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We all have dreams. Some of us have very big dreams (I raise my hand! :)). But we also have  limitations. Fears. Obstacles. Bad days. If you have read my previous blog posts you know that I had many unplanned events in my life and hardships, but the only reason why I'm happy today is that I decided to make the best out of my life with what I have and despite all the obstacles in front of me. I've learned over the years how to make lemonade when life throws lemons. The secret to living an amazing life is not to wait for that one day when everything will be perfect and as we are imagining it should be, but to make the best out of our life with what we have and where we are right now!

It is really important to focus on the things we want and we can enjoy, rather than on the things we don't have and we are missing in our life. If we are constantly thinking about the things we do not have, regretting the past or complaining about our present, saying how our life is miserable... that is the recipe to have a sad and unhappy life!

When I suddenly shifted to India in 2014, I got home sick after six months and it has been really hard. I was missing people I love, my daily routine, my "old" life... But, then I decided that I'm going to shift my mindset and that I'm going to make the best out of my life in India. I decided that instead of focusing on the things I do not have in India and I am missing, that I will focus on the things I have in India and I enjoy a lot, like vegetarian food, spirituality, sunshine all year long, tropical fruits and coconuts, Bollywood movies... Since India is so exotic and spiritual country I had abundance of inspiration for blogging and writing and I used that as a fuel for my professional growth. I wrote hundreds of articles, and some of them (like those published in magazine SENSA, The Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha) were my greatest writing success stories and they inspired thousands of people around the world. As I had a lot of domestic help in India, I had plenty of time for writing and studying, reading, completing my life coaching training with all the practical six months work required (working with a mentor coach and working with pro bono clients to get the needed experience) and I started writing and blogging in English as well.

More I was enjoying my life in india, more things I was being blessed with over the time. I've met my best friend Radhika with whom I enjoyed spending time with, having soulful conversations, visiting awesome cafes in Delhi and restaurants, eating delicious vegetarian delights... I also shifted into a home with a beautiful palm trees garden and a private swimming pool (which was my life long dream :)). I started learning about Vedic Astrology and it is my passion and obsession today. Living in India and learning about the ancient wisdom and spirituality there has helped me immensely to grow as a person and to be better as a life coach.

Anything that happens to us in life, we can take as a bad experience which we will resist, hate, regret, be sad and frustrated about... or as an opportunity to learn and grow! We can transform any experience into a good one if we see the good side of it and decide to make the best out of our life!

Along with the mindset shift, I've learned over the years that one thing can  be the ladder to success and happiness in life, no matter how many limitations we may be facing. That one thing is hard work. I wrote in one of my previous posts that self discipline is crucial to succeed in anything as no matter how fruitful environment we have if we do not the the work required, we won't achieve our desired results! Same goes otherwise.

Hard work can beat the talent, the money, the "good background" and lot of resources.

I've become an established blogger in the region after two years of blogging (with my first blog) and I admit that there were other bloggers in the same niche out there who were way better than me: they had much better quality photos, their styling was stunningly beautiful, they had better equipment, they had more beautiful blog design... So, what was the secret of my success?

I was consistent in bogging and posting on social media. I was writing articles as well which gave me much bigger exposure and audience. My blog was unique and different than other blogs as I had the element of India built in it and the most important of all, the content on the blog was helpful and inspiring!

So, after two years, my blog went viral and I started getting all those collaboration offers, workshop invitations, paid vacation as a guest on the retreats invitations, free books and gifts... I also started getting paid for my articles and that was the beginning of my freelance writing. All thanks to the hard work I've put in and my desire to serve and help.

When I decided to become a life coach, people were calling me a fool, and telling me that I am never going to make it, as in the country I was living (India) and the country I'm coming from (Bosnia and Herzegovina) people did not even know what the life coach is ("Life... what???" :)) and nobody would hire me.

When I've listed my prices on the Work With Me Page, there was this one person close to me laughing saying that nobody would pay me that much and I should reduce my prices. But, I knew my worth as I was achieving amazing results with my pro bono clients and I decided not to reduce the prices.

Once I got the payment from my first paid client, that same person who was laughing at me and saying that nobody would hire me, almost fell of the chair in shock! Of course, afterwords I've heard those words: "I always believed in you!". Hell, yeah! :))

Never allow other people to tell you you cannot make your dreams happen, because if you do, they will keep you stuck in the life you are currently living and you will never live your best life, the life you've been dreaming of!

No matter how many limitations you are facing right now, you can make your come true, beyond your wildest dreams if you put the hard work into it. Also, along with the hard work, you must put your heart into it, as well. Doing something just to get the followers, the money, to climb up the success ladder will have a totally different vibe than doing something to serve, to help, to inspire others, to make the positive change, to improve the quality of other people's lives... If you give the hard work and your soft heart, you can achieve any dream!

I wrote in my previous blog post "20 Life Lessons I've Learned In My 20-ties" that I was not lucky, I just worked really hard. Hard work brings the good luck in return! You don't need to be lucky. Put the hard work and do whatever you do from the heart and results and good luck will follow you!

So, you don't need to be the lucky one, or rich, or the best at what you do! You need to be YOU (be original, creative and stand out from the crowd), you need to work hard and you need to make an impact in other people's lives in order to achieve great things!

And, one more thing: dare to dream big! Do not settle for mediocre life and for the average. If you do not think outside of the box, you will never step outside of that box! You will not make the change in your life if you do not change anything. It is important to accept whatever hardships and limitations life gives us, and use the best out of them, but it is also important to work hard to make our life the best as it can possibly be! To dream big. Because, if you dream big, you will only then push your limits and yourself to go beyond and above in order to achieve amazing things, things you could not have dreamt of!

So, take a look at your life right now. How you can shift the focus from the hardships and things that are frustrating you onto the things you can enjoy and you can use in your favour? What are your big dreams and what you can do to start working on making those dreams happen? Who can help you to make those dreams come true? Mentor, expert, life coach?

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