Danijela Jokic Vaislay Life Coach

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My life was at a crossroad when I decided to hire Danijela as my Life Coach. She has helped me to define my life purpose, to unlock all of my potentials, and remove all mindset blocks and limiting self-beliefs. Designing my program, while working on myself spiritually and emotionally was so easy with her. I couldn't even imagine that I ouldl get that much out of the program. Now I realise the importance of having a Life Coach, as we can't see ourselves objectively, recognise our subconscious patterns easily, and sometimes we aren't good at breaking BIG ideas into doable steps, a proper plan, and achievable goals. I have to say that Danijela as a coach, mentor and person has it all: she is doing it with love, she is patient, a great motivator and the best support. I can say with certainty that this program was one of the best things that happened in my life!
Angela Sudzukovic
Yoni Eggs and Sexual Confidence Coach, from Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU)

Danijela was the only expert who had the right approach and techniques that really helped me!

"I was trying to solve a problem with lack of self-confidence for many years, with different techniques and people, but without true success. Danijela was the only expert who had the right approach and techniques that helped! I finally found out what self-confidence really means and how to truly increase it. After the life coaching program with Danijela, the quality of my life improved immensely! Danijela is the perfect coach you can wish for yourself. She provides constant support and huge motivation! "

Sandra Crnkovic, CFO from Croatia 

Crystal Fuentes
Founder of The Ladies Coach, author of the book "How To Be H.O.T" and host of the podcast "Talk. Listen Change."
Words Of Praise
“Danijela’s work has inspired hundreds of our ladies to take action in different areas of their life. She truly has a way of relating to women from all over the world with her personal stories and practical advice. We are so honored to have a woman who actually LIVES her teaching as one of our TLC authors. It’s rare you meet someone who has a genuine sense of service and that someone is Danijela!
Christal Fuentes
Founder of www.theladiescoach.com

I WAS SCEPTICAL - HOW LIFE COACH who doesn't know me COULD HELP ME change my life?

"I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me. I was not sure how I could trust someone who doesn't know me to break my habits, and help me with reframing and removing my self limiting beliefs. Danijela, you helped me make the changes that I didnt know I had to make and you did it with love. I didn't know I was imprisoning myself and harvesting poison. With your kindness but firm techniques, with tools and reassurances, I managed to find a new level of contentment. I made room for things that really matter to me and as a result I have now started to realise my dreams and enjoy my children a lot more. I also realised that people can look after themselves if I have to turn my back on them or say NO! to them. I didn't realised that life coaching with Danijela would be one of the best investment gifts for myself. I am truly blessed to have stumbled into her. She made me light. I am attracted to good fortune, calm, and abundance around me. Thank you Danijela!"

H. Taib-Walker, CEO from Brunei

Josipa K. Singh
Josipa worked with me in 2017. Today, she is a successful and fulfilled success and mindset coach.
Client Testimonial
Danijela is an amazing life coach who invests her whole being into into coaching relationship. I was so confused about what do to in life and she helped me to decide and choose super exciting life coaching academy program, which I immensely enjoyed studying. The coaching relationship with her was true and honest, and I was always supported. She replies e-mails extra quickly and provides a great support! She gently guided me towards my desired goals!
Josipa K. Singh
Success and Mindset Coach from Norway

I wouldn't have gotten so far without Danijela!

"I wouldn't have gotten so far without Danijela! She was the one who has put it into my head that I can do ANYTHING that I wanted to! She gave me the action steps and all I did had to do was to believe and imagine it could happen and go out there and do the work!"

Susan Williams Goebber, blogger and planning expert from Germany, founder of www.planyourlifeonpaper.com

Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic
My dear mentor, who has been giving me the "wind in the back" and huge support from the first day of my life coaching practice. I feel so grateful to have her!
Words Of Praise
Vanja's Book
Vanja is the author of the book "Život" , which was last year published in Dutch and Bosnian languages. Vanja has built herself from a refugee immigrant in Netherlands into a successful business owner, life coach, book author, and talk show host!
Vanja's Talk Show
Vanja is hosting a super popular TALK SHOW (tickets get sold out in 2 hours after announcement), in Dutch - language that is not her native- which she speaks with an accent! She is my role model!
Words Of Praise
"Being her mentor, I could follow Danijela's coaching work from the first steps. I would describe her as a stable, passionate, straight-forward and very patient person. As a coach, she provides a strong mental support to her clients! Danijela's coaching style is especially enriched by her vast personal growth knowledge and so much wisdom she gained while living in India, the biggest source of spirituality. Danijela has a great power to INSPIRE and HELP her coaching clients, and also motivate and "enlighten" people - after our motivational speech in Rotterdam, many people have approached me telling me how her words and her advice has completely changed their perspective on life!"
Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic
Life Coach and Cognitive Therapist, author of the book "Das Leben" ("Život") from Rotterdam, Netherlands

"By the end of the program my motivation was up, self confidence higher, and my weight reduced!"

"I joined the program right after divorce. I was feeling lost, stuck, with low self confidence as I was overweight. I was in awe during the coaching sessions how she can be so young and so wise! She explains things in a such understandable way, gives very powerful advice, and constantly motivates you! By the end of the program my motivation was up, self confidence higher, and my weight reduced! I whole heartedly recommend her as a life coach!"

Milanka Denkic, Senior Manager from Netherlands

"Year 2017. ended with a blessing when I got an opportunity to work with Danijela, while conducting self development workshops and group life coaching programs together. She is an amazing person, full of positivity, and she is an excellent life coach. She is very good at helping clients to overcome their limiting beliefs and restart their life at any phase of life. She has the power to inspire her clients and fellow coaches like me! I look forward to many more workshops and coaching assignments with her."
lata dasila singh life coach india headshot
Lata Dasila Singh
Master Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Profiler and Assessor , Founder of MEQ Academy from Delhi, India
Lata Dasila Singh
Life Coach specialised in Emotional Intelligence, founder of MEQ Meraviglia Academy. Since 2017. we have been giving EI workshops and speeches together in Delhi.
Words Of Praise
Soulful Partnership
Since 2017. we gave together numerous Emotional intelligence workshops and speeches in Fortune 500 companies and schools, and conducted several group coaching programs for women empowerment.
Words Of Praise
Mentoring Together
Since 2018. we are together mentoring newly certified life coaches for kids in MEQ Maraviglia Academy, with desire to transfer our wisdom, experience, and skills.
Words Of Praise

"feeling of overwhelm vanished with concrete action steps written on the paper and my willpower to make it happen!"

"Although I had vast knowledge about the topics I was writing, I honestly had no idea how to monetise my blog. Danijela guided me gently and subtly throughout the entire journey. She praised what I was doing well, and feeling of overwhelm vanished with concrete action steps written on the paper and my willpower to make it happen. I’m very grateful to her for encouraging and motivating me along the way and getting me to take the right action at the right time!"

Viola Neskovic, Sociologist and founder of www.violove.com from Serbia 

Verity Brown
Freelance marketer, founder of www.theseasaltplan.com from UK
"I decided to do Danijela's course after having quite a few signs from the Universe... The course was really powerful and uncovered more than I imagined. I had no idea I was so deeply effected by areas such as self-worth and impostor syndrome and going through the questions in the workbook helped me realised I had 'stuff' to work through. I found it quite emotional, but in a positive - "releasing" way and felt clearer and lighter after completing the course. Danijela's has so much wisdom in this area - it's the perfect step to understanding yourself better and up-leveling your confidence and worth."
Verity Brown
Freelance marketer, founder of www.theseasaltplan.com from UK