Self worth is defined as “the sense of one's own value or worth as a person”; “a sense of one's own value as a human being”.   Self worth is the value that we place on ourselves. Lack of self worth can lead to forming limiting beliefs, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, low self confidence and self respect, under earning, and self sabotage.


Although in many countries quarantine is still required, I think that collectively we all feel better and relieved that the year 2020 is behind us. Last year was a tough Saturnian teacher that taught us many life lessons through the restrictions and limitations, slowing down, and making us reflect on our collective actions, global environmental and karmic consequences of our choices, and where in life we have been living inauthentically to who we are and our values.

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If we do not have strong self-belief the impostor syndrome, low self worth, and self criticism can hold us back in life and sabotage our success. We can get be broken apart if other people criticise us and give up on our dreams.Self empowerment is about picking ourselves up when we 'fall' (experience failure, rejection, obstacles, and self doubt).


If you want to simplify your life, free up more time, get rid of stress and clutter - this blog post is for you, as I will share some simple and practical advice that you can apply in your daily routine, starting today.


Beginning of a New year is the perfect time to press the ‘reset’ button in our life and set the intentions for the year to come. When we set intentions, we set Universal Laws in motion. We clearly demonstrate to our subconscious mind what we are truly committed to.


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