Life coach is the person who assists and guides clients who want to achieve certain short term or long term life goal(s). Life coach motivates, guides, encourages, and assists the client to decide what is it that they want to achieve and how will they get there. Life coach helps the client to set short term and long term goals and do concrete actionable steps in order to achieve them.

I always loved to help other and give guidance and advice, in order for them to be happier and more successful in life. I was always always the person my friends and family members would ask advice from. I often say with laugher that I was a life coach my entire life, only I wasn’t charging for it that time.

People are often confused about what is it that they want in their life or do not know how to get there. Many people lack the motivation, or courage to go after their drams. Others lack the creative solutions and ideas. People usually seek the guidance for their beloved ones, but that advice can be biased sometimes or not objective. Life coach gives the person objective, unbiased feedback. Life coach motivates you and guides you step by step in the process of achieving your goals. We all know that if you have someone to support you, guide you, motivate you, encourage you, help you to find the solution or get the answers to important questions in life, you can achieve so much more in life, the if you would try do it all alone.

We think we can do everything on our own and we can learn, achieve, do, overcome so many things… but very often we get stuck in the process, we lose motivation, we do not know what steps to take or we end up being confused.

Even if we do manage to achieve things on our own, it always takes much more time, money and effort than if we would have hired an expert.

You might be clicking your selfies and pics on your own, but would you skip to hire a wedding photographer because you can take the photos from your mobile phone? You would want to hire a professional, who “knows the job”?

Examples are plenty in our everyday life, where we do not want to compromise and we want to hire an expert, but somehow, when it comes to our life, it may not seem required?! We can think that we can figure it out on our own (same way like we can click our own selfies).

But, discovering on your own what is the right life decision for us to make, how we can achieve our goals and dreams faster, with the money and resources we have available at the moment, what is it that we really want and what would make us truly happy, might be the most difficult task in our life, but somehow, unlike hiring a wedding photographer, insurance or real estate agent, we might not think that we need an expert to assist us to make the right decision and live a better and more fulfilling life.

It may take us years, or even decades, to learn from our mistakes, not to mention how difficult it may be to stay focused and motivated on achieving our dreams and goals when we lack motivation or start doubting ourselves, and we cannot UNDO the wrong decisions that we have made.

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