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how to deal with anger spiritual life coach india

How To Deal With Anger – Life Coaching Advice

HOW TO DEAL WITH ANGER Anger is defined as a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. No wonder why it doesn’t feel so good to get angry, or to deal with anger. But, anger IS one of the emotions that we do experience and that we

how to build self confidence tips confident woman believe in yourself

Self Confidence: How To Believe In Yourself More

SELF CONFIDENCE : HOW TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND ACHIEVE ANYTHING Self confidence is defined as self-assurance in one’s personal ability and  power. It is self belief that we are powerful, worthy, strong, capable… enough to achieve our goals and create the life that we

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Self Empowerment: How To Overcome Self Doubt

SELF EMPOWERMENT: HOW TO OVERCOME SELF DOUBT Self empowerment is the topic of workshops I was giving to female managers in Delhi in India in Fortune 500 companies. In my work as a life coach I get to meet and work with many women who are

self worth increase self esteem confidence coach life coach

You Are Worthy: 7 Tips To Increase Self Worth

YOU ARE WORTHY: 7 TIPS TO HELP YOU INCREASE SELF WORTH and self esteem 7 TIPS TO HELP YOU INCREASE SELF WORTH Increasing self worth is I believe the most important inner work that we need to do in order to boost our confidence and self esteem, love ourselves

how to boost feminine female confidence coaching via Skype life coaching danijela jokic vaislay

Confident Woman: 10 Ways To Boost Feminine Confidence

10 WAYS TO BOOST FEMININE CONFIDENCE 10 WAYS TO BOOST FEMALE CONFIDENCE AND BECOME MORE CONFIDENT, STRONG, SEDUCTIVE, AND POWERFUL WOMAN How to boost feminine confidence is the topic for today as it is International Woman’s Day and therefore I decided to devote this post


7 Tips To Make 2018. Your Best Year Ever!

MAKE 2018. YOUR BEST YEAR EVER NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: 7 TIPS TO MAKE 2018. YOUR BEST YEAR EVER! This year has been the best year of my life, really magical, it was like living my vision board one picture at the time and in this


How To Stop Worrying And Live A Positive Life

HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND LIVE A POSITIVE LIFE How to stop worrying and have a positive life is the topic for this week blog post, inspired by my recent trip to Himalayas (I shared on Instagram how much piece I felt there and how calming


How To Get Unstuck In Life

HOW TO GET UNSTUCK IN LIFE   How to get unstuck in life is one of the most frequent questions that I get from my coaching clients and readers. The other one is how to stop suffering and see the light at the end of