Inspiring Books, documentaries, Movies, and (Calming) Things To Do During Quarantine


Before  I share tips on what to listen, watch, and do during this quarantine time, I want to discuss this one thing. I noticed nowadays there is a sort of "competition" on social media. Women are cooking "fancy" meals, and then taking pictures of it and sharing it on social media and in Whats's app groups. Others are competing in how many books they have read, or how much work out they've done. Others are feeling guilty that they are "not doing" anything. It is sad that, even during these challenging times, we have time, energy, and "need" to compare how #instaworthy quarantine time we  are having?!?

please, use this quarantine time to rest, reset, relax, enjoy the art of slow living, and do what brings you joy. for your wellbeing. for you. not for social media or "others"

I just want to repeat that whatever you decide to do from this list - it os ok if you want to learn how to cook new recipes, or new skill, or reset, change, and improve your life, work with a life coach, or business coach, start a new online project, write, create art... and it is also OK to just #netflixandchill and have full day of self care. As long it is something that you feel called to do, that brings you joy, and helps you stay sane and safe during this quarantine time. 

it is ok to netflix and chill

Most of the picks on this list is either relaxing, inspirational, motivational, or spirituality theme based content. I also decided to include my favourite dramas and series, just in case that you are looking for some recommendations for what to watch on Netflix. 

books to read (or listen) during quarantine

movies to watch during quarantine

documentaries to watch during quarantine

my favourite things on netflix

Note: I like costumes, martial arts, sword fighting, personal growth, wisdom, action, and magick! :-))

calming music to listen to

things during quarantine

declutter your space

If you want to use this quarantine time productively, one of the best things you can do is to declutter your space. Since we need to stay at home 24/7 we should do our best to make our space as beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable as we can. Since we can not buy so many things right now, now is the perfect time to use and organise the things, food, clothes, skin care products... that we already have. 

learn the art of slow living

People in North Europe, due to cold weather, need to spend a lot of time at home, and therefor they truly know the "art" of enjoying spending time at home. Danish people call this "hygge", in other countries it is referred to as "Scandinavian slow living" or "still life", while Dutch people call it "gezellig". Dutch people give a lot of attention to beautiful details, interior decor, beautiful garden, plants, artistic and natural aesthetics.

In the evening, when I was in Netherlands, I used to really enjoy evenings with a fine selected cup of tea, glass of good wine, or cup of good coffee, in my mentor Vanja's cozy home, in front of the fire place, surrounded by candles, and lamps, while enjoying  a piece of delicious apple tart or carrot cake. Their outdoors dining table had a candle which creates a fire crackling sound! My mentor shared today that Dutch people in her town do not complain that much about being quarantined at home, as they enjoy spending time in their beautiful, cozy homes. I believe them!

Incorporating beautiful decor in our surroundings, lighting candles, burning essential oils, learning to enjoy the silence while staring at a beautiful view from our window, drinking mindfully a cup of tea or coffee, mindfully reading a good book, slowing down, having meaningful conversations, cooking food not just to fill our belly, but to nourish our body and enjoy every bite... are the practices that we can learn from countries in Northern Europe, that can really help us to make every single day of our life feel like special occasion.

gratitude journaling

These turbulent times made us realise how many things we used to take for granted, such as freedom of moving and traveling, being safe, and having all the food and items that we need easily and (always) available in stores. If you and people you love are safe and healthy during this time, and you are staying at your home, and having basic food to eat, internet connection, or even Netflix, that itself makes so much to be grateful for considering how many people int he world are suffering much more severely. Gratitude journaling is a  helpful practice that can keep us grounded and content during this time. 

relax, exhale, have a bath

Having a salt bath with some lavender essential oil (if you have any at home) can wash away negative energy and heavy emotions that may come up during this time. Burning essential oils lavender in diffuser (or inhaling few drops of it on a piece of cotton) and drinking camomile tea can also help us calm and relax. Slow  breathing and meditation are the fastest way to relax and practice mindfulness (much needed these days).

write, create, make art

Creative expression helps us to project our emotions on the canvas or paper, puts us in a flow state ("state of happiness") and it is a vehicle for us to share our gifts and talent with the world. If you and an idea for a creative project brewing for some time (blog, book, YouTube channel, podcast, online business, crafts, or piece of art...) now is the time to work on it (as you have the TIME).


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If you want to utilise this isolation time to get the clarity what is it that you really want to do, achieve, and change in your life, or work on your blog, book, YouTube channel, starting your online business... or you just need some expert advice on how to cope during these difficult times, booking one of these sessions can be one of the best investments for YOU.

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Stay Home. Stay Calm. Stay Safe. 

I hope this post serves you.

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