One of the major factors which will decide how successful we will be in any area of our life is the strength of our self discipline! No matter how talented and smart we are and how big opportunities and potential we may have to succeed, if we do not build our self discipline muscle, we will not be strong enough to push trough challenges on our success journey and achieve our goals.

Self discipline is everything! Here’s why…

Will you be able to push yourself out of the bed early morning and go out for a run or in the gym… or you will hit snooze and stay in bed will determine your level of fitness. Will you be able to keep on going to the gym or keep on running, despite the pain in muscles… will decide how strong and fit you will be. Whether you will decide to go to the gym or hang on social media, or watch good movie at home or hang with your significant other, or do something else more fun and less tiring… will decide will you be having that body you want so badly and that level of energy, fitness and body strength that you desire! Now, you can have the money to pay for the membership in the gym, you can have a healthy body that can perform regular exercise, you can have the time to go to the gym, you can even have a personal trainer available… but, if you do not wake up and go to the gym and do the training you were meant to do… it won’t matter. If you do not win over your laziness and resistance, and strengthen your mind to command over your thoughts and your body… you will not achieve your fitness goals!

Same goes with any other goal we want to achieve in career and life.

The most important and the most dangerous enemy we need to win over in life is ourselves: our resistance, our laziness, our inertia to maintain the status quo and avoid that little extra pain and sacrifice that can make us better, stronger and more successful.

But, if we do manage to build that self discipline muscle and make it strong, hard and big, we will be able to lift ourself up much higher in life than we could ever imagine.

Working hard on achieving any goal isn't easy, and it requires sacrifice, willpower, determination, patience, coping with pain. But we know that without pain there is no gain as well.

All successful people have this one common thing: they pushed themselves beyond their limits:

they pushed themselves numerous times to get up from the bed in the morning; they pushed themselves to work hard while their friends were parting; they pushed themselves to study and learn while others were enjoying their weekends and nights off; they pushed themselves to stay and work overtime; they pushed themselves to go beyond their self imposed limits; they pushed themselves to keep on going even when it was hard and painful and difficult.

Without self discipline none of the things I've achieved so far would have not been possible, from getting the college degree, to succeeding as a freelance writer and finally as a life coach, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I used to study hard and read numerous of books on the topic of personal growth in English, also attend many personal growth workshops and seminars over the years, while many of my friends were parting and going out. Today, I'm reaping the benefit as I can work and write in English. The knowledge I gained helped me immensely to succeed in my own life and nowadays I'm teaching the same things to my clients as a life coach.

I used to practice yoga two hours per day, which helped me to strengthen my body and mind, and to improve my health. I would not have been so calmed, have a flexible and strong body, and such a control over my thoughts, mind and body if there has not been years of consistency in practicing yoga.

I've changed my diet rigorously nine years ago: I became a vegetarian! That helped me a lot to improve my health and increase my vitality and energy level. I can cope up with things in life and my work much easier as my body is well nourished and I have high energy level.

The big reason why I achieved success in blogging and writing was (along with my writing skills) my consistency for two years! I was writing articles every single week and a blog post regularly. I was treating it as a job, although I was not paid for it that time. By writing constantly I improved my writing skills, gained audience who followed me and built a recognisable name as a writer in the niche. After two years I was "proclaimed" to be an expert in the niche and suddenly I started getting paid for my writing and landing offers for many collaborations. It would have not appended if I was not consistent and if I did not "push" myself to write each and every week.

Once I became a life coach, I had to start writing in English. it wasn't easy, and I used to make a ton of spelling errors (I still do!), but I very well knew that my writing can only improve if I'm consistent and keep on writing regularly. My consistency in writing helped me to get featured in The Huffington Post, get my own column in the COSMOPOLITAN magazine and get my dream come true: my article getting published in my favourite magazine of all time (SENSA). I was also consistent on my social media platforms and slowly but steadily I built an audience who is following me and reading my blog on a regular basis. Many of them became my coaching clients!

That is the power of self discipline!
Without self discipline no matter on what goal we start working on, the moment when our motivation drops (and we all know it happens sooner or later), first painful obstacles come along and resistance start pulling us back, we will quit on that goal very soon.

It is crucial to build our self discipline muscle in order to achieve success in any area of our life, be it our fitness, career, business we want to build or that education we want to obtain.

Think for a moment in which area in your life do you lack self discipline and how boosting it could help you to be more successful and achieve your desired goals?

Think of the ways how could you build your self discipline muscle, starting today (having one fasting day in a week, waking up early, regular exercise, practicing yoga or martial arts, some other physical activity which requires working on your discipline... or any other thing you can think off?). Do you need a life coach to keep you accountable and motivated for a longer period of time?

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