2017. Year In Review: Law Of Attraction - My Vision Board Became My Reality!

my vision board turned into reality!

This year has been the best year of my life, really magical, it was like living my vision board one picture at the time and in this post I wanted to share with you my year in review and some of the life lessons I've learned. I also want to inspire you to reflect on your year, life lessons learned, and note down the things you feel the most grateful of in 2017. With that intention, I designed a free worksheet for you to download, print, and fill after reading the post. So, let's get started with my #BestOf2017 moments! 

My year in review + life lessons learned

I’ve spent the first two months of the year creating a lot of content and writing. I had an honour to have my article published in The Inspired Coach Magazine (by Beautiful You life Coaching Academy). It was one of my proudest moments as a life coach so far! I enjoyed exploring new Habitat ShoppingMmall and visiting my favourite cafe in Delhi (“The Readers Cafe”) with good books, and delicious Italian food!

I enjoyed immensely working in my palm tree garden, on my laptop, while sipping coconut water on mango shake (love laptop lifestyle :)) I also discovered the best vegetarian pizza place ever (“Haristo“), I mean their pizza really is the best vegetarian pizza I’ve ever had in my life! Time in March passed by really quickly, in planning my Dubai trip, and working out on a plan for my motivational speech and workshop in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

living moments from my vision board

On April 2nd I flew to Dubai, where I had the most memorable ten days and enjoyed immensely! I had two vision board moments literally happening: walking down the Miracle Garden in the dress from my vision board (yes, I manifested the dress! :)) and standing in a black backless bikini in front of Burj Al Arab hotel, on the Jumeira beach. I enjoyed the food, luxurious swimming pool, exploring this magnificent, one of a kind, luxury infused city, and I could spend the most precious time with my best friend Erna, with whom I’ve met after four years of being apart and whom I missed greatly, since we both moved to different parts of the world.

There are many people who will say that you are their best friends, but true friends will show that by action: there will support you and be your biggest cheerleader!

Exploring Abu Dhabi and visiting beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque over there with my best friend Erna was unforgettable experience! 

On the 12th of April I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, my home country, to celebrate Easter with my mom and sister. I intentionally planned a trip to this part of Europe in April, to avoid the (very) cold weather and snow, and then I had a big surprise! For the first time in who knows how many years, the snowfall happened in April!! You can imagine how much I was freezing after spending three and half years in a hot country! I felt so cold that I cannot even explain in words, but I took it in, as a life lesson, that no matter how much we “plan” our life, things happen beyond our control which we have no or very little control of!

"no matter how much we 'plan' our life, things happen beyond our control which we have no or very little control of!"

On the 26th of April I traveled to Netherlands, to give a motivational speech and workshop in Rotterdam, with my mentor life coach Vanja. I’ve spend very beautiful ten days in this fairytale-y country, with my life coach mentor Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic. Our event was a total success, and people who attended it were moved to tears (even men were crying! :)) and they had powerful inner shifts! I enjoyed healthy food, apple tart (Dutch traditional sweat), fresh mint leaves tea, having delicious dinners with a glass of good wine with Vanja and her family, exploring the place, shopping, learning about the culture and personality traits of Dutch people, having soulful conversations with Vanja and watching “The Good Witch” movies in front of the fire place, with her, with a cup of divine tea!

I also had one more vision board moments coming into reality: walking down the tulip fields (I love tulips and that was my dream for a long time!). I was so lucky to be there at the time of the year when tulip festival is happening! I visited a place that is know as “Venice Of Holland” (it really reminds on Venice :)), which was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

our success is measured by the amount of fulfilment we feel in our life and the amount of positive impact that we made on other people!

In May, I’ve had my best earning month ever, and I after giving successful speech, I decided it was time to celebrate and reward myself with a trip to a luxury spot, from my vision board: Dubrovnik. I read a feature about Dubrovnik in The Times Of India last year, as it is now one of the most attractive luxury vacation spots (after episodes of “The Game Of Thrones” have been made there: it’s now like a pilgrimage to Game Of Throne fans, ha ha) and that was the moment I pinned it on the vision board! I took my sister with me in May, and we visited this beautiful city, where luxury and history come together hand to hand, along with Mediterranean food, and beautiful beaches!

rewarding ourselves for achieving our goals is a great way to keep the motivation up!

In June, I’ve spent the time running back and forth to Indian Embassy, to apply a new visa (after the one I had was cancelled, along with my flight ticket for India becoming non-valid, due to weird circumstances). In between, I was exploring near by places to my home town, like a tourist :)) Enjoying meeting my friends, dear family members, spending time with my sister and mom after a long time being apart, local vegetarian food, and working with my dream coaching clients. And, since my paperwork was stuck, I had a blessing in disguise: time and opportunity to spend beautiful time with my dear friend Sandra in Zagreb, and enjoy our meals together, conversations, and long walks in the beautiful city of Zagreb, which is one of my dearest cities in the world, as I have many beautiful memories there!

whatever "bad" happens to you, always know that there is a blessing in disguise!

I was supposed to be in India in July, but destiny wanted it otherwise, so I stayed in Europe for there more months! Although I had to adjust my plans, and spend money for making new flight ticket and visa, thanks to all of what has happened, I could go with my mom and sister to vacation to beautiful beach in Makarska Riviera, and celebrate my 30th birthday on the beach! I enjoyed living one more dream of mine: writing articles and blogging on the beach, on my laptop! That was my fantasy, from the moment I started blogging seriously years ago! Bliss! That was the time I was thinking to myself like: “Is this really my life?!

everything happenes for the good!

August was the month I could spend a lot of good quality time with my sister, as she was “exams and college free”, who has also become kind of my creative assistant, as she was helping me a lot to create beautiful pictures for my blog and Instagram! We enjoyed visiting and exploring near by places like tourists. I traveled to city of Zagreb once more, to spend some more time with my dear friend Sandra. We visited the old Middle Century Trakoscan Castle, where I feel like living the scenes from the Casanova’s Memoirs books, as the people on the portrait paintings, and the interior of the castle from that period (XVIII century) were exactly looking like he was describing in his books! It was almost a surreal experience! 

September month went by in exploring the near by places to my home town, enjoying the moments with my mom and sister, working on a new content for my blog, and magazines that I’m writing for. I traveled once again to my beloved city of Zagreb to spend some more time with my dear friend Sandra (we cannot get enough of each other :)). We spent the most wonderful time together and enjoyed the food, conversations and roaming in the streets of Zagreb beyond measure!

I the first week of October I flew back to india, after six months, having stop over in Istanbul, where I was indulging in delicious Turkish food, and brewed black tea in Turkish Airlines business lounge (they always spoil me with food, tea, and good wine! :). After unpacking, getting over jet leg, and celebrating all the festivals, it took me about a month to adjust to my “everyday life” in Delhi. I visited the divine place: Indraprashta Park, in New Delhi.

November month started with my another vision board place trip: Himalaya mountains! I’ ve had such a divine time over there, place was so spiritual and grounding, and I especially enjoyed visiting the Buddhist Mindrolling Monastery (you can read more about it here). I also attended a grand marriage party where around 3 000 US$ was spent only on fresh flower decoration (a heart expanding experience for a girl who loves flowers! :)). Didn’t I look gorgeous in saree? ;))

After returning from Himalayas I caught flu and ended up in bed for more than a week, doing nothing much more than drinking teas and wiping my nose. :)) I was spending the rest of the month trying to catch up with the work behind, and nurture my body with replenishing foods to recover the strength and energy (excuse for drinking as many coconuts as I can :)).

I enjoyed so much giving a motivational speech in Rotterdam in Netherlands, and I had a desire to do live events and workshops in New Delhi, in India, but I had no idea how or with whom, as I did not know even one life coach here, and I don’t have a (large) network either, as all my work is done online. But, when we cultivate a pure desire from the heart, send out a powerful intention to the Universe, and we are in alignment with our purpose, the Universe starts bringing on our path people, situations, and circumstances to fulfil our desire!

So, the first week after flying to Delhi I “discovered” that Lata, also a life coach, is living in the building next to mine (!) and she wants to partner up with another coach for giving workshops!!! Two of us “clicked” instantly during our first meeting, as we both are committed fully to helping people and we share same passion for personal growth, and values. So, in December this year we started giving workshops together in Delhi and we created many group coaching programs and workshops that we will be start giving together in January 2018.!

when we cultivate a pure desire from the heart, send out a powerful intention to the Universe, and we are in alignment with our purpose, the Universe starts bringing on our path people, situations, and circumstances to fulfil our desire!

I enjoyed immensely working together with Lata throughout the December month, and this Christmas was magical as well, as I got to spend it with my soul sister and bestie Radhika, in my favourite cafe, while enjoying delicious Italian food, I got wonderful gifts (including a scented candle from Kerala, handmade mango soup, pure silk wallet, and a ton of flowers!). 

I was working a lot on the December content series, with the desire to inspire you all who are reading my blog to make your 2018. your best year ever and share my tips, life lessons and advice, but then just when I was about to start publishing it, I had a website disaster! So, there was no any new content for almost the entire month, and my December content series almost turned into a January content series! :)). But, it all has happened for good, as website got a makeover and, I now have a breathtaking website and blog I've been dreaming of! 

I visited three beautiful and breathtaking places in New Delhi this month: Akshardham Temple, Hamayun's Tomb and Laxmy Narayan Birla Mandir. 

i've learned this year that all our dreams can come true and that nothing is impossible! even if we do not know how, we have to believe and take that first step!

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