How To Increase Motivation To Work On Your Goals

How to increase motivation is the question that I get very often as a life coach. Motivation is defined as "a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way" as well as "desire or willingness to do something". The keywords that we can pay attention in these definitions are REASON, DESIRE, WILLINGNESS, and TO DO. These are the building blocks of motivation - if we are lacking a strong WHY, desire, and willpower we will not feel motivated TO DO the action steps which can help us to achieve our goals. In this blog post I shared the most common reasons why you may be lacking the motivation. You can go over each one of them and contemplate if any of them resonate with you, and if the anger is "Yes" then make sure that you read the advice given. 

YOUr "WHY" (REASON) IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH + how to increase motivation

Desire is the essence of the motivation and strong willpower. If you are not having a strong WHY you will not be having strong willpower to achieve your goals. It is very important to be honest with yourself when it comes to your goals. How badly do you want it (be it prosperity, abundance, fit body, vitality, building a successful business or blog, getting certified for your dream job, getting the promotion, fame, or else...)? WHY do you want it? Is that (really) the thing that you really, deeply, strongly desire? It happens sometimes that at the beginning of the year we set our goals, and by the end of the year we change so much that we no longer desire the same thing. We can have a childhood dream that makes no sense to us when we grow up. We can realise that our aspirations were never our own, but those projected onto us by our parents or the society standards. 

In that case, even if you achieve all of your goals you will never be truly happy and fulfilled unless those goals are aligning to your truth, life purpose, and your soul's deepest desires. I was working with many women who have achieved the biggest corporate success (CFOs, CEOs, lawyers,...)  or built successful online business(es), but they were still feeling empty and unfulfilled within, because that was not what they truly desired at the first place. It is important that you get crystal clear about what is it that you want out of your life, and even out of the year. If there are goals that you feel you are lacking  the motivation to work on, ask yourself is the reason for that you are not desiring the same thing at this time of your life and this level of self awareness and consciousness? If the answer is NO, be self loving enough to quit on that goal and set new, exciting goals that will light your soul on fire and make you feel inspired, motivated, and fired up - again! If you need help in getting the clarity about what is it that you truly want to do, accomplish, or pursue in life, working with a life coach can be of big help (you can click on this link to read more about my life coaching program over Skype). 

you fell of the track (schedule) + how to increase motivation

When you started working on our BIG goal, all kind of "crazy" things might have started happening to test your mental toughness - you might have caught cold, your website had crashed, you had to travel or had some unplanned events coming up, you broke up with your boyfriend, got divorced, pregnant, or else... and you fell of the wagon! You may have skipped the gym, foreign language class, healthy meal, working on the new post for your blog or article... - and then you lost the flow and the motivation to continue, because you suddenly felt like a failure. The truth is that things do happen to us which me may not be able to control and we may not be able to follow our schedule blindly and strictly - and that is OK. What is not right is to quit on our goal after first few obstacles, mishaps, and missing-outs. Today is a brand new day and you can use it to continue where you have stopped or skipped yesterday or last week, or even last month. 


you are lacking the energy and zest ("fire") + how to increase motivation

One of the reasons for lacking motivation can be lack of physical energy due to lack of sleep, chronic stress, skipping the breakfast, exhaustion, or astrologically speaking - because of debilitated or weak positioned  Mars in natal birth chart. If that is the case with you, you need to pay attention to getting enough rest and sleep, good stress management, and time management. Just like the car cannot drive in full speed if not filled with enough gasoline, our human body cannot perform the daily physical or intellectual tasks tasks without carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water... and enough rest to recuperate and recharge! When we feel low on energy we cannot possibly be productive or do much. Diet rich in protein, green leaves, beetroot, and red coloured fruits and vegetables can help us to obtain more energy throughout the day. Ginger and chilli are also good to incorporate in diet as they are corresponding to fire element in the body, as per ancient Indian medicine - ayurveda. Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day as dehydration can cause inability to focus and concentrate on the task, as well as headaches. For increasing the energy of Mars (physical energy and motivation for performing daily tasks) add red colour decor, details, and candles into your work space.

you feel uninspired to work + how to increase motivation


We should know "thyselves" and we should build our daily routine and our lifestyle to best suit our personality, inspire the best in ourselves and get the most of “output”. If you’re not a “morning” person do not try to be 5 a.m. club member. It’s that simple. You may be having different preferences than me (like work desk) or limitations (office space), so you need to incorporate the details and habits that YOU like in a way that you can, be it vision board, luxury #girlboss kind of decor or planners, scented candles, motivational quotes, clean and organised work space, art work, flowers... What you are wearing can also affect your motivation level - if you are working from home in your old PJ you will probably not be feeling like a hot-shot CEO of your online business or very much motivated to work as your brain on a subconscious level may be associating the PJ with - sleeping!  Our environment is affecting us on a subconscious level more than we can imagine! Upgrading and changing the details in our environment can help us a lot to change the way we feel about the work that we are doing, ourselves, and our day!

Whenever you need a motivation boost ask yourself what you can incorporate into your space, your closet, or your daily routine, that can make you feel more energised, inspired, elated, and motivated?

procrastination - delaying or postponing + making up excuses

"Procrastination is the grave where the opportunity is buried" (unknown proverb). Procrastination, defined as "the action of delaying or postponing something" is one of the most common reasons why people do not achieve their goals, live their dreams, and miss out on the opportunities in life! Procrastination is usually followed up by excuses, which we make up to "justify" postponing the work for "tomorrow" or "next ____". If you are struggling with procrastination, I strong heartedly recommend that you read my previous blog post "How To Beat Procrastination (Easy Way)".

“People romanticise their plans, but dread the execution. The magic you are looking for is in the work that you are avoiding!”

you did not set "SMART" GOALS

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. If you set goals which are not specific, you will be lacking the clarity and concrete action steps that will lead you to successful outcome or you may end up frustrated and disappointed. Let's say that you want to earn more money - would earning 1$ or 10$ more per month make any difference to you? Same way, if you'd lose 1 pound/kg per month - would that make much difference to your body shape or your health? If your goals are not specific, they can not be measurable and it will be difficult for you to get the exact results that you want. You goals have to be achievable - you need to have a good PLAN, strategy, and action steps in place, otherwise you will be ending up waisting a lot of your time and money on trial and error, and picking yourself up after failures. Not having a good strategy for achieving your goals is like sitting in the random plane without knowing where it will take you, hoping that you will land in your dream vacation country! You goals also need to have a realistic time frame that will allow you to achieve them - if you want to get six pack in a week - it is very likely that you will not achieve it. I also recommend as a life coach (someone whose task is to help people with setting and achieving goals) that you set 4 types of goals - professional, personal, spiritual, and noble goals. This way you will set goals that take your happiness and fulfilment into the account! I wrote more about this process in the blog post "How To Set Goals That You WILL Achieve". 


A limiting belief is a false belief about ourselves and about what we are capable of achieving and obtaining in life, that we acquire as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in our life. Limiting beliefs can constrain us, crush our self belief, self worth, and self confidence, and make us believe like are not worthy or not capable of having or accomplishing what we want. How we can put in the effort and invest our time, energy, money... if we believe that we cannot achieve it or we can never succeed in it? 

What we believe about ourselves and what is possible for us is in direct proportion of the quality of life we are living, the amount money we are earning, and the level of success that we are obtaining! 

Before 1945. people believed that you could not run a mile in under 4 minutes. This was a belief that everyone shared as no one has ever done it before - so people could back it up with the "solid" evidence. In 1945. Roger Banister ran a mile in under 4 minutes instantly breaking that belief! The following year 37 other runners ran a mile in under 4 minutes – that’s the power of believing! No matter how exciting and SMART goals you set at the beginning of the year, if you truly do not believe that you CAN - lose weight ("everyone in my family is fat"); quit smoking ("I am a smoker"); get that dream job or promotion ("that cannot happen to me as I am just ____" or "I'm not ______ enough...") ... you will not be motivated to work on your goals!

Would you invest in the company that is very likely to go bankrupt? Would you bat on the horse who is weak and unable to ran fast? Probably not, right? Same way, subconsciously you will keep on sabotaging yourself and finding excuses not to put in the effort and work on your goals if you do not believe that you CAN achieve them! If limiting beliefs and self doubt are holding you back, you can read more about overcoming limiting beliefs in my previous blog post by clicking on this link

you do not have someone to guide you and keep you accountable

My life coaching clients tell me over and over again that they had achieved more while working with me for six months than on their own in years! Some even say that they could have not imagined what they are capable of achieving in 6 months! Having someone to hold you accountable to work on your goals can be of big HELP, especially if you are struggling with procrastination, making up excuses, or you need help in setting SMART goals and which you will be able to achieve. When you have someone you need to report to with how much work you've done during the week or day, and someone to help you with planning out a good strategy so that you can achieve more in less time and avoid common mistakes can help you feel much more motivated and increase your productivity level immensely. That's why while working with a life coach making BIG life changes and achieving BIG goals feels EASY.  I myself have a mentor coach and my own coaches for the same reason! If you resonate with the words in this paragraph, click on this link to read more about my life coaching program over Skype and book free 30-min call with me over Skype. Lets see how I can help you and if this program is perfect for you. I hope this post serves you. Sending love! 

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