how to overcome limiting beliefs reprogram subconscious mind with hypnosis

how to overcome limiting beliefs - reprogram subconscious mind

A limiting belief is a false belief about ourselves and about what we are capable of achieving and obtaining in life, that we acquire as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in our life. Limiting beliefs can constrain us, crush our self belief, self worth, and self confidence, and make us believe like are not worthy or not capable of having or accomplishing what we want, or becoming the person we want to become. We may think that we are limited in life by the amount money we have, education, the background that we are coming from, or our past... but if for a moment we think of the most successful people today such as Oprah Winfrey, The Rock, Dan Lok, Tony Robbins... we can see that despite coming from the poor background and  not having a college degree, these people have achieved outstanding success. The truth is that only true limitations we will ever have in our life are our limiting beliefs - what we believe that we can or cannot achieve! 

“Once accepted, our beliefs become unquestioned commands to our nervous systems, and they have the power to expand or to destroy the possibilities of our present and future.”

Tonny Robbins

As an example before 1945. people believed that you could not run a mile in under 4 minutes. This was a belief that everyone shared as no one has ever done it before - so people could back it up with the "solid" evidence. In 1945. Roger Banister ran a mile in under 4 minutes instantly breaking that belief! The following year 37 other runners ran a mile in under 4 minutes – that’s the power of beliefs! As a life transformation coach one of my major tasks is to help my clients to overcome limiting beliefs. I myself have done a lot of inner work, guided by own mentor and coaches to overcome my own limiting beliefs (mostly around money, as I was growing up in the midst of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a child). In this blog post I will share with you some powerful techniques that can help with overcoming your own limiting beliefs. 

how to overcome limiting beliefs

In order to overcome your limiting beliefs you need to be first of all aware what they are. What do you on a subconscious level believe that you cannot achieve, have, or change about yourself or about your life? The tricky thing about limiting  beliefs is that they are programmed in our subconscious mind and that can make it very difficult for us to identify them on a conscious level! If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life and you feel that no matter how hard you try, you always seem to fail or cannot achieve the result that you want - it is very likely that you are having some limiting beliefs which are holding you back. 

how limiting beliefs are formed

The most important programming of the subconscious mind occurs in the first six years of our life! Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. cellular biologist and author if the book "Biology of Belief" explains this process from the scientific perspective: "During that time (brith to age of six), the child’s brain is... downloading massive amounts of information about the world and how it works. By observing the behavioural patterns of people in their immediate environment—primarily parents, siblings, and relatives, children learn to distinguish acceptable and unacceptable social behaviours. It’s important to realise that perceptions acquired before the age of six become the fundamental subconscious programs that shape the character of an individual’s life. Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings from adult brains reveal that neural electrical activity is correlated with different states of awareness. Adult EEG readings show that the human brain operates on at least five different frequency levels, each associated with a different brain state. The predominant brain activity during the child’s first two years of life is delta, the lowest EEG frequency range. Between two and six years of age, the child’s brain activity ramps up and operates primarily in the range of theta. While in the theta state, children spend much of their time mixing the imaginary world with the real world. The predominant delta and theta activity expressed by children younger than six signifies that their brains are operating at levels below consciousness. Delta and theta brain frequencies define a brain state known as a hypnagogic trance, the same neural state that hypnotherapists use to directly download new behaviours into the subconscious minds of their clients. In other words, the first six years of a child’s life are spent in a hypnotic tranceWhen as young children we "download" limiting or sabotaging beliefs, those perceptions or misperceptions become our truths."


You CAN change your limiting beliefs - as they are just that - beliefs! Not only you can change, but you MUST change your limiting beliefs, because if you do not, no matter how hard you try you will not be able to achieve that success, income goal, promotion, dream partner... which you desire so much. I have experienced huge shift in the realm of money when I worked on reprogramming my limiting beliefs with my coaches - I started earning in a month the amount of money that I used to earn in a year!!! I have seen my life coaching clients making huge shifts in their own life as well after working on their limiting beliefs - meeting the man of their dreams in one week after our "breakthrough" session, landing their dream clients and job opportunity, achieving the things that thought it would be impossible for them to achieve... You can do that to - experience the quantum leap, huge shift, transformation, breakthrough... if you commit to changing your mindset and reprogramming limiting beliefs. In this blog post, I'm going to share some powerful tools and practices that can help you with that! You need to ask yourself:

“What is my limiting belief stopping me from doing? Is my limiting belief doing more harm than good? If I had a new belief or could change a limiting belief would this help me move forward? Would I be happier? Would I feel I have more choices?”


Practicing mindfulness and self awareness, as well as meditation can help us to go within and become aware what limiting beliefs are holding us back and are we acting from the place of fear, ego, limiting beliefs... or we are acting from the place of our truth. Whenever you are feeling low vibe emotions such as fear, self doubt, unworthiness, jealousy, shame... journal, meditate, or/and self reflect about it. Whose voice is that? Who told you that you are not worthy of love if you are not beautiful, successful, the best...? Who told you that you will never make it in life? Who told you that nobody will ever marry you or you will end up like your sad and divorced aunt because you look or behave like her? If somebody's behaviour pulls our trigger, it is mostly due to our own emotional wounds from the childhood or our past. Practice being more present in the moment and analyse are you angry at your current boyfriend or your ex, that particular person or someone reminding you of them or one of your parents...? If you need help with identifying and overcoming your limiting beliefs, click here to read more about my life coaching  program over Skype.

Once you identify your limiting beliefs and you bring awareness into why you are feeling or acting in a certain way, it will be easier for you to recognise the times when you are operating from the place of subconscious mind and you are rewriting and reliving the old hurtful stories and beliefs over and over again. The next step is the really question your limiting beliefs: are they really your truth, provable and undeniable fact or just the story that you are telling to yourself or something that your parents or society was "feeding" you and programming you with over the years? Are your beliefs result of the generalisations of past experiences? As Tony Robbins would wisely say: "If you question anything enough, eventually you will begin to doubt it!". This process works slowly - as it is coming from the place of your conscious mind, but know that every single time you bring awareness around your limiting beliefs, negative "self fulfilling prophecy" and disempowering thoughts, recognise it as your limiting belief, and then question it - the strength of that limiting belief will be reducing bit by bit.

overcoming limiting beliefs with hypnosis

Since limiting beliefs are programmed in our subconscious mind, the fastest and the most powerful way to reprogram and change limiting beliefs is by using the power of our subconscious mind, such as hypnosis. According to dr. Lipton, our subconscious mind processes informations as a super computer with  40 million bit processor, while our conscious mind processes information as a computer with 40 bit processor. Therefor, our subconscious mind is million times more faster than our conscious mind and it takes much more WILL POWER to change our behaviour, habits,  and beliefs that are programmed from the place of our conscious mind, versus our subconscious mind! That is the reason why I fell in love with hypnosis and became a certified hypnotherapist! I wanted to add this tool in my life coaching tool kit, along with NLP, to help my clients achieve FASTer transformation and master their mindset! Hypnosis is like pressing the record button again into our subconscious mind and recording the new program, beliefs, behavioural traits... that we want to believe, adopt, learn...  as this was the way we have adopted our limiting beliefs during the first 6 years of life. If you want to know more about hypnosis and online hypnotherapy click on this link

"Hypnosis allows a part of your conscious, critical mind to relax - the part with all those doubts and fears that often stand in the way of your progress. While hypnotized, your mind can embrace new ideas, attitudes, behaviors so you can overcome longstanding negative patterns"

Forbes Robbins Blair

hypnogogic state and affirmations

how to overcome self criticism and perfectionsm

Practicing affirmations in order to change our limiting beliefs does not work  for many people as they are doing it wrong way. Luckily, you are reading this post so you can learn how to do it the right way! Since out thoughts, behaviour, and perception of the world around us are operating 95-99% of our day under the control of our subconscious mind, using the affirmations to change our limiting beliefs falls under 1-5% of our conscious mind direction - WILL POWER - and that's why it can take looong time before we see the actual changes starts happening. Affirmations may seem like something new that appeared after "The Secret" documentary and Law of Attraction movement, but actually Émile Coué, French psychologist and pharmacist  introduced a popular method of "auto suggestion" or "optimistic suggestion" back in 19th century. His famous autosuggestion is:

"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better!" 

The downside of this method if we are doing it in a full conscious state of mind is that instantly after we think, write, or say the affirmation negative thoughts appear in our mind which "cancel" it or "tell us" that it is not the truth. I believe if you have been practicing the affirmations any time in your life - you know what I'm talking about. Affirmations need to be spoken, written, or thought about with conviction, and while speaking them we need to back it up with high vibe emotional state and congruent body language. But, it can be easier done than said! That's why using affirmations when we are in hypnogogic state has much more powerful effect!

Hypnogogic state is the short state during the time we fall asleep and while waking up from the sleep in the morning.

At this time our brain is much more suggestible to encrypt new information and beliefs!

If you want your affirmations to work faster, say them when you wake up first thing in the morning! You can have a note with them on your pillow, bed table, or write them at the place where you will see them right when you wake up on the wall. Meditating, listening to guided meditation, or affirmations while you are falling a sleep is also more helpful in reprogramming new beliefs. This is a slower method than hypnotherapy, but it is much, much more powerful than trying to change your beliefs while you're in a fully conscious state. It goes the other way around - if you go to bed worrying about what is going to happen next day, having negative thoughts about yourself and your life... you are going to strengthen your limiting beliefs even more! If you wake up and first thing in the morning you look in the mirror and feel bad about yourself and complaining or worrying - that can give additional strength to your  limiting beliefs! 

If start your day with meditation or/and prayer/mantras/affirmations... feeling grateful for everything that you already have about your life and saying something empowering and positive about yourself when you reach out towards a toothbrush and look at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning - it can help you A LOT to change your beliefs and behaviour in a  positive way! I have created a printable daily planner which you can download for free by clicking on the button below. It has sections for gratitude notes, affirmations, and goal setting for the day - which you can incorporate in your morning routine. All of my life coaching clients who use it say that the planner transforms their day, helps them to be more productive and manage their time, and also to increase their self belief!


Our emotional state affects how we feel, thinks and act - therefor it is much more powerful to practice affirmations and adopting new beliefs when we are in high-vibe emotional state. The "science" behind it is that you need to link the new beliefs with positive emotions and excitement, while being in a sort of "positive" trance, in order for your subconscious mind to adopt them faster! Other than practicing affirmations while in hypnogogic state, use every moment when you are in the high-vibe state, emotionally empowered, elated state (like for example when you are dancing, jumping, doing intense exercise, screaming with joy or excitement, feeling very grateful for something in your life, feeling madly in love...) to reprogram your subconscious mind with affirmations, autosuggestion, and empowering beliefs! You do not have to even wait for something to happen to get into high-vibe state - you can always consciously decide to go for a run, jump, scream affirmations out loud (if you're alone, ha ha), or to turn on the music and dance and/or sing - if you find the song with the words that are empowering  and aligning with the new beliefs and lifestyle that you want to create for yourself - that's the perfect combo! As always, only reading this blog post  will not help - now it's your turn to take action! If you want my help to reprogram your subconscious mind very FAST and transform your life in the way that making life changes and changing your beliefs, habits, and thoughts feels EASY, click here to read about my life coaching program over Skype. And, always remember: 

“The moment of stepping onto your wildest dreams is the moment when you start believing that you're worthy of it, and that you CAN!”

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  1. This is great, I needed to read something like this, thank you so much for this article. This is an absolute truth. We create some beliefs that we stick to so hard and cant let go, its insane, even tho we do know that they are not good, and that those beliefs are stopping us from moving forward.

    • You are welcome, Milos.I totally agree – sometimes we integrate those beliefs as part of our identity and we stick to them, forgetting that they are just beliefs – that we created in our head and story we are telling ourselves or we allow other people to convince us into. We forget our true power, capability, and greatness. I hope this advice will help with breaking this pattern. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment and feedback.

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