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Self empowerment is the topic I was giving workshops in Delhi in India in Fortune 500 companies. In my work as a life coach I get to meet and work with many women who are crippled with self doubt, no matter how much much they have achieved (C-level managers, successful online business owners...), or how well educated they are, or how talented they are... Self doubt, self criticism, perfectionism, low self worth... are truly killers of self esteem and confidence.

I can say that the most of the women who ask me to coach them are struggling with this part: they feel crippled by self doubt, suffer from the impostor syndrome and feel very low self worth. I named this course Awaken the Athena In You, as I was fascinated by this Greek Goddess since childhood. She was the goddess of wisdom and war, know for her strength, strategy skills, intelligence, courage, and fighting skills. To me, she is the archetype of female courage, leadership, self worth, self belief,  courage, and inner strength. She was a very powerful and confident Goddess.

I have designed the course as a VERY INEXPENSIVE S.O.S. toolkit for overcoming self doubt and impostor syndrome. I have packed in the course recorded coaching lesson with seven powerful practices and action steps for overcoming self doubt, low self worth, and the impostor syndrome and also  the most common root causes of struggling with self doubt and impostor syndrome, and low self worth.

I have created a 35 pages workbook which contains powerful questions and exercises for achieving breakthroughs and uplifting self, and discovering the reason for feelings of unworthiness, self doubt, and impostor syndrome.

I have also created guided meditation with theta waves that can help with replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs about self on a subconscious level faster.

I wanted to make it SUPER AFFORDABLE to every woman struggling with self doubt, low self worth, and the impostor syndrome as I charge 3500$ for 1 on 1 life coaching program via Skype and I know it is a significant investment. Therefor, the price I have decided for the course is ONLY 30 US$!!!

I decided to do Danijela's course after having quite a few signs from the Universe around the goddess of Athena and understanding maybe I needed to explore what that meant on a subconscious level. The course is really powerful and uncovered more than I imagined. I had no idea I was so deeply effected by areas such as self-worth and impostor syndrome and going through the questions in the workbook helped me realised I had stuff to work through. I found it quite emotional, but in a positive "releasing" way and felt clearer and lighter after completing the course. Danijela's guided meditation is beautiful and she has so much wisdom in this area it's the perfect step to understanding yourself better and upleveling your confidence and worth.
Verity Brown, England
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If you are new here, let me quickly introduce myself. I am Danijela Jokic Vaislay and I am a life & confidence coach. My advice on dating, relationships, self-love, building the confidence and self esteem was shared more than 20 times in Serbian and Croatian editions of COSMOPOLITAN magazine. You now have the chance to get the advice from a COSMO columnist on demand, at the price of a cheap lunch per each module! 

I am also a writer for other international  platforms, such as The Ladies Coach, BOSS BABE, and The Huffington Post. I personally coached more than 100 women internationally (from UK, USA, Netherlands, Indonesia, Germany, Norway, Croatia, India, etc.) and I am conducting workshops on self empowerment for women in Fortune 500 companies in Delhi in India. 

I created this course to help women who are crippled by self doubt, have low self worth, and feel like they not good enough - all the time, as I have seen in my work as a life coach how many women even at C-level manager position, MBA degree, or successful business built from scratch behind feel imprisoned by these feelings!


If you have any question related to the course or any technical difficulties to make the payment while enrolling into the course, or access the course material, feel free to write me an e-mail on