Purva Ashada Nakshatra Women Sun Moon Ascendent Rising

purva ashada nakshatra women (13° 20’ - 26° 40’ sagittarius)

Purva Ashada Nakshatra Women Sun Moon Ascendent Rising

Purva Ashada nakshatra spans  between 13° 20’ - 26° 40’ of Sagittarius sign in Vedic Astrology.  Visual symbolism of this nakshatra are the elephant tusk, hand fan, and winnowing basket. Elephant tusks are used for fighting, proving the strength,  and protection against the predators, which tightly correlates with the name of this nakshatra - (the word "Ashada" means "invincible"). The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which in Vedic Astrology represents the wisdom and higher knowledge. For winning in the war and in life, we need to have a good strategy. When we have the good strategy  and obtain the highest of knowledge and wisdom, that's when we can become truly invincible.  The second symbol - a hand fan, tells about more subtle nature of this nakshatra, shaped by the rulership of Venus (which is about elegance, beauty, art, luxury, and fashion). The third symbol of this nakshatra is the winnowing basket, which was traditionally used by farmers for separating grain from the straw. As this nakshatra is ruled by Venus and indirectly by Jupiter (the ruler of the Sagittarius sign), at this stage of cosmic consciousness we desire the highest of knowledge, and the highest form of art, creative expression, and literature. We separate the worthy from the unworthy and only the purest form of sensual stimuli, wisdom, devotion, and creative expression can stay. Jupiter joined with Venus here gives us the victory trough the ability to win over the people's hearts and bring people together to fight for a greater cause, trough the power of sharing and obtaining the information and the highest of knowledge. The deity presiding over this nakshatra is the Vedic goddess of water(s) Apas, though  the nature of this nakshatra is ugra (fierce). There is a famous saying describing the fierce, feminine, and gentle power of water:

Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.


The power (shakti) of Purva Ashada nakshatra is invigoration (varchograhana shakti), which means to give vitality and vigour to, stimulate, and refresh.  Just like water refreshes us when we are thirsty, Purva Ashada women have the shakti, the power to invigorate our spirit, and stimulate our senses with their Venusian beauty and artistic expression merged with Jupiterian wisdom. They invigorate our courage, so that we can step up fully into our power, and fiercely fight for the grater cause and Mother Earth, which is the ancient personification of the primordial Goddess or The Great Mother.

All of this qualities are very strongly embodied in Purva Ashada women, which we will explore in the video below. (Extended version of the narrated text you can read below the video). This video and nakshatra exploration  is the result of my analysis and exploration of 108 Purva Ashada natives birth charts.

purva ashada nakshatra women in modern day and age

Purva Ashada women are (in general and internationally) considered as the most beautiful women in the world. They have unique, sort of exotic, goddess like Venusian beauty, and physical form that invigorate our sensorial stimuli. From older Hollywood beauties, such as Kim Basinger (Purva Ashada Moon) and Mia Farrow (Purva Ashada Moon), to modern day Hollywood and Bollywood actresses Aishwarya Rai Banchan (Purva Ashada Ascendent and Moon), Monica Belluci (Purva Ashada Ascendent), Deepika Padukone (Purva Ashada Sun), Karina Kapoor (Purva Ashada Ascendent), Liv Taylor (Purva Ashada Moon), Leonor Varela (Purva Ashada Sun)... to some of the world's most famous models - Irina Shayk (Purva Ashada Sun) and Gisele Bundchen (Purva Ashada Ascendent)... Purva Ashada women have been shining with their beauty, graciousness, and astonishing fashion style.

purva ashada nakshatra women - creative expression and style

Purva Ashada women are often referred to as "style and fashion icons" due to their unique and artistic fashion sense. If we read or watch any "Best Dresses On The Red Carpet..." features, it is most often Purva Ashada women's outfits that would stand out the most. They dare to experiment with colour, and styles, and they are often trendsetters when it comes to fashion. Singer Cher (Purva Ashada Moon) is famous for her eccentric outfits and costumes, and many celebrities and fashion designers are even today inspired by her. Singer Gwen Stefani (Purva Ashada Ascendent) won the Fashion Icon award, as she was for decades fashion inspiration for many young girls who loved her music. Aishwarya Rai's dresses are often the most talked about on the red carpet events. Kate Middleton (Purva Ashada Sun), Duchess of Cambridge and member of the British royal family, is also regarded as a fashion style icon.  Sarah Jessica Parker (Purva Ashada Moon) is internationally  famous for her role of Carry, fashionable socialite from New York, in Sex And The City TV series. Carry's outfits and style are having a cult like following and admiration.  Interestingly,  Sarah Jessica Parker, and the character she played, Carry share the love for fashion and for - shoes! Sarah designed her own shoes collection, as well as singer Ellie Goulding (Purva Ashada Sun). Actress Deepika Padukone designed her own clothing line, and is regarded as one of the Bollywood's best dressed celebrities. Carolina Herrera, famous fashion designer, who is also regarded by many as a fashion icon, is Purva Ashada Sun native. Rachel Zoe, famous fashion designer and celebrity stylist is Purva Ashada Moon native.

Purva Ashada women love using art, fashion, and creative expression to tell the story, spread the wisdom, and send a powerful message. We can notice that Purva Ashada singers love writing their own songs, and actresses chose their roles on basis of the script and the story of their character rather than having (solely or primarily)  monetary gains or fame in mind. Purva Ashada is the nakshatra of movie directors (we will see many of them while exploring Purva Ashada men in the second part of this video, as in movie industry women are still paving their path in this profession). One of few famous women in this industry,  screenwriter, director, and producer, Sofia Coppola, is Purva Ashada Moon native. She won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and became the third (!) woman to be nominated for an Academy Best Director Award. In 2017, at the Cannes Film Festival, she became the second woman in festival's history to win the Best Director Award.

Since she is involved with the major part of movie making process, we can see in many of her movies the creative expression of Purva Ashada nakshatra  in it's purest form: movie scripts based on historical events or literature from the different century, pastel colour palette, beautifully served food, etiquette, and  fashionable costumes, weaved together with emotional stories of women who were entrapped under the strong pressure of stigmatic, patriarchal, and oppressing societal and religious rules for women.  She, just like other Purva Ashada women, seems to be creatively driven primarily by desire to tell a powerful story trough a woman's eyes perspective and create "a piece of art". She once stated: 

'I don't make the kind of movies that land themselves to wide releases.'

We can find the similar colour palette and design inspiration, alike in Sofia Coppola's movies, reflecting in interior design in homes and private offices of many famous Purva Ashada natives. We can notice that due to their love to art and classical music, we can see pianos in their homes, as well as beautiful art work and black and white photography. We can also notice that Purva Ashada women proudly love to "display" their children's art work and toys, and collections of books, in prominent places in their home.

Purva Ashada women can heave great love for reading books, especially belletristic, and for fine arts, such as old paintings, classical music, opera, ballet, and theatre plays. Their taste in art can be so refined, that most of their friends, colleagues, and family members would not be familiar with the titles of books that they read, or names of artists and musicians that they adore. The painting (below) of Madame de Pompadour (who was Purva Ashada Sun native) painted by François Boucher, in 18th century, beautifully demonstrates the refined Venusian artistic taste and creative expression of Purva Ashada nakhsatra, merged with Jupiterian love for books - higher knowledge and wisdom, which this nakshatra so strongly embodies. 

purva ashada nakshatra

We can see Madame de Pompadour on the painting wearing a gorgeous green silk dress adorned with pink bows and roses. The book in her hand, and library of books on the shelves behind her, display her passion for reading and learning - we can read in historical recordings that she had a personal library of 3,525 books (!). She was also patron of Diderot, Voltaire, and other philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment, and of many artists, including the Boucher. Madame de Pompadour loved to design, build, and decorate fabulous homes where she could showcase her exquisite rococo style, which is very evident on this painting. She had a good education on dance, singing, and playing instruments. She founded the famous Sèvres porcelain factory, popularized fresh cut flowers in vases, and trended goldfish in bowls as pets. She was quoted saying: 

“Every day, I wish to make the world more beautiful than I found it.”

Purva Ashada women have great love for learning and reading about philosophy and ancient spiritual wisdom. They love to travel and to explore different cultures and cousine. They can also have keen interest in visiting and exploring ancient archeological sights and cultural heritage. Actress Megan Fox (Purva Ashada Moon) co-created a show on archeological controversies, called "Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox". Description of the show says that in the docu-series, we learn that "Fox has been obsessed since an early age with the history of ancient cultures, people and places — always questioning their documented story. We follow her 'embarking on an epic and personal journey across the globe' where Fox, archaeologists and experts will 're-examine history, asking tough questions and challenging the conventional wisdom that has existed for centuries"'.

purva ashada nakshatra women - activism

Due to rulership of Apas (goddess of waters) over this nakshatra, Purva Ashada women innately feel deeply connected to water element. Aside from craving spending time near lakes, rivers, sea shores, and beaches, they embody the intuitive and fluent power of this element. Their personal power is rooted  in the persistence, forming emotional bonds with others, and being the active voice for other unprivileged women as well as for the protection of oceans and Mother Earth. Due to their ability to deeply emotionally connect with others, they can move the masses with their speeches, and set new trends and standards in the society. They innately know the power of art, power of masses coming together, and power of knowledge, and therefor it doesn't surprise that so many Purva Ashada women are prominent activists. 

Gisele Bundchen (Purva Ashada Ascendent) is one of the most prominent environmental activists, who has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program since 2009., along with Greta Thunberg (Purva Ashada Sun) - climate change activist. Katherine Wilkinson (Purva Ashada Sun) is a vice president at Project Drawdown, where she leads the organization’s editorial, creative, and communication work on climate solutions. Her writings include The Drawdown Review (2020), the New York Times bestseller Drawdown (2017), and Between God & Green (2012), which The Boston Globe dubbed “a vitally important, even subversive, story.” Her forthcoming book, All We Can Save, is an anthology of writings by women climate leaders. 

Actress Leonor Varela (Purva Ashada Sun) - who is a marine life activist, concerned with the welfare of whales. Monica Sjöö (Purva Ashada Sun), was Swedish writer, painter, and eco-feminist. Actress Kim Basinger is an activist for eradicating animal cruelty. Singer Annie Lenox is activist for global feminism, and in 2010. she was named as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for AIDS. Nelly Furtado (Purva Ashada Moon native) hosted a program about AIDS on MTV and in September 2011, announced that she was giving CDN$1,000,000 to Free the Children's cause to build girls' schools in Kenya. She is also a member of the Canadian charity Artists Against Racism.

Kate Middleton and Gisele Bundchen are also advocates for sustainable fashion. While Gisele is wearing dresses made of sustainable materials on the red carpet, Kate is re-wearing old dresses to different events to promote sustainability. Interestingly, Annie Lenox wears HIV POSITIVE T-shirt as a fashion statement and tool to help breaking the stigma and raising the awareness about AIDS. Kourtney Kardashian (Purva Ashada Moon) is advocating for US Congress  to impose stricter regulations for cosmetic industry, so that they produce cleaner, and toxic-free cosmetic products.

Kate Middleton gave a touching speech about challenges of motherhood, especially for women who are dealing with mental health challenges after giving birth. Gisele Bundchen also shared her experience of struggling with depression, panic attack, and anxiety. Deepika Padukone is founder of the Live Love Laugh Foundation, which creates awareness on mental health in India, and often speaks about issues such as feminism and depression. With the movie that she produced (Chhapaak), and also starred in, she wanted to raise awareness about the acid attack issue that many women are still facing in India. Noah Cyrus (Purva Ashada Sun) is also one of the celebrities who is vocal in public about struggling with depression, with the hope to raise the awareness about the importance of mental health. Singer Gwen Stefani wrote the song "I'm Just A Girl" which is often referred to as a "feminist anthem".

purva ashada women - personal growth, spirituality, and wisdom they teach

Due to rulership of  Jupiter and Venus over this naskhatra (just like in the Libra side of the Vishaka nakshatra), and the rulership of the Goddess over this nakshatra, women born with one of the major placements in Purva Ashada can be very much drawn to goddess worship, female centred spirituality, mythology about goddesses, and goddess centred religions and spiritual teachings. Monica Sjoo (Purva Ashada Sun) was Swedish painter, writer, and eco-feminist who was one of the early exponents of the Goddess movement, and in her art we can notice a visual celebration of womanhood and women's ability of giving birth. She co-wrote book The Great Cosmic Mother (1987), which covers women's ancient history and the origin of religion, and is one of the first books to propose that humanity's earliest religious and cultural belief systems were created and first practised by women. She was the activist in the British Women’s Liberation Movement, and the main author of Towards a Revolutionary Feminist Art in 1971, one of the most feminist art manifestos that was widely discussed in the press and received even a response from The Guardian. Sjöö published Woman Power in the first issue of Enough, a women’s liberation journal produced in Bristol. She spent many years studying ancient women’s lunar mysteries and goddess-worshipping religions. Her research and writing helped spread the ancient knowledge and history of the Goddess(es), and paving the path for what we know today as the "goddess movement". Doreen Valiente, who is widely revered in the Wiccan community as "the Mother of Modern Witchcraft" is Purva Ashada Sun native, as well as Alexandrian Witch and Priestess, Maxine Sanders, Co-Founder of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft, who also had Sun placed in Purva Ashada nakshatra. 

Purva Ashada women may suffer a lot emotionally if they are brought up in a strict religious environment, with too restricting and patriarchal rules, as they are innately feminists, and feel that it is their birth right to have equal rights as men and freedom of making their own choices in life, even if they are against the traditional normes. They can, therefor, at some point of their life gravitate more towards spirituality, meditation practice, and yoga, devote themselves to reading, and studying ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom, or be drawn to female/goddess centred spirituality, or towards learning about Law Of Attraction and Universal Laws. 

purva ashada women - life path and career choice

Purva Ashada women, due to influence of Jupiter, often travel for work, have international career, or work with international organisations or/and with people from foreign country, which they can immensely enjoy, as they love traveling, and exploring and learning about different cultures. Therefor, they often speak multiple foreign languages. Along with the "iconic" fashion sense and desire for creative expression, another Venusian trait of Purva Ashada women is their longing for love and connection with other people. They are the celebrities that at the peek of their fame and career take the long breaks to take care of their new born children, who don't like to spend the night away from their kids, and take them (almost) everywhere where they travel with them. Their children are their utmost happiness and inspiration, and the connection to their partner and family is the thing that they cherish the most. 

Due to their feministic nature, Purva Ashada women would not want to settle for the marriage (only) due to social pressure of not being single - they would rather wait for the person that they would feel genuine connection with, on a personal and intellectual level. They thrive in life when they have the balance between their private and professional life, and if for any reason they cannot obtain it, it can be very hard for them to bear. Relationship with their parents holds a very special place in their life. They generally feel very proud of their family roots, and family history, and they often mention how the wisdom that their parents have passed onto them are the guiding stars in their life. We can hear them say often that the most precious thing that they gained during their successful career is the wisdom and skills that they've learned, along with friendships with people whom they were working with. 

They can thrive in creative careers, such as fashion, writing, acting, movie directing, singing, playing instruments, or dancing, and in any career where they can be surrounded by beauty, sophisticated art, good books, and work with an open minded and creative team. Due to their Jupiterian wisdom, and Venusian artistic talent and people management skills, they can climb very high ladders in corporate careers as well, especially in business management, consulting, and PR. It can be hard for them to bear if they are more objectified for their beauty at the work place, rather than appreciated for their intelligence, knowledge, and leadership skills. 

They innately know the power of art and power of knowledge, and no matter how oppressed they might feel in patriarchal society, art and creative expression, along with books and higher knowledge, are their path to freedom.  As we have seen, they can be very fierce and influential activists, and advocates for feminism, environment, and mental health, due to their unique gift to move masses and inspire them to join together for a greater cause. That is the power of art, knowledge, wisdom, and literature.  The power of influence and invigoration.The power of the invincible - Purva Ashada nakshatra.

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