Recently I celebrated my "life coaching anniversary". Looking back, it really made me reflect on everything that was happening for last one year and life lessons I got. One thing I know. I feel so blessed every single day and grateful that I can do this job. I can write this type of content. I can work what I love so much to do. I live my passion. I live my dream. It wasn't easy for me, though.

But I learned important lesson on this beautiful journey:

1) The Murphy's Law: Everything that can go wrong - it will!

When I was about to have my first ever coaching session we were shifting our home and just moved in into a new apartment. I was not sure until the last day if internet connection will be done or not. It got connected, but temporarily with a hanging wire going between the bathroom door. Since we had many people in the home that day who were helping in shifting, every time someone would be entering the bathroom (read ten minutes) while closing the door, person would disconnect the cable and the internet connection would get cut! You can imagine my frustration over the coaching call!

We did not have the furniture set up yet, so while giving the coaching call, I was sitting on the cartoon boxes!

Like that all wasn't enough, five minutes before the coaching call was about to start, my husband entered in the room with a hell bloody would on his leg: he was bitten by a dog! I was cleaning his would, holding the bandage, and waiting for the Skype call to start!

During discovery sessions with potential new clients so many times it used to happen that internet gets cut not once, while before and after the call, connection would be just fine. Only during those 30 minutes, when I would need it the most... well, you can guess ...

I tried so many things in this one year. Some worked, Some didn't work. I had to learn from my mistakes and move on. Actually those failures, rejections and mistakes were the motivational point for me to try a new approach, to change the way I'm doing things, to try something different. Today, I'm grateful for those things that did not work out as well.

So, the lesson I got was: everything that can go wrong it will when you are starting out something new or working on something really important. If you expect everything to go perfect... well, the reality si that it won't! Something will go wrong. Is that bad? Only if you get so upset over it, that you actually get discouraged and decide to quit, fall into a desperation state or end up blaming yourself for not being perfect.

Whatever obstacles you face, especially in the beginning, you have to stay strong, find some creative solutions, improvise, go over it, forget it, forgive it and move on! If you allow Murphy's Law to discourage you and quit on your ideas, dreams and goals, and lose the faith, you will fail this LWA (Life Wisdom Academy) test.

Obstacles appear to test us, if we are strong enough to go over the challenges and handle the "big" amount of happiness and success later. Know this too: the bigger things you are about the achieve, the bigger obstacles you will experience. Big success and happiness are not given to everybody: only to those who keep their faith alive in the harshest moments.

2) Dreams do come true

If you have been reading my blog and articles for a while, you know that life coaching was my dream job. It seemed like almost impossible dream, especially in the country I'm coming from in Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina), as there people don't even know what that is! In India as well! And since I'm living in india and coming from Bosnia, one would think that I had no chance at all. The only option for me to actually have coaching clients was to work with international clients over Skype, but I was not having any network, international social media followers or blog in English. I am not a native English speaker. It seemed impossible. But I wanted it so much that I made a committed decision that I will work on it and try and give it a shot. I told myself that if I could build a region wide popular vegetarian blog in the country where people eat meat every single day and for every single occasion, become an established writer and earn money by writing in the country where it still seems like a fantasy, I can do this as well.

I started writing a blog in English. I started writing articles in English and in just six months I got featured in The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, TUT.com ... and many other major international publications. I completed my coaching training in English, I was giving pro-bono coaching sessions in English... and In just six months I had my first paid client as well. Today, I am doing my dream job. Despite all odds and limitations. And there were sooooo many limitations. But I was having the faith and I was struggling and putting in a lot of hard work. A LOT of hard work. A LOT. Things were not easy for me at all. But it was all worth it.

Whenever I'm having a coaching session, it makes me feel so happy. I'm so grateful that I can do this work that I'm doing. That I love so much.

Dreams do come true. But, it doesn't mean that they will come easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of money, time, struggle, patience, and most of all a faith of steal, unbreakable faith! A lot of hard work. Sleepless nights. PATIENCE. But once that dream manifests, it is all worth it.

3) Having a coach and mentor is priceless

Coaches have coaches too: so do I. 🙂 Since I completed my life coaching training I've been working with my mentor life coach, amazing, wise, compassionate, supportive and generous Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic. I still have a monthly Skype call with her, as having her as a mentor is giving me wind in the back and helps me immensely to grow as a persona and as a life coach. If I look back it would have been difficult for me to build my life coaching practice without her and her wise tips and advice.

My mentor coach Vanja Beukelmn Pavlovic gave me so many valuable tips when I was just starting out and warned me about beginners mistakes, which has been priceless.

I cannot even imagine how much time, money and energy I would have wasted if I did not get the guidance from experienced life coach one year ago! Also, having a coach who will guide you every step on the way, assist you in achieving your goals and be your support and soft place to fall when you experience the first obstacles and keep you motivated is really priceless!

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