Self Love - Five Practices To Love Yourself More

Self love is the foundation for the happiness and abundance in our life, because it is only when we love ourselves deeply and unconditionally that we will attract people in our life who will love us deeply. Only when we have respect for ourselves that other people will respect us well. When we feel strong self worth that we will have an abundant life, because net worth  reflects our feeling of self worth (as money is the symbol for the value exchange!). In this blog post, I am sharing five self love practices and writing about why  loving ourself is so important.


Self care is very important part of loving and honouring self, tuning into feminine energy and “happiness practice”.

Only once we love ourselves deeply and unconditionally, and take good care of ourselves, the Universe will reciprocate that by bringing into our life people who will honour and love us deeply and take care of us greatly as well.

One of my favourite self care practices is buying flowers for myself: from me to me :)) I also love to pamper myself with best quality organic, herbal, natural cosmetic products, and I make sure that I nourish my body with replenishing and healthy food - not for the good looks (although that comes as a side effect :)) but to love and honour the body that I call home for my soul in this lifetime.

self love practice #2: self empowerment

Self empowerment is all about SELF empowerment: knowing that WE have to pick ourselves up, we have to EMPOWER ourselves. We have to pick ourselves up after a fall or rejection. We need to recognise and tap into the power within and use it.

If you want to be a powerful, confident, and strong woman, you have to learn the art of self empowerment! Self empowerment is all about empowering self, believing in self, trusting self, and taking control of your own life.

We empower ourselves by becoming aware about our abilities, true power, and gifts, or as I love to say it, our core genius. We empower ourselves by thinking positive and encouraging thoughts about ourselves. Thoughts repeated long time become the belief. By speaking positively and thinking positively about self, and by working on our building our confidence and self worth and overcoming limiting beliefs with a coach, we replace limiting beliefs with the empowering beliefs.


Once we believe in ourself we start trusting self. Once we trust ourselves, we start building the self respect. One we respect and value ourselves other people value and respect us and we get everything in this life what we truly want and deserve! 

I would suggest reading following books to help you in your self empowerment journey:

Lean In (Women, Work, and the Will To Lead)” by Sheryl Sandberg
How To Be A Bawse” by Lilly Singh
How To Be H.O.T.” by Cristal Fuentes, founder of The Ladies Coach

self love practice #3: self compassion - LOVE YOURSELF LIKE OTHERS IN YOUR LIFE

We are usually very understanding spiritual human beings when it comes to other people, especially the ones we love. If they made a mistake, we will do everything in our power to make them feel better and tell them it was not their fault, they did the best they could, they had no other choice, or that they should learn from the mistake and move on, not keep on beating themselves sup and living in the past.

But when it comes to ourselves we can be the harshest critic in the world:

How could I bee so stupid, wrong, bad, wrong, foolish, unreasonable…!?

That’s where self compassion comes in, ladies! Imagine that your best friend comes to you with your “mistake”. What would you tell her? Would you hug her and consulate her? Would you uplift her and encourage her to get up, learn from the mistake and move on? Do that with yourself every single time you make mistake, go trough a tough time, or experience rejection or a failure.

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self love practice #4: self respect + setting the healthy boundaries

“If you make yourself into a doormat, people will wipe their feet on you!”

Belizean Proverb

If you do not respect yourself and set the healthy boundaries in relationships, other people will not respect you either! People are not BAD in general, they are just going to behave according to the standards you hold for yourself. If you have people in your life who are taking advantage of you and using you, have in mind that they are doing it because they can! Consciously (by not saying "NO" and setting clear boundaries) or subconsciously (feeling of low self worth and self respect which can be felt in your presence vibrationally) you have shown them that you do not believe or expect that you deserve any better!

It is first of all important that you practice self care, self love, and build your feeling of self worth, self respect, and self esteem. The other important thing is that you start setting healthy boundaries in relationships, say NO to things and people that do not deserve your time and attention or are never there when you need them. Relatioship has to be two way relation,  and if you are the only person giving in the relationship or investing (or you are doing it most of the time) than you do not actually have a relationship - you are being used!  Getting rid of toxic relationships can be painful, as we may be missing that person's company, and we may be afraid that we will have no other friend or lover in our life left, but it is necessary.

Only once you start removing toxic people and relationships from your life, you will create the space for people who will love you deeply and appreciate you, true friendships, and man who will worship you. 

You need to show to the Universe what kind of relationships you want to manifest in your life by getting rid of those which are not what you truly want. That way you will shout out to the Universe that you believe you deserve better and you will not settle for less!

self love practice #5: saying "no" to things and people that are not good for you

Saying more NO-s can be the mostt difficult practice you will have to master in your life, but it will be so worth it! Same like you have to say NO to toxic relationships and people who are using you, you have to start saying NO time to time to people who care for you deeply as well, as you need to create time for self care, self development, and pursuing  your own dreams. 

Have in mind that people who really care for you will want to support you to become the best version of yourself and encourage you to take care of yourself.

You also need to start saying more NO-s to yourself when it comes to activities that are wasting your time, food that is bad for your body, habits that are harming you (like smoking or not moving your body enough or not drinking enough water)... and start saying YES to things that are good for you and your self development. To things that will lift your soul on fire. To loving yourself more.

Say YES to more self care, healthier food choices, self development programs, courses, and workshops, working with a coach, going to sauna or  massage, spending more time in nature, reading good books, listening more motivational podcasts, reading more uplifting articles and blog posts like this one, following people and accounts on Instagram who inspire and uplift you, spending more time with people who encourage you and help you to become better version of yourself, pampering yourself and loving yourself unconditionally!

I have coached personally more than 100 women internationally (from USA and UK to India and Netherlands, Norway, Germany, South Africa, and counting…), given motivational talks and workshops to women, and nowadays I am giving corporate workshops to female employees in Fortune 500 companies in New Delhi, and I have seen how big shifts in their life and career they experience once they learn the tools to boost their confidence, increase self worth, and learn how to set healthy boundaries in the relationships, so that they can stop being taken advantage of, and get rid of toxic relationships. If you are serious and committed about increasing your self love and self worth, and learning how to value, honour, appreciate, respect yourself and increase your self confidence, click on the link below to read about my life coaching services over Skype. 

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