I am Danijela Jokic Vaislay, life coach, motivational speaker and writer for many major international publications.

Eight years ago I had no vision, no spark, no zest for life. I thought my dreams were impossible to achieve. Then I decided that I’m going to change my life: I signed up for numerous personal growth workshops and trainings, read hundreds books on the topic, traveled to many countries, including India, discovered my passions and made my dreams a reality. I wanted to share all that life wisdom with others, so I started sharing my tips and advice. I was so far quoted and featured in The Huffington Post, COSMOPOLITAN, Tiny Buddha and many other publications. I am working as a life coach today and helping my clients to live their own dream lifestyle by doing what they love.

The moral of the story is that it is possible to achieve our dreams and live life of our dreams, once we decide to do it and get the right guidance and good strategy.

You may be thinking to yourself why do you need a life coach? I pretty much gave a detailed answer to this question in this blog post, but the long story short, every time I ask my coaching clients in the ned of our coaching period together what is the most valuable thing they got by working with me, the most common answers are:

*** The did not not think or believe that they can actually achieve their dreams or goals with all the limitations they were facing and by working with me they got these brilliant ideas and action steps which could help them do it (and they would have not though of them or know it all by themselves)

*** They had someone along the journey to support them and to hold them accountable to work on their goals each and every week and they achieved much more in three or six months than alone in years!

*** They had someone who has been at the place where they are, who  could really understand them and who could give a relevant and neutral opinion and feedback to them, so the valuable experience and wisdom nuggets which were priceless.

I myself have a mentor life coach and she helped me immensely to build my coaching practice from scratch once I started out, also she supported me in every single way and gave me the industry insights based on her vast experience in the field, which was priceless.

Once I wanted to boost my life coaching practice to a new bigger level I joined the online program designed by a business coach for life coaches who has built a coaching practice with 10 000 $ per moth income. The knowledge I gained from her opened my eyes (literally) and helped me grow my audience and clients base much faster than I could imagine and also to transform my money mindset.

The thing is that if we want to achieve something great and to transform our life, career, money mindset… it is much easier and faster to do so if we have a guidance and someone who will help us to set a good strategy how to do it.

If you want to live a mediocre life, then we are not good fit to work together. If you want to be happier, more successful, earn more money by doing what you love, travel more or work on any other wild and big dreams that you have, then we are the right fit to work together and the next step for you is to book a free 30-min discovery call via Skype with me to  get the feel would we be the perfect match to work together (I would only agree to work with you if we discover that we are and I can give you the best service as a life coach).

Interested to work with me in May, once I open my coaching slots for new clients?


Here’s what clients who worked with me have said about me:

Danijela is an amazing coach who invests her whole being into the coaching relationship. I was confused about what to do and she suggested me a super exciting coaching academy which I am deeply enjoying to study. . I started my blog with her amazing guidance. The relationship with her as a coach is true and honest, I was always supported. She replies to the e-mails extra quickly and gives a great support. I really loved the time we spent together ! She held my hand gently on the way and I felt she was a true friend. She has enormous experience in blogging, healthy eating and lifestyle and she gently guided me towards wanted goals. She has rich experience of multicultural environment.

Josipa K. Singh, Norway ( )

I was facing many challenges, as I chose the career in which I had a big piece of puzzle unknown. Although I had vast knowledge about the topics I was writing, and feeling that I’m doing the right thing, I honestly had no idea how to monetise my blog. That time I made the decision to give my best to master the skills which I was lacking and coaching with Danijela seemed like a logical step towards my desired direction. Although coaching process seemed like a conversation between two friends who had a lot to say to each other, it had a solid structure and she guided me gently and subtly throughout the entire journey. She praised what I was doing well, and feeling of overwhelm vanished with concrete action steps written on the paper and my willpower to make it happen. I’m very grateful to her for encouraging and motivating me along the way and getting me to take the right action at the right time.”

Viola Neskovic, sociologist, motivational writer, and blogger from Serbia ( )

Important to know:

*** I work 1 on1  with clients via Skype all over the globe.

*** I charge 1 000 US$ for 24 X 45 weekly or 12 X 90 min biweekly coaching sessions via Skype and e-mail support during the entire period.

*** I charge the premium price because my clients are achieving the results and I give A LOT of value as a coach for the money invested!

*** The payment is done in advance, as a sign of a a strong commitment from your side that you will commit to working on your goals.

*** You can pay by credit card, debit card or via Pay Pal. All transactions are 100%  safe!

Interested to work with me in May, once I open my coaching slots for new clients?