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Learn with the help of Vedic Astrology ancient wisdom what is keeping you stuck in life, how you can tap into your full potential, increase self worth, and boost confidence. Discover what is your hidden talent, which ares of your life can be improved and how, and how to use your core strengths, talents, and skills in order to live better life, feel more fulfilment, and gain the clarity and direction which may be missing. 

This consultation is not fortune telling: this is astro - psychology reading with a  glance into the future you can create if you chose to work on your weaknesses and utilise your birth given strengths and talents! 

Once you get to know who you truly are and why you behave, act, think... like you do and why certain life events are happening to you over and over or often... you will be able to master your relationship with self and other people in your life much better! 


I love Vedic Astrology because it gives very deep insight about love and relationships! With the help of Vedic Astrology you can find out: what kind of men you are attracted to and why, what kind of man would make the perfect boyfriend, or a husband for you, how you consciously or unconsciously seduce the man that you find attractive, what you are doing wrong when it comes to love and relationships, what its you in arguments with your partner or keeps you away from the one you want to be with, how you can increase feminine confidence and sexual confidence by knowing your Venus sign, and more...

If you are in a relationship you can take a consultation together with your partner during which we will discuss what got you attracted to each other, what can keep the spark alive in your relationship, what are the challenges that you are facing together and how you can overcome them, and you will be able to understand each other MUCH better!




Vedic Astrology is different in many ways from Western astrology. Once I started learning this ancient wisdom in India I fell in love with Vedic Astrology because it is shockingly accurate and it goes in depth of things. You can find out a LOT by looking into the birth chart and improve life in a big way by knowing the truth of who you are, why you behave, act, and think lie you do, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. In India it is must that before marriage Vedic Astrologer says if boy and girl are comestible or not - I believe for a reason as Vedic Astrology goes in depth when it comes to love, sex, and relationships. 

Vedic Astrology is Moon based, unlike Western which is Sun based. Sun sign can tell us about our ego and self esteem, but it is our Moon that shows us how we think, feel, emotionally relate to people or react to things and situations. It is said that if you want to manipulate the person, you need to know their Moon sign. 

Our personality is much more than what Sun sign represents. To truly get to know who you are or who your partner is you need more in depth information on other planetary placements: Moon sign (our thoughts, emotions, mind), Ascendent sign (our sense of identity, physical presence, and how other people perceive us), Venus (how we fall in love and experience passion, behave in relationships), Mars (fighting ability, passion, inner and physical strength), Saturn (where we feel limited in life, our self discipline, principles, work ethics), Jupiter (spiritual and religious views, wisdom of living the life and connecting to higher realm, moral values, wisdom we own and that we can teach and preach), our detachment in this life (South Node of the Moon - Ketu), our obsession and life purpose in this life (North Node of the Moon - Rahu). Vedic Astrology can give us deep insights on this points of our personality and our life and therefor it is so powerful. 

After giving the workshop on Vedic Astrology in Rotterdam - Netherlands I started getting requests for the individual consultations so I decided to add it in my services along with life coaching and confidence coaching. Once again, the consultation is not fortune telling but astro psychology reading which will give you insights about your personality and your true potential. It is my interpretation of your birth chart, life path, and your unique personality traits. It is done via Skype - you can do it from the comfort of your home in your PJ. 

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