Blog is the place where I share life advice and life lessons learned on happiness, building the confidence, and living the best life. I also share with you here pictures from my travel destinations, and behind the scenes of my life, because I want you to be a part of it!.


Self Empowerment: How To Overcome Self Doubt

SELF EMPOWERMENT: HOW TO OVERCOME SELF DOUBT Self empowerment is the topic of workshops I was giving to female managers in Delhi in India in Fortune 500 companies. In my work as a life coach I get to meet and work with many women who are crippled with self doubt, no matter how much much they

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6 Life Lessons Learned On Vacation In Italy – Positano

6 LIFE LESSONS I’VE LEARNED ON A VACATION IN ITALY – positano Yogi Bhajan wisely said that meditation is a mental shower. I would say that traveling is the boredom shower. Traveling is food for the soul, exploration ground for the mind, expansion for the heart, shower for the boredom, ticket for adventures. In this post

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HOW TO BE MORE FEMININE, SENSUAL, AND SEDUCTIVE WOMAN In this blog post I am sharing the advice on tuning into your Venus (feminine) energy, which can help you with becoming more feminine, seductive, sensual, confident woman.  SCROLL DOWN TO READ LOCATION I TRAVELED TO ⇓ HOW TO BE MORE FEMININE, SENSUAL, AND SEDUCTIVE WOMAN I was walking

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You Are Worthy: 7 Tips To Increase Self Worth

YOU ARE WORTHY: 7 TIPS TO HELP YOU INCREASE SELF WORTH and self esteem Increasing self worth is I believe the most important inner work that we need to do in order to boost our confidence and self esteem,  and have healthy relationships. Low self respect will make you a magnet for people who will be taking advantage of you, toxic relationships,

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Confident Woman: 10 Ways To Boost Feminine Confidence

10 WAYS TO BOOST FEMININE CONFIDENCE If you want to know how to boost feminine (a.k.a. female) confidence, and become more confident, strong, seductive, and powerful woman, this post is for you! I have shared 10 ways how to boost feminine confidence as a confidence and self empowerment coach who coached more than 100 woman

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Self Love: Five practices to help you love yourself more!

self love – five practices to love yourself more Self love is the foundation for the happiness and abundance in our life, because it is only when we love ourselves deeply and unconditionally that we will attract people in our life who will love us deeply. In this blog post, I am sharing five self

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