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If you want to simplify your life, free up more time, get rid of stress and clutter - this blog post is for you, as I will share some simple and practical advice that you can apply in your daily routine, starting today. My life coaching clients have had amazing results after applying these principles: some of them freed up to 2 hours of their time during week days, and half a day on weekends; some have improved the relationships; some started losing weight (without any workout!); some started having better sleep (after years of struggling with insomnia), and all of them reduced the amount of stress and busy-ness in their life significantly! Just like my life coaching clients, you can apply these steps too!

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Perfectionism is defined as "refusal to accept any standard short of perfection". Perfection is defined as "having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be." Although it may sound like the "roadmap" to success and greatness - perfectionism along with self criticism is one of the most common mindset blocks when it comes to achieving  progress in any area of our life. Perfectionism and self-criticism are also one of the major reasons of low self worth and self confidence! In this blog post I have shared my own journey and seven mindset shifts that can help you with overcoming perfectionism and self criticism.  

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How to increase motivation is the question that I get very often as a life coach. Motivation is defined as "a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way" as well as "desire or willingness to do something". The keywords that we can pay attention in these definitions are REASON, DESIRE, WILLINGNESS, and TO DO. These are the building block of the motivation - if we are lacking a strong WHY, desire, and willpower we will not feel motivated TO DO the action steps which can help us to achieve our goals. In this blog posts I shared the most common reasons why you may be lacking the motivation and tips how to increase it. 

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A limiting belief is a false belief about ourselves and about what we are capable of achieving and obtaining in life, that we acquire as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in our life. Limiting beliefs can constrain us, crush our self belief, self worth, and self confidence, and make us believe like are not worthy or not capable of having or accomplishing what we want, or becoming the person we want to become. 

How to beat procrastination and excuses? "Procrastination is the grave where the opportunity is buried" (unknown proverb). Procrastination, defined as "the action of delaying or postponing something" is one of the most common reasons why people do not achieve their goals, live their dreams, and miss out on the opportunities in life!

I have published in December a post comparing my journey from being heart broken, college drop-out, depressed, and having no clue what to do in life... to the life I am living  today. In this blog post, as well as some of the major life and success seasons I've learned so far, with the hope to and guide you to go after your BIG dreams.  

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"One year from now you may not recognise me. All that happened this year has changed me so much and transformed me into a new person. I have learned valuable life lessons. I no longer force things. I've faced my shadows. I have forgiven. I've realised how strong I am, and witnessed my weaknesses. I have outgrown my old self." In this post, as per our tradition on the blog, I will share with you my year in review and life lessons learned.


In the personal growth community there is a lot of talk at this time of the year about setting goals and achieving things, but   since I have been giving the Emotional intelligence workshops I have seen that the "emotions" part is unfortunately and usually out if the equation. All of our decisions are based around our emotions. Everything that we do is either to avoid pain or to experience the pleasure and emotional fulfilment.

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Being taken advantage of and being in and out of toxic relationships are very common reasons why my life coaching clients sign up to work with me.  Being in a relationships with someone who does not respect, appreciate, and truly care about us, being cheated, lied to, manipulated, and taken advantage of by someone can deeply crush our self worth and self esteem. 

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Anger is defined as a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. No wonder why it doesn't feel so good to get angry, or to deal with anger. But, anger IS one of the emotions that we do experience and that we have to deal with in this life. In this blog post I am sharing five tips that can help in dealing with anger.

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Self confidence is defined as self-assurance in one's personal ability and  power. It is self belief that we are powerful, worthy, strong, capable… enough to achieve our goals and create the life that we desire. In this blog post I wanted to pin point the major reasons why women in general lack self confidence and give some helpful tips how to build it. 


Self empowerment is the topic of workshops I was giving to female managers in Delhi in India in Fortune 500 companies. In this post I will give some valuable self empowerment tips that can help you in overcoming self doubt and imposter syndrome and believing in yourself.

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It really made me think how life is unpredictable and how we may take it for granted at times. We postpone our dreams and goals for "someday". We fantasise about the future instead of creating a beautiful present and enjoying the now. We hold anger and grudges for what someone has done to us in the past. We live life like on autopilot instead of living our every day infused with joy and fulfilment...

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Increasing self worth is I believe the most important inner work that we need to do in order to boost our confidence and self esteem, love ourselves more, and have healthy relationships. In this blog post I have shared seven tips that can help you in increasing self worth that I have found helpful in my own crushed self worth healing journey

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How to become more confident woman and boost feminine confidence is the topic on the blog today, as it is International Woman's Day! Keep on reading ten tips on how to become more confident, powerful, strong, and seductive woman (I was staring these multiple times in my articles in COSMOPOLITAN magazine as well).

Confident Woman - 10 Ways To Boost Feminine Confidence

Self love is the foundation for the happiness and abundance in our life, because it is only when we love ourselves deeply and unconditionally that we will attract people in our life who will love us deeply. Only when we have respect for ourselves that other people will respect us well.

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This year has been the best year of my life, really magical, it was like living my vision board one picture at the time and in this post I wanted to share with you my year in review and some of the life lessons I've learned. I also want to inspire you to reflect on your year, life lessons learned, and note down the things you feel the most grateful of in 2017.

How to stop worrying and have a positive life is the topic for this week blog post, inspired by my recent trip to Himalayas (I shared on Instagram how much piece I felt there and how calming and positive energy was felt everywhere, especially at Mindrolling Monastery in Dehradun). I wanted to share a bit of wisdom, piece, and positive vibes I felt while being there and reading the inspiring messages on boards of the monastery garden.

Disclaimer: The information contained here is intended to educate, inspire and entertain you on your personal journey towards success and happiness. It is not intended to replace care provided by qualified professional and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

“the moment of stepping into your wildest dreams is when you believe you're worthy and you can!”

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