Krittika Nakshatra Women Sun Moon Ascendent

Krittika Nakshatra sun, moon, and ascendent (26.4° Aries - 10° taurus)

Krittika (or Krttika) nakshatra (lunar mansion) spans between 26.4° Aries sign to 10° Taurus sign. The word krttika comes from the word krtta (which means to cut or divide), which perfectly resonates with the symbolism of this  nakshatra (sharp blades and objects). According to Vic Di Cara, the author of the book "27 Nakshatras - 27 Gods", the name of this nakshatra is also related to root "krt", which means "assemble" or "accomplish" (which perfectly resonates with the ambitious nature of natives born with Sun, Moon, or rising sign in this nakshatra). Krittika is also called the "star of fire", "star of sacred ashes", or the "star of the spiritual warrior" (as Krittika is ruled by Vedic God of fire, Agni, who is invoked since ancient times in sacred fire ceremonies - yagya).  

Since the god of fire, Agni, is the deity which presides over the Krittika nakshatra, natives with this nakshatra in their birth chart strongly embody the traits of the FIRE element, which are ambition, active nature, strong body with almost superhuman endurance and speed, strong appetite and love for food, charisma of an influencer and leader, hunger for conquering their goals and ambitions, high level of energy, abundant creative potential, and unique creative expression. Since this nakshatra is categorised under "priest" cast nakshatra, Krittika native tend to be strongly spiritual in their core, no matter if they seek for spiritual wisdom actively or not. Body centred nature of this nakshatra natives, with unique mix of creativity, sexuality, and spirituality, can give great soldiers and athletes, action movie stars, fitness influencers, martial artists, political leaders and presidents with strong charisma, artists and fashion designers, and also manifestation and sexuality coaches, yoga and meditation teachers, gurus, and even cult leaders! 

In the first part of Krittika nakshatra exploration (based on my analysis of 114 Krittika natives birth charts) we will focus on the female natives with Sun, Moon, and rising sign in this nakshatra in the modern day and age. We will talk about their innate sex appeal (you will often read or hear that female Krittika natives are described as "HOT", which perfectly correlates with the fire element that they so strongly embody), their extraordinary body strength and abilities, secret of their youthful appearance and graceful ageing, their abundant creativity, and unique creative expression), how they make unconventional career choices and life path, take care of their body and their health, and (in)directly empower other women to do so, and at last, their love for meditation, yoga, spirituality, and embodied spiritual practices. (You can read the condensed version of this video below). 

Krittika Nakshatra women in modern day and age

Since Krittika naskhatra has dominant fire element, women born with Sun, Moon, or rising sing in this nakshatra are often referred to as "hot". Their strong sex appeal is the result of the fiery nature that they embody and consistent physical activity and body movement, that female native of this nakshatra innately crave, as that is the way for them to exude the abundant amount of physical energy that they posses. 

They are often described as "hot", as they love being physically active, and (unless there are malefic influences on Mars or the first house in their birth chart) as a result they posses strong, lean, fit, energetic body, and they can stay fit even they eat a lot (and often). Since Sun is ruling over this nakshatra, they embody solar energy traits - physical activity and abundance of vital energy makes it possible for them to  look "effortlessly hot", even if they eat a lot. 

They love to eat, but they can stay fit even if they're rarely "dieting", as they have strong appetite (due to abundance of fire element - pitta or digestive fire which can digest all that the food that they consume). They are career minded, and due to their ambitious nature, strong motivation, and willpower to pursue their goals, they usually achieve greta success in any career that they are passionate about. They can also love activities, hobbies, or careers which are perceived in the society traditionally as "masculine". 

With all these traits, they can be seen in (in movie roles that they play) and in real life as a girl that is "one of the guys", and has many male friends. They are bold in their speech, "cut - throat", and very straight forward, and they can be very open about themselves and their life. With all these traits, and their hot looks, they are often shown in movies as a "perfect" girl, or that hot girl that "hypnotises", charms, and effortlessly attracts all the men around her, causing their jaws to drop and their mind to fizzle from just on glance at her.

Due to dominant fire element of this nakshatra, Krittika natives posses abundant amount of physical energy, endurance, and strength, which is the reason why they are often casted as action movie heroins, as they can quickly learn martial arts choreography and endure rigorous physical trainings and preparations for the role. They are usually not seen in movies portraying a "damsel in distress", but instead, they embody the archetype of the "tough woman" and they are the ones who fight for themselves, who fight the villains, and set to rescue other women (and men!). 

If they are not casted as an action movie heroine, or as a "hot, perfect girl" in a movie, they often portray the role of strong female characters, who undergo difficult life challenges, or who are fighting for their equal place as a woman, in a man's world. Independent women. Strong women. Woman with great leadership skills, great ambitions, and great abilities. Their ability to be "effortlessly hot" and maintain a fit body can also help them to excel in modelling career as well.  

Krittika Nakshatra women - diet and workout routine

Krittika nakshatra female natives are so innately connected to their body and embodied in nature, which is why they pay a lot of attention to their bodies, their health, their workout routine, their diet, and their age. 

We can see many many female natives with this nakshatra who are ageing so gracefully (thanks to their sculpted bodies by exercise, dietary habits, and abundant skin care routine). Though, some of them, like Cher, may undergo plastic surgeries to keep their youthful appearance, they are generally more focused on preventing ageing internally, by healthier diet, exercise, stress releasing techniques, such as meditation, and abundant skin care. Actress Cameron Diaz, Kirttika Moon native, published "The Body Book" and "The Longevity Book" and she has been a prominent ambassador of graceful ageing over the years. 

Most of the female Krittika natives states that the secret of maintaining their "ageless look"  is consistent exercise (especially cardio), and diet which is stripped of white sugar, white flour, and other refined products, and rich in protein. We can also notice that female Krittika natives pay a lot of attention to hydration and drinking a lot of water (we can understand from astrological perspective that their bodies crave a lot of water since they strongly embody the fire element).  Since they have fast metabolism (abundance of pitta - digestive fire) they can eat a lot food, even junk food and snacks, and we can hear younger Krtiika female natives saying that they do not restrict themselves of any food that they like, but instead, they maintain their fit body with lot of exercise. But, we can notice that as they age they have the tendency to embrace cleaner and healthier eating habits, as they want to age gracefully, and stay healthy for as long as they can. 

If, due to any malefic influence in their birth chart, certain lifestyle limitations, or professional requirements Krittika women cannot be physically active,  cannot be fit and feel good in their body, it can very much affect not only confidence and self worth, but even their mental health. I personally know female Krittika women who were considering plastic surgery and struggled a lot with confidence, caused by their low self worth due to body image issues.  

Although Krittika women can see the process of applying make up as a way to creatively express themselves ("paint their face like canvas"), we can notice that major focus is maintaining the health of the skin from within, hydration, and skin care. During the corona virus pandemic, actress Halle Bery, Kritiika ascendent native, shared her intense skin care routine with a message to people to devote the quarantine time to self care. The video that she posted received  lot of attention, as she is, just like many other female Krittika natives, the epitome of "ageless beauty" in Hollywood, and is often asked in the interviews what is the secret to her "50 and fabulous" look. Just like Halle Bery in Holywood, actress Sridevi, Krittika Moon native, was regarded in Bollywood as "50 and fabulous" and she was featured on the cover of Indian VOGUE "The Ageless Issue" edition.  Krittika Sun native, Naomi Campbell, is also regarded as a woman of "ageless beauty". Not only in their 50s, but even in their 60s and 70s Krittika women look "ageless" and fabulous, and furthermore, they are in a great physical shape. We can see Krittika Sun native Grace Jones in her 60s hula hopping, wth her fit body, during the entire 6 minute long "Slave To The Rhythm" performance, without dropping the hula hoop, while singing and moving during the entire time.

Cher, Kirttika Sun native amazed everyone during her Billboard performance in 2017. when she performed in a similar dress that was wearing when she was performing during the 80s. Although she was very much open over the years about her plastic surgeries, what is less known about her is that she has a very intense workout routine. We can commonly hear female Krittika natives how much they believe in workout as the way to keep their body not only in shape, but also young and healthy, and most of them as they favourite workout mention cardio. 

Since female Krittika native have such an abundant physical energy, due to Sun rulership over this naskhatra and excess of fire element (due to Sun  and Agni rulership) they are often directly or indirectly fitness influencers for other women, who share their workout routines and motivate others to exercise or dance-rcise. 

Another secret of female Krittika natives "ageless beauty" that they often talk about is their diet regime. Although they have a good appetite, can eat a lot, and digest and metabolise food fast, and therefor maintain fit body even without any diet, we can hear from female Krittika natives as they age that they consciously chose to eat healthier, in order to maintain their health and age as gracefully as they can. We can hear many Krittika women saying that the staple of their diet is cutting down sugar, white flour, and carbohydrate in general, eating clean and organic as much as they can, having a lot of vegetables (especially greens), and consuming a lot of healthy fats, such as avocado and coconut oil.  We can also hear how much hydration is important for them (which is not surprising as their bodies embody so much of fire, and on the other hand the reason the skin ages itself is reduction of water percentage in the skin cells).  We can also notice love of Krittika women for superfoods and vitamin supplements. 

Krittika Nakshatra women art and creative expression

Krittika nakshatra natives have abundant creative potential and exceptionally unique creative expression. They can turn stones into a piece of art and act of playing an instrument into a breathtaking piece of artistic performance.  If we observe Frida Kahlo's paintings, who was Krittika Moon native, we can notice dominant red, orange, and yellow colours, which correlate to fire element and Sun, and even the fire flames, and the Sun which shines the colourful rays upon her. She was painting a lot of self portraits, which (we can see) is common trait of Krittika painters. We can only imagine how difficult it was for her to endure the physical pain and  disability after the accident that she suffered, as Krittika natives feel such a strong connection to their body and they so much crave physical movement.  In many of her paintings we can notice a lot of sharp objects that are symbols of Krittika nakshatra. We can also notice similar portrayal of sharp objects in Dali's paintings, whom we will further explore in part 2 of Krittika man in modern day and age video. 

Another prominent Krtiika painter is Tamara De Lempicka, who had Sun in Krittika nakshatra. She also loved making self portraits, like Frida Kahlo, and we can notice similar vibrant colours in he paintings as well. Her paintings mostly portray a modern woman, who fully embraces her sexuality, and her body. According to art critics, the woman portrayed in her paintings represents "an independent woman who asserts herself." We can also notice this wire instrument in her paintings, which is also interesting, as I observed that Krittika natives love playing violin or violin like instruments, if they are musically inclined. 

Krittika nakshatra, with symbolism of cutting and dividing, can give the natives who embody this nakshatra the talent and ability for fashion desing, graphic design, directing, video and sound editing. I personally know Krittika Moon woman, who is a successful theatre play director. Movie director, Sofia Coppola, Kirttika Sun native,received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the comedy-drama Lost in Translation and became the third woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director. At the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Coppola became the second woman in the festival's history to win the Best Director award, for the drama film The Beguiled. As we can see, Krittika women tend to break the bar in society of what woman can achieve. We can see her beautifully demonstrating her editing skills on the video below:

Krittika Nakshatra women fashion design and style

We can also see fashion designers with Krittika nakshatra, which is not surprising, as Krittika symbolism is that of sharp objects (cutting, needles, scissors...) and during fashion designing process, a designer has to put cut pieces of materials creatively together. 

We can see that outfits resemble creative expression pattern for Krittika nakshatra, when it comes to colour palette (we have a colour overload and abundant amount of sunny and vibrant colours, just like in Krittika natives paintings).  We can notice that Krittika female natives love wearing red and orange colours, and vibrant colours in general, and many times they will pick an outfit with multiple colour pattern. Another interesting thing to notice is that Prada brand (with Miuccia Prada, Krittika Moon native as a head designer) is often associated with successful, ambitious, business minded women. We can see it in the movie "Devil Wears Prada", and we can also see Prada bags as a part of branding or outfit of #girlboss and #bosslady community on Instagram and Pinterest. Even the sign "Prada Marfa" is often shown in #girlboss photographs, and as a part of female entrepreneurs decor items. Besides being the head designer of Prada, Miuccia Prada is also a founder of another successful fashion brand - Miu Miu. What is even more interesting, Miuccia Prada holds the PhD in Political Science, which really sums up what all Krittika woman can achieve, as well as multifaceted nature of this nakshatra (we will talk about many male prominent politicians and leaders with this nakshatra in  In part 2 video, and also explore the creations of famous male Krittika fashion designers: Roberto Cavalli, Balmain, and Valentino).

Krittika Nakshatra women in music industry

Krittika natives, due to their spiritual inclination and at the same time abundant creative nature, love to listen and create New Age music, and music with classical and/or traditional elements, and as I mentioned before, love to play violin or violin like instrument, if they are musically inclined. One of the most famous New Age and Celtic music singers, Enya, is Krittika Sun native. Sandra Ann Lauer, German singer, who was vocalist for the New Age band Enigma, is also Krittika Sun native. Interestingly, the founder of the Enigma group, Michael Kretu, is also Krittika Sun native. Sarah Brightman, a classical singer, is Krittika Moon native. YouTube creator with incredibly unique art and music, who has (till date) more than a million and half subscribers, Jonna Jinton, is also Krittika Sun native, if the birth data given on the site is correct. 

When it comes to modern music genres, due to multifaceted nature of Krittika nakshatra we can see many actresses that sing, or singers who are successful actresses, or actresses that can also sing, and dance. We can notice that Krittika female natives love wearing either bold costumes, or vibrant colour outfits that reveal their (fit) body. Their performances are usually very energetic, with lot of dance and body movement. Their performances can be  truly unique, artistic, and fun to watch.

Krittika Nakshatra women's love for dance

Krittika female natives really love to dance and due to their physical strength, endurance, and abilities, can dance very well. Famous dance choreographer Janelle Ginestra is Krittika Sun native, and we can also see many actresses who can also dance really well. Dancing can be a way for Krittika female natives to either get in touch with their sensuality or sexual nature, form of seduction, form of an an exercise, or even a therapeutic tool, which can serve as an anger release sublimation channel. 

Krittika Nakshatra women - personal growth, spirituality, and wisdom they teach

Krittika natives, being natural born influencers and leaders (Sun ruled nakshatra, which partially spans in Aries), whether they want it or not, naturally influence, motivate, and inspire people, even just by their example, and especially so, if they decide to share their story or write a book. (Janet Jackson - Krittika Sun native published an inspiring book in which she shared her experiences). 

When it comes to personal growth and spirituality, Krittika natives love to meditate, and (as they are so much connected to their physical body) they prefer any type of spiritual practice that includes embodiment, such as yoga, tantra, working with crystals, balancing the chakras... As Krittika female natives can be very open when it comes to fully embodying their sexuality and sexual energy (if other placcement in their brith chart are supporting it), they can be drawn to tantra and teach about female sexuality, or/and how to direct sexual energy.  They are big advocates for self love, and they very often feel called to teach, motivate, and inspire other women to fully accept and love their bodies, whether in form of coaching and motivational speaking, or by  being fitness & healthy lifestyle influencer, or yoga/tantra, manifestation/spiritual teacher. 

Since Krittika female natives embody huge ambition and drive for conquering their goals and thrive in their career that they are passionate about, they can be very harsh to themselves if they miss to "hit the mark", make a mistake, or fail to succeed in their desired goal. The spiritual lesson that Krittika female natives need to learn is to be more compassionate to themselves when they make a mistake and more patient and self loving if they miss to achieve their desire goal, instead of falling into a vicious cycle of low self worth and feeling like they're not good enough. They can be so much passionate about their work and their career that they may neglect their self care and wellbeing, even their relationships, and that is also something that Krittika natives need to be aware of. Since self love, self care, self acceptance, self compassion, life - work balance, and body confidence are so important for female Krittika natives, that may the reason why  they are so passionate to teach, coach, and inspire other women in this direction. Krittika female natives can also be drawn to crystals, Law Of Atrraction, and oracle or/tarot cards. They can also really enjoy burning the incense, and defusing essential oils.  

Krittika Nakshatra women - life path and legacy

Krittika women are (due to Solar nature of this nakshatra) very ambitious and courageous, and at the same time - very independent. They are women who dare to speak and do what many other women wouldn't even dare to imagine. They can go against the grain, chose the unconventional route, break the society taboos, and walk on their own unique path, which they have mapped out for themselves. They can chose to be in relationship - if they want to be in one, but not so that they are taken care of financially or in any way, as with their fierce determination, ambitious, creative, physical, and natural born leader abilities - they can excel in any career, even if that career has been traditionally considered as a "male profession".  Women with this nakshatra often decide to go "against the grain" when it comes to career and chose the career that is unusual, creative, or unconventional. One of the women who broke the taboos of the society in her time and radically transformed the medical care system was Florence Nightingale, British social reformer and "mother of nursing", who had Sun and Moon in Krittika nakshatra. 

Their desire for independence, ambition for achieving success, charisma of a leader and influencer, and courage to follow their own own dream and walk on their own path, gives them the power and freedom, but at the some time they can can often feel lonely on their path, or be judged by the society (or even close family mebers) for their unconventional choices. They need a partner who can admire their abilities and their success, and not feel threatened by them. They need a partner who will treat them equal and support them in their career and their unique choices that make make on their life path, and walk with them side by side. Krittika woman would rather walk alone trough life, that be with someone who is repressing her freedom and judges her for being who she is - independent, strong, ambitious, and fierce woman, who walks down the (usually unconventional and non-traditional) path that she chose to walk on. They (usually) do not follow society standers, but they rather challenge the societal norms, strongly influencing other women by their example, and by doing so, they raise the bar of what is possible for a woman to be, create, and achieve in a traditional patriarchal world.

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