I am Danijela Jokic Vaislay, life coach, motivational speaker, featured and quoted in many international publications:

Eight years ago I was depressed, I had no spark, no joy, no money, no clue what I wanted to do in life or with my career. I thought my dreams were impossible to achieve. It all changed once I started learning about the personal growth from various experts and gurus. I’ve traveled to many countries, spent more than three years in India, read hundreds of books on the topics, graduated in the field I was very passionate about and finally decided to pursue my dream job and share what I’ve learned with others as a life coach.

Recently, I had a toast in Dubrovnik for my most successful month ever, after I gave a successful motivational speech in Rotterdam and have hit the biggest income per month in my earning history. While applying the advice and tools given by a coach of my own, along with my good success strategy that was using over the years and today I’m teaching to my 1 on1 coaching clients, I’ve set my mind on massive success and wealth and things started happening beyond my wildest dreams. I started living an “Instagram kind of life”. It is my mission to help my clients to do the same.

If you want to take your life & professional success to the next level and create more passionate, fullfiled and amazing life for yourself, you are at the right place!


When I ask my coaching clients to give me feedback about working with me, after our coaching time ended, I can hear this one reason standing out as the most valuable thing they get from coaching experience: they had someone who will hold them accountable to work on their goals and that pushed them to win over procrastination and achieve so many things in just three or six months than they used to achieve in years.

We all know how procrastination can hold us back in career and life: I will do that tomorrow, I will do that next month, then months turn to years and we keep on hanging at the same place were we were failing to achieve our goals. But, when you have a coach who will ask you each and every week what exactly did you do for last seven days to get closer to your goals, then you have a push, a motivational force to actually do it now. Coach is someone who will not let you get away with your lame excuses why you cannot achieve what you want so much. Coach is someone who is going to ask you every week “Did you make those phone calls?“, “Did you finish, write, complete, execute, make… that _____?“, “How many times did you go to the gym this week?” or whatever is the actions step needed for you to achieve your goals.


You must have had experienced that when you are trying to solve somebody else’s problem, you had so many ideas, solutions or advice to give to that person, but when it comes to resolving your own problem(s)… well, it ain’t so easy, right? It feels like your mind is blank!

When we see things from a neutral perspective, outside our own box of limitations and fears and limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves, we suddenly see so many possibilities, creative solutions, and routes to achieve something, but in case of ourselves… our brain gets fogged!


Getting a neutral opinion and unbiased feedback can be be eye opening! That is the reason why hiring a mentor or a coach can help us to thrive in business and life and achieve our goals and dream in a much faster and more effective way than if we were on our own.


In order to make your dreams reality and achieve your goals you need to convert you wishes into committed decisions and make an action plan how to achieve them. That is what life coaches actually do: they help people to get clarity what is it that they want to achieve, set their short term and long term goals, create an action plan how they will achieve it and they follow up on their clients progress week after week, as they are executing one action step at the time towards their goals. We all know that having a good plan is half job done already!


Working with a coach who will assist you to achieve your goals much faster, easier and to take the process more seriously (as coaches know the art of motivating people and helping them to succeed in the area of their particular niche, and you would not want to waste the money that you invested on hiring one) is priceless as you will make you REALLY commit to achieving your goals and living your dreams! Even if it is very likely that you can achieve your goals on your own, it will probably take you much more effort, struggle, time and money wasted than if you would get an expert advice and guidance. You will not need to learn on your own mistakes. You will not waste more time on trying to figure out what you want to do in life and how will you, but instead: you will start doing it!

Do not put your life on hold anymore! In order to live your dream life you must convert your wishes, dreams and goals into a committed decisions and decide that you will make your happiness a priority in your life. You need to decide that you will not tolerate the habits and behaviours the no longer serve you and that are not aligned to your priorities and values (health, happiness, love, relationships, doing what you love and following your passion).
Here’s what life coaching clients who worked with me have to say:

If you are presented with the opportunity to work with Danijela – Grab it!

“Danijela is incredibly practical, forward thinking and genuinely lives and breathes helping others in creating the work and life people love. It’s rare that you come across standout thinkers, Danijela is a real example of contemporary Inspirational Thinker. She has a passion for wanting to change things strategically & brings an enthusiasm that’s infectious! I’ve often sat back in awe of some of the stuff that comes out of Danijela’s mind; few people can lay claim to being at the cutting edge, but Danijela is one. Few people have the opportunity to work with someone who is also a great coach and mentor — but I did when I worked with Danijela & I learned a great deal from her that I will use throughout the rest of my career. She’s a pure joy and privilege to work with, a true polymath of personal development, able to think both broad and profound. If you are presented with the opportunity to work with Danijela – Grab it!“

Lesya Li, London
Lesya Li, London Founder & Editor Having Time

Danijela invests her whole being into the coaching relationship!

Danijela is an amazing coach who invests her whole being into the coaching relationship. I was confused about what to do and she suggested me a super exciting coaching academy which I am deeply enjoying to study. I started my blog with her amazing guidance. The relationship with her as a coach is true and honest, I was always supported. She replies to the e-mails extra quickly and gives a great support. I really loved the time we spent together ! She held my hand gently on the way and I felt she was a true friend. She has enormous experience in blogging, healthy eating and lifestyle and she gently guided me towards wanted goals. She has rich experience of multicultural environment.

Josipa K. Singh
Josipa K. Singh Norway www.enthusiasmclub.com

Trust her, and you will succeed!

“My first idea to start working with Danijela was to gain experience from both sides of the coaching business. Since I already am a coach, I wanted to experience how is it like to be a coaching client and while doing so to overcome some challenges I was facing in my business. So together we decided to push me in a new direction where I wanted to go, but somehow felt a bit stuck, and that is to expand my coaching business to foreign (English-speaking) market. She inspired me to translate my website, to start vlogging in English and to be more engaged in gaining media presence, both locally and internationally. During our sessions, we covered all aspects of coaching business which gave me a fresh perspective on how to improve some of them. I love that she was dedicated to helping me build my own successful business, just like the real best friend would do, so I would really recommend her as the mentor. You will enjoy the great talk, but be prepared for some serious action if you want to achieve your goals, ’cause she will find you accountable to deliver results, just like a good coach would do. Trust her, and you’ll succeed! ”

Tijana Cup, Banja Luka
Tijana Cup, Banja Luka Life & Career Coach www.tijanacup.com

I wouldn't have gotten this far without Danijela!

It's hard to explain with words how Danijela has helped me through her coaching. I wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for her. She was the one who put it into my head that I could do anything I wanted too. She gave me the action steps and all I did, was to imagine that it could happen, and then go out and do the work. We've made short and long term plans that stretch me but don't make me afraid to even start them.

Susan Williams Gobber, Germany
Susan Williams Gobber, Germany Time Management Coach Planning Your Life On The Paper

Danijela guided me gently and subtly throughout the entire journey!

I was facing many challenges, as I chose the career in which I had a big piece of puzzle unknown. Although I had vast knowledge about the topics I was writing, and feeling that I’m doing the right thing, I honestly had no idea how to monetise my blog. That time I made the decision to give my best to master the skills which I was lacking and coaching with Danijela seemed like a logical step towards my desired direction. Although coaching process seemed like a conversation between two friends who had a lot to say to each other, it had a solid structure and she guided me gently and subtly throughout the entire journey. She praised what I was doing well, and feeling of overwhelm vanished with concrete action steps written on the paper and my willpower to make it happen. I’m very grateful to her for encouraging and motivating me along the way and getting me to take the right action at the right time."

Viola Neskovic
Viola Neskovic Sociologist, Motivational Writer and Blogger from Serbia Founder of VioLove


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I work 1 on1 with clients via Skype all over the globe. I charge 1 000 US$ for 24 X 45 weekly or 12 X 90 min biweekly coaching sessions via Skype over a six month period, and e-mail support during working days. I have limited number of coaching spots and I am very selective about clients I’m working with, as I want to give the best possible service as a life coach and see my clients achieving massive and amazing results!