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If you are feeling stuck in life, confused about what to do in your life career, this consultation is for you! During the online consultation, which lasts 45-60 minutes (over Skype) you will learn more in detail about your unique personality traits, innate talents and qualities, your life path, and the influence of current transits and time periods in your natal chart on your life.

Astrology is a great tool that can help us to get the clarity about our life path and our life's purpose. As a life coach, by using the self development tools with my life coaching clients it used to take me weeks, or even months, to help my clients who were confused about what to do in life to discover their life purpose. I was amazed how this question can be answered during just one session, by one analysis of the client's birth chart! Natal chart is the map of the sky on the day when we are born and contains information about our life path. 

Astrology can also help us to know the right timing for certain events in our life, by studying planetary transits.  Knowing more about these energetic patterns during planetary transits can help us to align with them, instead of going against them. Knowing when is a good ("auspicious") time during the year for us to make the important decisions, like buying property, career change, or moving to another country... can help us make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes in terms of time, money, and emotional disturbance. Knowing about our life path can help us to understand why certain things had happened to us, and prepare us for what is coming. When we are aware of our subconscious behavioural patterns, "dark" tendencies, karmic knots, and limiting beliefs, we can with the help of our spiritual practice and preforming austerities and good karma heal, reprogram, and remedy them, in order to reduce their negative affect in the future. Knowing why we have suffered can give the meaning and higher understanding to our life, and help us to avoid making same mistakes in the future. 

client testimonials

"I am more than happy that I have done the Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) session with Danijela. I am obsessed with classic astrology, and it was always giving me great insights, but Jyotish astrology gave me a more in-depth and precise insight. What is great about Daniela's work is that she clearly outlined where I have the most potential in my life. I have many talents, but now I know what my strongest ones are, and where to put my energy more. She helped me to see what my soul purpose is, how to balance my energies and where to pay attention to so that I can get the most out of my life! I wholeheartedly recommend her and her work, as this will help you to stand stronger on your feet!"
Angela Sudzukovic, Slovenia
"Wow, Danijela, I am blown away by the Vedic Astrology reading that you did for me. I had been following you for some time on Instagram, reading your insightful blogs and articles, and admiring your natural flair for coaching, but during our Skype call, you surpassed my expectations... You gently, but assertively pointed out the parts of me that are out of balance. You noticed facets of me that I didn't even realise I was hiding, encouraged me to work on my goals, that I had neglected, and most importantly, taught me a lot of fascinating new things about my astrology placements and how that influences all of the above!"
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Tania, UK
"I am so lucky to have had a Vedic astrology with Danijela. The level of detail she goes into is immense. She looks at the positioning of the Moon and planets according to your birth time and place, and then just opens up this fascinating story of your life, who you are and what’s to come. She shows you examples of others like you so you can really visualise where your strengths lie and uncover your true passions. She really helped me understand parts of me I have either forgotten, ignored or dismissed... It gives you clarity on areas that for some reason you don’t trust yourself on and patterns start to develop giving you true confirmation. I love how Vedic Astrology works with the Moon rather than the sun as it feels like it taps into the feminine energy and the true core of me. I fully recommend a Vedic Astrology reading with Danijela, if you would like to go deeper into who you are and why you are here and open up a world of possibilities and courage."
Verity Brown, UK


Your investment for the astrology consultation over Skype (45-60 minutes) is 70US$ (or 65 EURO).

To book the reading you can e-mail me at or fill the contact form below.