In this post, I'm sharing a New Year ritual that has been helping me to achieve my goals for last ten years! I very often say that I have been a life coach for whole of my life, only I wasn't charging for it. ūüôā I was always that one person my friends would turn out to for the advice on what to do and how to do, and I immensely enjoyed planning and achieving my own goals.

Ten years ago I realized that I am really not getting the whole "New Year celebration" thing as I did not see any sense in overeating, over drinking, pyrotechnics noise, too loud music which I didn't particularly like to dance on, and stressing over what to wear for NY Eve for one month.

Instead, I decided that I will symbolically celebrate New Years in a way with a ritual that would look like this: I would reflect on the year that past and write down on the paper...

*What I am proud on myself for achieving in the past year

*All the beautiful things that happened in the past year year

*What I would want to achieve in the upcoming year

...and opening a bottle of champagne.

I would write down all the things I would want to achieve next year and when I would be reading the same list after 365 days I would be amazed how many goals I achieved!

This ritual was life changing for me and it has helped me to be more successful and achieve so many of my personal and professional goals.

So, I'm sharing it with you this year and challenging you to take some time around (or on) New Year's Eve to take an empty sheet of a paper or your journal and answer following questions:

1.What I'm grateful for in this year?
2.What's the best thing which happened to me this year?
3.What was my biggest achievement and success in this year?
4.What was my biggest failure?
5.What I did this year that made me proud?
6.How did I make a positive impact on other people's lives this year?
7.What I could do better this year?
8.What I did not accomplish this year and I wanted to? Can I do in the next year or I should give up on that and goal as it is no longer important to me?
9.What are my goals for the upcoming year?
10.My New Year resolutions are...

This year I will remember for so many things that happened. Here are some of the things made  this year memorable to me:

*In January I shifted into a lovely home with a beautiful garden with palm trees and a swimming pool. I really enjoyed every minute being surrounded by palm trees, reading and working under the shades of those gorgeous palm leaves and swimming in the pool.

*I worked with so many amazing paid and pro bono clients this year and I feel so grateful for every single client transformation and coaching session.

*I started writing in English and got featured in many international publications like The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, I also became a columnist for COSMOPOLITAN magazine!

*I had a dream to have my article published in my favourite magazine of all times Sensa and that dream came true this year.

*After living for two and half years in India I kind of gave up hopes that I'm going to meet a soul sister a.k.a bestie friend here, as I did not seem to connect with anyone in a deeper, profound way. And then it happened. I met Radhika. My dear friend. She is such a light and blessing in my life.

*All other little things of life which were bringing me joy every single day, abundance of spirituality, all the things I've learned, all the blessings I have available to me, like delicious vegetarian food, beautiful places I visited, domestic help in home, all the people who were taking care of me and supporting me, whether in person here in india, whether virtually.

*I am also grateful for the difficult moments I was going though in my personal life this year, as pain was the wake up call to stop tolerating things that were draining my spirit and decide to put an end to it (if you have not read my previous post "How to Turn Your Pain Into a Fuel to Success" do it right now).

These would be the things I'm grateful for this year.

In the upcoming year, I am planning to visit my home country, as I got homesick after living for three years in India, to travel to Dubai and Netherlands, and to create a lot of inspiring and a-lot-of-good-tips loaded content on my blog and social media profiles. One of my goals for the next year is to write an e-book as well (which was my desire for a long time).

As my life had so many unpredictable twists and turns so far (dropping our of college, marring an Indian guy, freelance writing, shifting to India from Bosnia out of the blue and with any prior plan, after coming for a one month holiday, leaving my freelance writing career and becoming a life coach...) I do not dare anymore to "plan" my life, as I have no idea where I could be and what I could be doing next year, so I'm going to just going to stay open for what ever Universe has in store for me.

I remember the discussion we had with our very dear English teacher in the high school. She  asked us what are goals and resolutions are for the upcoming year. Each one of us had some goals, and than we asked her what were her's.

She said: "I want to be a better teacher and I want to be a better person".

Those words resonated with me very deeply.

If only we make a committed decision each year to become better at what we do and become a better person, better version of ourselves in the upcoming year I believe we could enrich our professional and personal life abundantly!

So, my New Year resolution is to be a better human being and to be a better life coach.

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