law of attraction manifesting morning ritual free daily planner 100 self love affirmations

loa manifesting morning ritual (free daily planner + 100 self love affirmations)

One of the techniques that has transformed my mornings and helped me to build more powerful mindset and raise my vibration is mindfulness & manifestation morning routine. Once I saw how positive effect it had on my vibration, my mindset, and my entire day, I introduced it as a part of my life coaching program via Skype. My life coaching clients are love this ritual and they say it is one of the best things they got out of the coaching process. This morning routine takes 10-15 minutes (you can extend it up to 30 minutes - depending of how much time you have available) and it is very powerful. For this morning ritual I have created a printable daily planner which you will be able to download as a gift at the end of the blog post and use it to transform your morning and  boost your confidence and productivity. You can use this planner along with any planner you may be currently using! You can include the (short) meditation or a prayer in this morning routine to start your day more mindfully and with the right mindset. I also love not burn polo santo, white sage, incense..., defuse few drops of relaxing etheric oil... before doing this ritual. I usually do it while I am drinking my first cup of green tea in the morning. I keep my crystals around as well to help me in the manifesting process, for example citrine and aventurine to help me with money mindset work, amethyst to help me to pick the "right" oracle card, rose quartz for boosting self love, black obsidian for grounding...  Clearing the energy in the space with sage, or at least by opening the window to let some fresh air before doing any ritual can help us to raise our vibration and tune into our personal power better. 

drawing oracle card for the day for intuitive guidance

After meditation you can chose to pick one oracle card for intuitive daily guidance from the Universe. Oracle cards are not “future predicting cards”, they are cards with short messages or piece of “advice” with the aim to help you to tune into your intuition and get the intuitive guidance from the Universe. I love to ask an open question always, for example:

“What is the lesson that I need to learn today?”

“What is the message that would help me today?”

“What I should focus on today?”

You can chose oracle card deck as per your choice which resonates with you. There are plenty of them available from angelic messages to mermaids and dolphins, butterflies and unicorns... to those with affirmation for the day or quote for the day, Goddess guidance, fairies... You can find oracle cards from many spiritual teachers, bestselling book authors and coaches, like for example Gabby Bernstein, dr. Christiane Northrup, or Doreen Virtue. Card decks may be different, but they all have one aim: to help the owner of the deck to get the intuitive guidance from the Universe, tune into their intuitive power, and strengthen your belief that Universe has your back and that you are guided and supported. To help you receive the wisdom for the day that you need to know to feel more hopeful positive, and empowered to tackle that day’s tasks, goals, and challenges. The process is simple and it takes only one minute. You shuffle the card deck and then you take the card deck in your hands. Put the dominant hand on the top of the deck, close your eyes, and set the INTENTION to get the guidance from the Universe for the day. Then ask your (open type) question. If you have anything you are struggling with or you feel some answer on any particular challenge that you are facing, you can again ask the open type question, like for example:

“What is the wisdom or a message or a lesson from this card deck that can help me understand this situation better?” or

”What is the wisdom or a message or a lesson from this card deck that can help me to deal with this situation better and remain peaceful?”

Once you get your card of the day you can read the explanation from the guidebook or if you feel like you got your “answer” or you intuitively know the meaning, you can just remember your “lesson” or “message”. I love to write the message from the oracle deck in the FOCUS OF THE DAY section in the daily planner. Somehow, the right card comes at the right time. You do not need to know how. Just trust the process! If you don’t feel like you are resonating with oracle cards, you can skip this process entirely and move onto the next one. After meditation and picking the oracle card of the day, fill the printable daily planner (you can download it for free at the end of the blog post). I like to print 30 planners to have a one month stock. This planner is one of the things my coaching clients are raving the most and they keep on saying how it was life changing and it transformed their day, how they are much more productive and manage their time way better.

setting the focus and intention and writing down your goals for the day

There is such a tremendous power in setting the Intention! By setting the intention we are concreting deliberately with the Universe. We are shaping and co-creating and manifesting our reality rather than just passively waiting for the things to happen to us. That’s why starting the morning by setting the intention for the day, focus of the day, and goals for the day has the power to transform your day and sets wonderful positive things and manifestations into motion. My clients often tell to me:

“I don’t know how, but if I put my goals in the planner they happen. If I don’t - they don’t!”

There has been even a scientific study done which has shown that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them! Taking just 5 minutes to write down your goals (in top priorities section of the planner) and focus of the day can make a huge difference in how your day will reveal, how productive it will be, and how will you spend you day.

practicing gratitude in the morning to raise your vibration

In the gratitude section of the planner write down things you feel most grateful about. Gratitude can shift our focus instantly from negative to positive, from lack to abundance, from what we do not have to what we have. My most famous article so far which has touched many people all over the globe was about the gratitude (you can read it here). I had many people writing to me that it has helped them to transfer the way were looking at their life and feel much happier. I have shared the same story in my motivational speech in Rotterdam with Dutch people. Even men in the audience were crying! After the speech many people came to me hugging me and telling me that they were not aware how blessed and happy they are and that my speech has changed the way they see their life. Gratitude is an instate way of raising your vibration and boosting your happiness level!


write down the affirmations to change your mindset and empower yourself

In the affirmation section write down affirmations of the day. If you are not comfortable with writing the affirmations or you are still beginner with practicing Law Of Attraction,  you can write some beautiful and inspiring lines to start your day positively like for example:

“Today is going to be the best day of my life.”
“I am grateful for all the happiness and abundance in my life.”
“I am being guided and supported by God / Universe / ________ (whatever Higher Power you believe in).

The last step is to write down your self care routine. You could have learned so far how much self care is important for tuning into feminine energy, boosting feminine and sexual confidence, increasing self worth, loving yourself more, and loving and accepting your body and overcoming body shame. SELF CARE IS A PRIORITY NOT A LUXURY! That’s why it is extremely important for you to PLAN the time for your self care routine in your day. When it comes to setting the intention, you can do it during any time of the day. Set the intention to feel more confident in the meeting. To sound more confident on the phone. To tune into your intuition more deeply. To take care of yourself better. To love yourself more. To be more kind, but to set healthy boundaries at the same time. To love your body more. To make the best out of your day. To be more positive and optimistic. To be more grateful. To feel more joy and have more fun. At the end of the ritual, note down the self care routine for the day - what is is that you will do for yourself as an act of self love. If you have been reading my previous blog posts, you could read that self love and self worth are the foundation of self confidence and self respect. Make sure that every day you take time for yourself and pay attention to your own needs! If you want to boost your self confidence and love yourself more, i suggest that in the daily planner section you write down self love affirmations (you can download free 100 Self Love Affirmations Guide that I have created as a gift on this link). Writing down affirmations in the morning right after we wake up is very powerful as our brain is more receptive to races and store new informations after long hours of deep sleep. 

Now when you know the power of your intention, you can INTENTIONALLY make your day more beautiful, mindful, and fulfilling.

If you need help in setting and achieving your goals, making life changes, and feeling more fulfilled in life, click on the button below to book free 30-min discovery life coaching call with me, or on this link to read more about my life coaching program via Skype

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