Statistics are showing that more than 50% of world's population make so many New Year's resolutions, but at the January or February itself, those resolution are very likely to become just a wishful thinking!

As a life coach, my job is to help my clients to set the long term and short term goals, help them create an actionable plan how to achieve them, help them to stay motivated and find creative ideas and solutions to overcome the obstacles on the journey of achieving their goals.

So, in this post, I will share some tips how to stick to your New Year's resolutions and goals:

1.Be crystal clear about what you want to achieve

In order to reach the destination, you have to know where you are going. Same goes with setting the goals. You need to get crystal clear what is it that you want to achieve. You need to be specific and measurable when you are setting your goals, because otherwise you can end not actually not achieving what you want and getting frustrated.

If you would be earning 10$ extra income per month every month next year would you consider your goal of earning money accomplished? Or if you would lose a few pounds over the next year would you consider your goal of losing wight and becoming fit accomplished? You get the point...

2. Know your why

As wisely said in this quote by The Ladies Coach, goals are pointless if they don't align with your truth and don't have strong enough why! You need to self reflect and dig for you why. Why do you want to achieve that particular goal? What impact in your life would that goal have if you would accomplish it? Would it really make you happy? Why it is so important to you? Does it align with your vision?

Knowing your why will help you to stay motivated and push trough the obstacles along the journey. When things get difficult, remembering your why and your vision will keep you going.

2.Give yourself a year of time

Remember that you have an entire year ahead of you and if you get of track in January or February with your goal, that is not a reason good enough to quit on your goal. If you make an action plan with a timeline and brake your goals into small chunks, you will have much better chance to achieve your goals.Take small steps, one step at the time.

Remember the surprise gift link I announced in the previous post (How to Stay Focused On Your Goals and Crush Them). In the end of this post you will find the links for beautiful free printable weekly and monthly planners, which will help you to plan out your time for working on your goals throughout the year.

3.Get back on track

If you fall of the wagon, the first thing you should not to is to start blaming yourself for being a failure, for not getting it right, for not sticking to it... Forgive yourself and the very next day start over.

Successful people do not become successful because they never faced any obstacle or never fell of the wagon, but because when they did, they had the willpower and courage to collect the pieces of their broken pride, push trough the obstacles and keep on going.

4. Make a good action plan

If you make a good action plan, you will be the half way on the way of achieving your goals already. Think of how you can achieve what you want, make a list of all possible creative ideas and solutions and then decide on those the most convenient and suitable to your current resources and circumstances. If you need help in setting up a good action help, consider hiring a life coach.

5. Focus on the journey rather than on the end result

The best way to maintain the motivation through the year and to experience more joy in the process of achieving your goals is to focus on the journey. Instead of focusing primarily on saving X amount of money, shift your focus on being more financially savvy and having more financial freedom. Instead of focusing primarily on loosing X amount of weight, let your focus be living a healthier lifestyle. Instead of focusing on having X number of clients or customers, you can primarily focus on providing  better service and giving more value into your work so that your work speaks for itself. Being more present in the now and enjoying the process itself brings us in the state of flow and when we are experiencing flow like experiences we feel happier.

Shifting the focus is very powerful as it will make you put your mind and heart on the longterm solutions, make you feel better about yourself and even of you do not achieve your desired goals until the end of the year, as planned, you will still gain something much more valuable: you will adopt good habits which will help you to become the best version of yourself and help you to keep on growing in the long run.


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