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December Challenge that will help you Set (and achieve) 2020. Goals and Boost Happiness

This December I decided to create #december2019challenge alongside sharing goal setting advice, to help you achieve your goals and New Year's resolutions in 2020. This entire month will be dedicated to building new habits, that make us happier, healthier, and more successful. Our life is the direct product of what we do on every basis (our behaviour). Our behaviour consists of our actions. Our actions stem from our habits. Our habits consist of rituals (daily repetitive actions that we do). So, if we want to change our life, we MUST CHANGE our behaviour (HABITS), and we can only do so by performing different rituals every day. Successful and unsuccessful people in any area of life have different set of rituals that they practice on daily basis, which actually make them "successful" or "unsuccessful". Daily rituals of a fit person are different than rituals of unfit and physically inactive person (the fit one will run, walk, dance, run, attend training or go to gym... every day before or after work, while unfit one may chose to watch TV or sleep longer). Successful people in any area of life will put time, money, energy, and effort, every single day into that particular thing (be it spending good quality time with their partner or kids, eating healthy, exercising, learning new skills and languages, writing, blogging, creating YouTube videos, creating art or crafts, working on marketing for their online business, or else). I designed this post and December challenges to help you embrace and practice new rituals on daily and weekly basis, so that you can develop new HABITS that can help you make the changes you want to make in your life in 2020. The challenges I will give you (if you, of course, DO them!) will help you immensely in achieving your 2020. goals and also to boost your happiness level during the entire month and the year to come! 

I wanted to make this challenge interactive, FUN, and super creative! Please tag me (@danijela_lifecoach on Instagram and Danijela Jokic Vaislay Life Coach on Facebook) and use hashtag #december2019challenge on Instagram, so that I can see how you are doing this challenge and support you on the journey! You can take only one or few of these challenges, but the most powerful result and transformation will occur if you do all of them combined in December. The most powerful parts of these challenges are:


Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California, led a study on goal-setting with nearly 270 participants. The results? You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down!


Associating  your goals with pictures, colours, graphics... and creating a vision board will help you to VISUALISE your goals and therefor manifest them faster.


When we share our goals with other people we instantly feel more "pressure" to accomplish our goals, which increases our level of commitment (and "success" rates!).  


When we share our goals with others, they can support us on the journey, in multiple ways (cheering up for us, reminding us on our commitment, cooking healthier options for us when they invite us for dinner, buying us a gift aligned to our goal or recommending certain products, giving us advice or sharing their own experience with us...). If you tag in your posts, I will also support (+ cheer for) you you throughout the month of December.


By taking on the challenge #3, #4, and #6 you will help me to make a positive contribution in the world by spreading the awareness and advice on practicing mindfulness, self love and self compassion, and supporting the people in need. You will also help Mother Earth and our environment. Also, whenever we share our own story, transformation, goals, dreams, rituals, positive shifts and choices that we are making, we are inspiring others to do the same. Ironically, as much as December is the month of setting New resolutions, gifting, and celebrations, many people in the world are suffering at this time from seasonal depression. To people who are going trough divorce or any other hardship or emotional loss can be very hard to cope during this period of the year.  Therefor, let's make this month the month of miracles, magic, and spreading love together! 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Challenge #1: gratitude + weekly GOALS reflections

GRATITUDE is one of the most powerful practices that can help us in increasing our happiness level and staying positive on a daily basis. First part of the #1 December 2019 challenge is to post the story below on Instagram (and/or Facebook) and write 5 things you feel grateful for in the given blank space.

The second part of the #1 challenge is to post every Sunday or Monday throughout December month (whichever feels more convenient to you) weekly goal reflection story  on Instagram (and/or Facebook). This practice will help you to stay on the track with your goals! Setting and reflecting on weekly goals will help you to break your 2020. goals in chunks, track your progress every week, remind yourself of everything you did achieve, and prevent you to fall of the "New Year resolutions train". Statistics are showing that 92% of people quit their New Year's resolution in February itself! But, if you take on this challenge, and develop a habit to track your progress, as well as work on your goals consistently each and every week, you will not be in that group!

NOTE: TO MAKE THE PROCESS OF SAVING THESE STORIES ON YOUR PHONE EASIER, I ADDED THEM ALL IN ALBUM ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE, SO THAT YOU CAN EASILY SAVE EACH EVERY ONE OF THEM JUST BY CLICKING "SAVE" (I WILL SHARE THE LINK TO ACCESS THE ALBUM AT THE END OF THE BLOG POST). Save these stories above (or take a screenshot) on your phone and fill them with your answers by using fun fonts, effects, emojis... while posting them in your stories. Please tag me (@danijela_lifecoach on Instagram and Danijela Jokic Vaislay Life Coach on Facebook) and use hashtag #december2019challenge on Instagram. If you are not a "tech-savy with creating stories, you can write the answers in your journal and take a picture of it. 


I wrote in detail on setting goals in my last year blog post How To Set Goals That You WILL Achieve (you can click on this link to read it). Once you set your goals post the stories below on Instagram (and/or Facebook) to share your goals with other, in order to increase your commitment towards achieving them, and inspire others in your community to commit to their own goals and make positive changes in their life.

Save these stories above on your phone and fill them with your answers by using fun fonts, effects, emojis... You can chose the colour of "going for the goals" story as per your preference.Please tag me (@danijela_lifecoach on Instagram and Danijela Jokic Vaislay Life Coach on Facebook) and use hashtag #december2019challenge  on Instagram. If you are not a "tech-savy with creating stories, you can write the answers in your journal and take a picture of it. 


This challenge is all about the mindfulness, being more present in the now, slowing down, and enjoying the present moment. First part of this challenge is to save the stories  on mindfulness on your phone (given below the paragraph) and post them on your Instagram and/or Facebook in order to commit to practice mindfulness during December and to educate and inspire other on how to practice mindfulness. 

Second part of the challenge is to take actually DO one  mindfulness practice per day (it can be walk in the nature, meditation, slowly sipping a cup of tea while gazing trough the window, breath-work, creating some form of art or being immersed in the dance or cooking, relaxing in the evening with the candlelight, spending a quiet time...). Practicing any form of mindfulness is very helpful in decreasing stress level and "clearing our mind". 

If you develop a habit of practicing mindfulness on a daily basis, during the month of December, you will be able to tackle challenges that 2020. may bring upon you with less stress and more "clarity". You will also start enjoying your life more and increase your happiness level.

“Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.”

Dalai Lama

Challenge #4 - self love and self compassion practice

Working as a life coach I can (sadly) witness over and over again how women tend to be so critical of themselves (and ironically full of compassion and understanding  and approval for other people. Lack of self love and self compassion can drastically lower our self confidence and self worth, make us feel crippled by impostor syndrome, and held back in life and career due to perfectionism.  If you are struggling with self criticism and perfectionism I recommend reading my precious blog post How To overcome Self Criticism and Perfectionism

"SELF LOVE DEFICIT" along with self criticism and lack of self compassion  is also one of the major causes of depression in modern day and age. One of the most famous and renowned therapists in the world, dr. Marissa Peer, shared that one of the major causes of depression are hurtful and critiquing words that we "tell" to ourselves. The importance of cultivating self love and practicing self care and self compassion cannot be addressed enough, so let's commit in December to take better care of ourselves, be more gentle with ourselves, and treat ourselves with more compassion, just like we would treat our daughter, best friend, or loving sister. If you missed one of my previous blog posts on how to increase self love, click here to read it

First part of this challenge is to save the stories on self love and self compassion (given below this paragraph) on your phone, and share them on your Instagram and/or Facebook story, in order to commit to yourself to practice self love and self compassion during December and to educate and inspire others as well. Second part of the challenge is to practice the advice written on the stories in your daily life/routine.

If you want to earn more of good karma and spread even more love, light, and inspiration, you can share the graphics below on your Instagram and/or Facebook feed during the month of December. Please tag me (@danijela_lifecoach on Instagram and Danijela Jokic Vaislay Life Coach on Facebook) and use hashtag #december2019challenge  on Instagram, so that I can like, share, support, and send you some love!

challenge #5 - #plasticfreedecember

If you did not yet, I suggest that you read this report by WWF on how much plastic waste is harmful for the planet, animals, and even our health. I wrote in my previous blog post on de-stressing and detoxing life about my journey of going #plasticfree and reducing plastic waste (you can read it by clicking on this link). I made it my "mission" and noble goal this year and for year 2020. as well, to spread the awareness about harmful impact of plastic pollution on Mother Earth and in this part of the challenge I invite you to join me, by saving the stories below on your phone and sharing them in your Instagram and/or Facebook stories. Let's help Mother Earth together. Let's contribute to creating cleaner, greener, and healthier environment together this month. I've been participating in numerous ECO projects during the past decade and I had witnessed that when a group of people join together for an earth friendly cause - miracles DO happen! 

The challenge #5 is to  share the stories below, and to commit to live as much #plasticfree as it is practically do-able for you. Please share these stories on your social media and also pictures (if you get to click them) of your plastic free swaps, products,  decor, and gift wrappings during the month of December in your stories. Use the hashtag #plasticfreedecember  to inspire others on the Instagram, or to get more ideas on going plastic free this month. Please, try to avoid buying plastic decor items for your home, balloons, use and throw plastic utensils and plates, plastic gift wrappings... and go for more earth friendly options this month. Pines cones make nature's most beautiful decor in December. Go for recycled paper for gift wrapping or place the gifts in cloth or paper bag. Buy plastic free gifts (or products) for the people you love during this holiday season. Let's create eco-friendly miracles together this month! Stories for sharing are below ( after sharing themPlease tag me (@danijela_lifecoach on Instagram and Danijela Jokic Vaislay Life Coach on Facebook) and use hashtag #december2019challenge along with #plasticfreedecember.

plastic free gift wrapping + decor inspiration FOR DECEMBER

plastic free gift wrapping december

challenge #6 - create your vision board for 2020.

Even if you are already having a vision board, challenge #6 for you is to make a vision board for the year 2020. If you have (just) a vision board, then you are not committing to live and experience and achieve all the things (goals) pinned on it in the next year, but you are waiting for someday... and therefor it becomes your fantasy board! 

When you make the vision board for a specific year, then you will PUSH yourself to COMPLETE and EXPERIENCE everything from that vision bard in the next year itself! You will give it a timeframe! By making a vision board for the year, you will give your dreams a deadline - you will convert a dream into a goal. I will share below some tips to make your dreams pinned on the board manifest faster:

***** Paste/pin your word or mantra for the year (if you are not familiar with this concept, read the blog post on goal setting) on your vision board as well, and also the words in caption of the major goals you want to accomplish or feelings you want to feel (for example LOVE, ABUNDANCE, FIT, ACTIVE, ADVENTURES, TRAVEL, FRESH START, DREAM JOB, SUCCESS, CLARITY, CONFIDENCE...). 

***** Do not pin or paste pictures of other people living your dream, but instead paste the picture that looks like you are the person living your dream and you are seeing it with your own eyes (this is the most common "mistake" that I see people making while creating their vision board). 

***** Keep your vision board at the place where you can see it every single day, if possible at the space where you're working. If you spend a lot of time online or on your laptop, you can create vision board as a collage (and set it as your desktop background), or create a Pinterest board "Vision Board" with pictures and quotes aligning with your dreams and 2020. goals. 

***** Keep the number 2020. on your vision board.

***** After creating your vision board, hop onto challenge #7!

share the picture of your 2020. vision board with other people

In 2017. I had the experience of literally living the "life on my vision board". I experienced some of the most miraculous things happening, like visiting three vision board destinations (suddenly and unplanned) - Dubai, Netherlands, and  Himalayas, giving my first (long dreamt of) motivational speech in Rotterdam, earning 5000$ in a month, giving my first workshop in India, spending summer with my mom and sister after being apart for more than 3 years, and so much more... (I wrote about it in detail in my 2017. year in review blog post). That year in December I gave tis exact challenge to my readers and followers - to create and share their vision board for the year. The feedback was truly miraculous, as those who had done told me later on that so many things from their vision board came true for them! My best friend also took the challenge, and when we, after year and a half, talked about it we realised that everything on that board came true for her (even her "impossible" dream of selling her crafts in foreign countries, which manifested in an unusual way ---> people originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina  who were living aboard had been buying her crafts while being on summer holiday in Bosnia and then carrying it with them to Germany, Sweden, Switzerland...  as gifts).

Sharing our vision board with other people first of all makes us more committed to work on our goals and convert our "visions" and "dreams" into goals. Second, it shows our faith and belief that what the goals we set to accomplish are achievable for us and that we CAN make them happen. 

That said, the challenge #7 is to share a picture of your vision board on your Instagram or Facebook stories or feed. The important thing about creating vision boards is to BELIEVE that you will manifest the things you pinned/pasted on it. Sometimes, the Universe works in unusual, mysterious, and surprising ways, like it did for my bestie Meliha back in 2018.  or for me in 2017. Sometimes, our dream comes true in a way that was greater than what we could imagine even in our wildest dreams, and sometimes it turns out to be as simple as being introduced to the "right" person or  coming up with a creative idea that "changes" everything. 

I would love to see your vision board - once you share it, please tag me (@danijela_lifecoach on Instagram and Danijela Jokic Vaislay Life Coach on Facebook) and use hashtag #december2019challenge on Instagram. If you are way too shy or "private" person to share your vision board in public, at least send it to your closest friends (feel free to send it to me as well via private message on any of my social media profiles). P. S. I will share my vision board with you in my 2019. year in review blog post, in the last week of December!

"rules" of #december2019challenge + bonus advice

***** This challenge will go on during the entire December month, and it starts the day you read this post and decide to take on the challenge. You can take only one challenge from this list, but the most powerful results will come if you take all of them combined! 

***** If you really want to ROCK this challenge and take it to the "advance level", you can get creative and share pictures of yourself practicing mindfulness (or pictures of your self care routine or self care products), share about your practices, experiences, inner transformations, and feelings while performing the challenge, share "behind the scenes" of your goal setting process or vision board creating process. If you decide to talk, write, or record a video about any of the challenge or topics of the challenge (such as going plastic free, self compassion, mindfulness...) in your stories, captions, IGTV... that would be amazing! It is my intention that we together, as a community create and experience miracles and powerful inner transformation during this month! 

***** I would love this challenge to be interactive and to support you on the journey. Please tag me anytime you post or share anything related to the challenge (@danijela_lifecoach on Instagram and Danijela Jokic Vaislay Life Coach on Facebook) and use hashtag #december2019challenge on Instagram. 

***** Make this challenge as creative and FUN as possible, as that will help you to embrace new habits that will make you happier, healthier, and more successful during 2020. in an easy  way, without the usual resistance, procrastination, or excuses that sabotage many people. 

***** You can take this challenge with a sister, or you best friend, and agree to hold each other accountable to practice the small routines and action steps given in this challenge consistently throughout the December month, set your goals, and create your vision boards for 2020. 

did you know?

**** Oprah Winfrey states that one of the reasons she is so successful is working with her life coach Martha Beck for over 20 years? 

***** Working with a life coach can help you not only to achieve your goals, but also to improve your overall well-being, resilience, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression (as confirmed in rigorous Psychology research studies, performed by Anthony Grant, Ph.D. director of the Coaching Psychology Unit of the School of Psychology, University of Sydney). 

***** Life coach can help you achieve much more in less time, than if you would do it on your own (statistics from the American Society for Training and Development provide insight that a person’s probability of achieving a goal increases from 50% to 95% when one has a coach/mentor to keep the him/her accountable and helps putting the idea and plan into action!).  That is the power of having someone to keep you accountable and having an expert to give you the right strategy and action steps that can help you to achieve your goals much faster and easier that you could do on your own. 

This year I decided to offer something special - 90 minutes 1on1 life coaching session with me over Skype, for only 100 US$ (90 euros)!

As you know, I do not offer this kind of service, as I've been only work with clients for 6 months, and the investment for my life coaching program costs from 3000-5000 US$)! This month I'm offering this one time special opportunity for you to hop onto a coaching call with me, during which I will help you to:

*** Set your personal, career & money, spiritual, and noble goals for 2020. 

*** Review your 2019. year and look for any behavioural patterns or limiting beliefs that were holding you back this year, so that you can overcome them during 2020.

*** Get clarity  about what it is that you want to change, achieve, or improve in 2020. about yourself, or in your career, relationships, lifestyle... and set a Do-able, realistic, and achievable ACTION plan how to achieve it (aligned with the time, money, resources, and limitations that you currently have).  

*** You can sign up for this special, one time 90-min CLARITY + GOAL SETTING  life coaching session with me by dropping me an e-mail on (if you have any questions about the coaching call, feel free to ask via e-mail or via private message on Instagram and Facebook). 

Thank you for reading! I am looking forward to see this challenge creating positive ripple effect in december and  us creating miracles, soulful goals, and inner shifts with #decmeber2019challenge together! 


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