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Don’t Let Excuses To Turn Your Dreams Into Dust This Year

Excuses have the power to turn our dreams into a dust! We use excuses as a justification for why we are not working on our dreams and goals and to tell ourselves a self limiting story which is holding us back and not allowing us to succeed and live a happier life. With New Year starting, we are all so charged up to go after our dreams and goals and we have the list of New Year’s resolutions, but we know what happens in February itself: motivation goes down, we get caught up in our everyday life and chores, we start missing out on activities and things that we were supposed to do in order to achieve our goals or start going back to our old habits and routines (although we promised ourselves that THIS year is going to be life changing, THIS year we will start to exercise, go on a diet, change our job…, THIS year we will eradicate that bad habit wchih is no longer serving us, like unhealthy eating habits or smoking). So, here’s some first hand advice from a life coach on what can we do to keep our motivation going throughout the year so that we do not keep on recycling our New Year’s resolutions year after year.


How To Pick Yourself Up After A Failure Or Rejection

Going over rejection or a failure is not a pleasant thing at all and it can crush our motivation, and self-esteem, but it can also be a powerful force which will push us to do better next time and to grow and evolve if we know how to use the best of it! Here are my best tips on how to deal (and how I deal) with rejection:


Five Life Lessons I’ve Learned In 2016




Sometimes, we might resist the change thinking it will be hard to cope with or being afraid that we will lose the existing comfort that we have, but it can prove to be a thing that will make us way happier that we could even imagine.