial monument, and discovered a beautiful cafe with a view for working outdoors in Noida. In April my dear friend Verity from UK came to Delhi for work (she totally manifested it!) and we met after year and half chatting online. We have met in online business coaching group BossBabe, where we were assigned as each other's progress partner. We "clicked" instantly, and developed a beautiful friendship. She manifested her trip to India and we met live, enjoyed soul fulfilling conversation, shopping, walks in a Buddha Jayenty Park, vegetarian meals... As you may know, I have only one friend in Delhi, so when she came I was really happy that I had one more true fiend to spend the time with. She coming from UK to Delhi and our time spent together was such a blessing for me! In April one more amazing thing happened - my article on emotional intelligence and success was featured in TIMES magazine! This month I had also revived my YouTube channel and started posting videos there, which had me pushed out of my comfort zone a lot. But, I decided to practice what I preach and start making video content as I want to grow and many of you who follow me have been asking for videos for so long. 


In May, I had a bliss to enjoy some of Verity's company, I was intensively studying and got certified in conversational hypnotherapy! I made a decision to do the training in hypnotherapy so that I can help my life coaching clients to overcome their limiting beliefs faster. In between of coaching sessions and studying hypnotherapy and Vedic Astrology, I was reading Vedas and Mahabharata, and coping with very hot Indian weather at this time of the year in my swimming pool and also by drinking a lot of coconut water and mango shake. I do not know how it happened, but I somehow managed to catch severe cold (in a month where temperature was going up to 46 C - ! -) which left me with inability to speak properly for more than two weeks - so I had to cancel even all of my coaching sessions! That was the time when I decided that I had to seriously work on healing my throat chakra and I have spent the rest of my year doing exactly that! Last week of May I was buying gifts for my mom, sister, cousins, and friends, and packing for my Europe trip. 


Month of June started with an unexpected event or shell I call it a surprise?! I was flying from Delhi to Bosnia and Herzegovina with connected flights via Istanbul, and then I got to know that my flight from Istanbul to Sarajevo was canceled and that I had to stay one day in Istanbul. Although it had messed up my plans, had me miss many hours of sleep, and travel longer than I had planned, I unexpectedly got to stay in beautiful suite in a five star hotel - with a beautiful view onto a mosque.  After getting over jet lag, once I reached to my home town near Tuzla, and unpacked, I took some time off work to spend moments with my family and meet with my friends. I traveled to Sarajevo to meet my dear friend, and of course, have a  traditional spinach pie in the heart of old Sarajevo (Bascarsija). I also enjoyed lake ride and delicious vegetarian dinner with my dear cousin Matea, and  visited a beautiful near by small lake that I never knew existed before. 


In the first week of July I traveled to Croatia, for vacation with my family on island Arbania, near Trogir. The view in the villa where we were staying was spectacular, and we had our own "part of the beach" in front of the house, where I was spending days reading the book, in between swimming at the sea. I also visited for the first time beautiful cities with rich medieval history - Split and Trogir. I celebrated my 32nd birthday on the beach, did my meditations and morning rituals with the  view on the sea (bliss!), enjoyed some good wine, and delicious breakfast and dinners with a view... 

Two unplanned things happened on this holiday. First one was that I forgot my socket converter at home, and as all my devices are bought in India, I could not plug anything in Croatian sockets! That means my phone and laptop could not be charged for almost two weeks! Somehow I found some improvised device to charge my phone, but nothing was there with which I could charge my Macbook Air. If you follow me for a long time that I get a lot of creative inspiration for writing when I am on the beach, plus I was planning to shoot and edit some YouTube videos with my laptop, and suddenly all that was not possible. I also had a magazine to manage while on holiday, and I was checking mails daily as I am offering e-mail support to my coaching clients in between our sessions. Suddenly, I was not able to do all these things on my laptop and I had to find solutions to do things from my phone as much as I could. Although I was at moments very frustrated about forgetting my charger, I ended up setting up professional e-mail and even figured out how to design a graphic for my magazine - over phone! I did not record anything for YouTube but I utilised the chance to record as many short videos for social media as I could with my phone, using anything that can support the phone (as I broke the tripod for my phone as well! :-)) Now, if anything similar happens in the future I have all the systems and apps that I need set up on my phone, which ended up to be really useful!

There is no point in beating yourself up for making the mistake - important thing is to figure out how to make up for it, improvise, fix things, and undo or prevent the damage. Sometimes, having to improvise ends up teaching us new ways of dealing with things as well. 

Second unplanned event was meeting my mentor coach Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic in Croatia. Due to her overwhelming schedule this year we figured out that we could not meet, neither in Netherlands or Bosnia and Herzegovina. We were both sad thinking that this year we won't be able to see each other, and then something miraculous happened. She had to fly to Croatia urgently due to some inheritance paper work exactly during the same week while I was in Croatia! We talked and abruptly decided to meet on Solta island, where she is having olive fields and vacation home.  I traveled by boat to meet her on Solta, and we had such a soul-fulfilling, beautiful, and enjoyable time together, with a view onto the sea and olive trees. Island is beautiful and very authentic, like it has been forgotten in history, which also added the special flavour into the entire experience. I guess two of us so much desired to meet each other this year, that the Universe made it happen in a way we could have not imagined! 


In August I enjoyed spending time with my younger sister. We were doing all the girly things together (we call it "sisterly days" :-)), having dinners together, movie nights... (poor thing has to watch with me action movies every time :-)) I was also enjoying wonderful flower baths, herbal baths, LUSH baths... as in my family home we have a bath tub. I enjoyed lake rides by boat and girl nights with my dear cousins Matea and Ivona, and my new friend Arnela. I also spent quality time with my mom and my friends, writing a lot, learning intensively Vedic Astrology every single day. I also invited my dearest friends as guests at my home and really enjoyed time spent together. My dear friend from Zagreb came to my home (town) for the first time, and another dear  friend which now lives in Croatia I met after six years, as only this year in August we happened to be at the same time in our home country. Last week of August I was packing and buying gifts, as my time to fly back to India was approaching. 


In the first week of September  I flew back to India, and suffered from barotrauma (injury of the ear caused by a change in air pressure) after flying. I had been suffering for ten days the pain that was at times unbearable. I was lucky to be treated by good otorhinolaryngologist, so I got recovered fully. There is a saying that a healthy man has 1000 wishes but sick man has only one - to be healthy again. I was going trough the moments at times when literally all I was longing for was just one thing - the unbearable pain to stop. We often have so many wishes and goals and get so much frustrated when we do not accomplish something or we get upset over "small stuff" and tend to forget to feel grateful for being - healthy and pain free! It took almost a month until I fully recovered and I was unable to work or to even unpack or declutter my space after I came back until the last week of September. Besides learning to value my health every single day much more, I also learned after this experience the preventive measures that I need to take next time before, during, and after flying, so that this experience does not happen again in the future. When I finally recovered  and went out, visited my favourite temple, had lunch in my favourite cafe... I enjoyed every single minute of it, feeling grateful for being healthy and well that I can again enjoy the little things that make life beautiful, like smelling the flowers and enjoying the walk in the sunshine.

october and november

In October, single use plastic has been banned in India, which made me very happy, as I have been embracing #plasticfree lifestyle this year, knowing how much plastic pollution is harmful for the environment, oceans, wild animals, and our health as well. In this report on plastic pollution by WWF it is written that it is estimated by the scientists that we eat 5g of microplastic average per week (size of a credit card!). Nowadays in Delhi, you get cloth bags instead of plastic ones in stores, vegetables are packed in compostable bags in supermarkets or in paper bags, plastic cutlery has been replaced by bamboo spoons, and plastic straws and cups with straws and cups made of paper (you can see me  eating in the picture below with bamboo spoons, and drinking lassi from a clay cup with a paper straw). I visited in October place called Waste Of Wonders in New Delhi, which is a theme park with seven world wonders made of waste! You can see Eiffel Tower, Taj Majal, and other world wonders made of garbage, such as old screws and gears. It is now very popular and interesting tourist destination - you cannot but the admire the idea!

After being sick for a month, and feeling overwhelmed and creatively stuck, plus experiencing a grief over a person that meant a lot to me, that decided to leave for good, I really needed some energy clearing and major decluttering. I decided to do several Feng Shui remedies, such as getting rid of 100 things that you own (!) and moving 27 pieces of furniture in your space. I also changed the position of my bed and my work space, did major cleaning and decluttering, donated lot of my stuff which I did not use for a long time, and replaced lot of my skin care products with plastic free alternatives.  By doing all that, not only that I felt much better, but I also started getting lot of creative ideas for content creation, and I realised that I have simplified and detoxed my life a lot in the process! I wrote more about the experience in my previous blog post How To Declutter, Detox, and Destress Your Life. I also visited beautiful ISCKON temple in Noida, which was such a soul-fulfilling experience.

I had a lot of work to catch up with in October, due to my sickness in September, and Vedic Astrology lessons to study, along with the space decluttering, therefor it was a very busy moth. November was the month of intensive learning and writing. After my creative juices started flowing again, I wrote many articles, and I got many new ideas about the content creation for December, and year 2020. as well! I completed  Vedic Astrology Academy in November, which is one of the most amazing things that happened this year, and one of the things that I'm proud the most for accomplishing, with all the credits going to my amazing teacher, who made the lessons so simplified that even I, a girl from Europe, without knowledge of Sanskrit or knowing much of Hindu mythology prior, was able to learn! 

In November, just after I recovered emotionally after losing that important person in my life, a family member died! After a decade of personal and spiritual growth and inner work, I do go over "losing people" now with much more awareness and acceptance, but the feelings of grief and sadness are still part of the natural reaction for a soul on this Earth plain. Looking back now, as it is not in my power to change anything, I can only accept things with love and gratitude for having these people in my life during the time that I did, keep on honouring everything they did for me, and beautiful moments we had together. 


In December, I was working a lot on creating December content, with advice for goal setting for 2020.  I created a #december2019challenge and I had so much joy in my heart seeing many of you posting stories, sharing your gratitude lists, goals, vision board creation experience... on your social media or with me via private messages. I also started preparing the content related to astrology,  which I will start sharing in January 2020. I traveled to Saharunpur (norther from Delhi) where I enjoyed some really good vegetarian food and the most delicious carrot halva, and I visited two temples (Shakumbari Devi temple and Bhootnat temple). As you may know, my soul is very drawn to sacred places, especially temples, so it was truly memorable and soul fulfilling experience for me. I also took time to reflect on the year behind, my goals for 2019., life lessons learned, my goals and vision for 2020., and creating my 2020. vision board. This year has been hard for many people - which is not even odd considering all the planetary transits of Saturn, Jupiter, North Node, upcoming solar eclipse with 6 planets together in Sagittarius (!) which happened on 25th/26th December - and overall energetic shift that is happening on the planet.

After we had lot of letting go and detachment, emotional release, radical changes... in 2019. it is now time to map out the plan for new things to come into our life and new beginnings in 2020. ⠀

I had a wonderful dinner with my best friend in Delhi, Radhika prior to Christmas, as she traveled to Jaipur, so we were not able to have a Christmas lunch together, like we used to do for last three years. Though, we agreed to have a New Year lunch together, as soon she is back from Jaipur. :-)) In Delhi, today, as I am writing this was the coldest day in December in last 100 years! Weather got really chill for this part of the globe, and as homes are not built to preserve, but to give away the heat (India is a hot country, with temperatures in Delhi rising till 46C in summer peak!) I caught very bad cold and I spent Christmas in my bed, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, talking to my mom and sister over messenger, inhaling diffused peppermint essential oil, drinking Ayurvedic cough and cold medicine, lot of tea, and warm water; having some plum cake (which is traditional Christmas desert in India) and vegetarian dimsuns ordered from Thai restaurant. As there was a Solar eclipse, visible in India, and new Moon, this time spent in bed  gave me the opportunity to contemplate on the year behind, and my goals for 2020., which I finalised and noted down as a part of my New Moon ritual last night. I am looking forward to what the next year will bring, as being astrologer, I am aware that after January 6th next year, a new major period in my life (mahadhasha) will start and that will mean that my life will start changing!

my 2020. vision board

I shared a lot in my goal setting content before about why it is important to create a vision board for a year, as  a vision board, without a deadline to achieve your goals is nothing more than a "fantasy board". I also wrote in my post with goal setting advice that we should share our vision boards, as that increases our level of commitment to achieve them, and expresses our belief that we CAN achieve and experience all the things we pinned. Therefor, I am sharing a screenshot of my Pinterest vision board and my major 2020. goals with you in this paragraph. 

I created an online vision board on Pinterest for myself as I travel a lot and I spend a lot of time on my laptop, so it is more practical for me to look at it it by scrolling, while sipping a cup of tea.  My major professional goal is start posting YouTube videos regularly again, as due to throat issues in April, uncharged laptop on the vacation, barotrauma in September... I was unable to record, edit, or even speak properly, and I lost my flow of recording and posting videos. After more than six months of intense throat chakra healing work that I have done, my speaking and throat condition has improved a lot, and now I feel fully ready to start creating videos again. Other major professional goals for me are workshop with my mentor coach Vanja in summer next year, collaborating on a master life coaching project with my colleague Lata here in Delhi, as well as creating a lot of content for social media and my blog related to astrology, and offering astrology services (readings and consultations).

My major personal goals are to continue with English pronunciation exercises, along with all the throat chakra healing practices that I've been doing this year, and also to improve my Hindi speaking, as my grammar is a mess. :-)) As per health goals, along with throat chakra healing, I have set an intention of taking all the precaution measures while flying next year, so that barotrauma does not repeat again. I also want to live as #plasticfree as practically possible (in a big city and while traveling). 

My spiritual goals are to practice more of mantra and mala meditations, and to continue doing my full Moon and New Moon rituals, Venus rituals on Fridays, and visit some more temples and sacred places. My major noble goal for 2020. is to be an advocate for #plasticfree lifestyle and help reduce the plastic pollution in this way in the world, as much as I can. 

If you want to set your own professional, personal, spiritual, and health goals for 2020. in a way that they you CAN achieve them, my blog post on setting goals is MUST READ. You can also download at the end of that post free printable daily planner that will help you to be more productive and achieve your goals faster, and read my best advice for creating a vision board for the year that WORKS! Click here to read the post in case you missed it.  

Thank you so very much for reading this post and being part of my community.

I am wishing you happy, prosperous, and fulfilled year ahead! 

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