How to improve intuition and intuitive powers is the topic many of you asked me to write about so I decided to pick it for January theme on the blog. Intuition is defined as "the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning" or "a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning". Intuition is governed by our subconscious mind, which is older and wiser part of our brain. Therefore, the messages that we get intuitively can be powerful guidance system. If we do not "listen" to our intuition, we will very likely make many wrong choices. More wrong choices we make, more we will lose the trust with ourselves and more we will be consumed by fear. How can we feel confident about ourselves and about our decisions if we are not trusting ourselves? In this blog post on the blog I will be share tips to increase intuition, write about how Moon, North node of the Moon (Rahu) and Jupiter are correlated with intuition, and also give you some powerful exercises and rituals that you can practice daily and monthly to tune more into your intuition or so called "6th sense".


One of the practices that can greatly help you with tuning into your intuition and increasing your intuitive powers is intuition journaling and learning to interprete your intuitive messages. You can start with this powerful exercise: write down three to five most memorable positive events that you have experienced lately. Then note down what kind of feelings, body sensations, "vibes", or physical "symptoms" you felt prior to those events. Can you find anything "common" which would be like an "inner voice" signal that something good is on the way to you?

Then, write down in the column below three to five negative events you have experienced lately. Note down what kind of feelings, body sensations, "vibes", or physical "symptoms" you felt prior to those events. Can you find anything in "common" which would be like an "omen" or "warning" signal that something bad is about to happen? Then write down in the column below about last time when you had a "hunch" or a "gut" feeling about some idea, project, or a person, after which you decided to "act" on it and say "YES" to it, which was had positive outcome  afterwards. How did it feel? What body sensation you felt while making that decision 

Then, write down in the column below about the last time when you had a negative "gut" feeling about some proposal, decision, or a project but you still decided to go for it because it "logically" seemed right, and you regretted it later. Describe those negative feelings you had or physical sensations that you felt when you would consider that project or idea. Then, write down below about the last time when you had a good "hunch" or a "gut" feeling about certain person and it turned out that you were right! What emotions and "vibes" you felt when you were around that person? What body sensations you felt when you met that person for the first time? Then, write down about the last time when you had a negative "gut" feeling about some particular person, but you chose to ignore that feeling, and you ended up getting hurt or taken advantage of. What feelings did you have about that person? What your inner voice was telling you? What body sensations you felt when you were around that person or the first time you met them?

Once you are done with the exercises, you should have been able to identify the “signs” trough which your intuitive voice is "speaking" to you. For example, when I am having bad "hunch" about something I feel a very particular sharp pain and sensation in my belly. When the hunch is good, I feel very "warm" and strong sensation in my chest. If you are having hard time to identify your intuitive signs, intuition journaling for 30 days  can be of big help.

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” (Dean Koontz).  

John Doe

For the intuition journaling exercise you can pick a notebook or journal for the purpose of tapping into your intuition and do daily journaling practice for at least 30 days. Write down in the journal about the sensations in the body that you were experiencing while meeting certain people, making certain decisions, or thinking about certain people every day. Note down your dreams after waking up (they can reveal very powerfully what is stored in our subconscious mind). In the evening, before sleeping, write down how you reacted throughout the day on certain scents, people, sounds...? How the voice of the people you were talking to was making you feel? How the touch by certain people was making you feel? How particular experiences have made you feel? Try to connect what you wrote with certain events which were occurring throughout the day or throughout the month. Is there any common pattern?

In everyday interaction, bring awareness to your emotions and feelings while talking to people, doing your daily tasks, thinking about certain things or situations. For example: How I am feeling after eating this food? How I was feeling before eating this food? How this person's voice makes me feel? Is it comforting or irritating? Does his/her voice feels trustworthy? Does this voice feels threatening or calming? How do I feel around this person? How being around these people makes me feel? How do I feel when this person hugs me? How this person's touch makes me feel? Do I feel like I can trust this person? How this particular song makes me feel? How the scent of this particular perfume or this coffee makes me feel? Does this scent reminds me of something or someone?

More awareness and mindfulness you bring into your everyday interactions, more intuitive you will become and better you will be able to interpret your inner voice messages.



As mentioned above, dreams can reveal to us powerful subconscious messages which we may not be able to tap into while we are in our conscious state of mind. Dream journaling for longer period of time can help you understand your dreams, your feelings, and intuitive messages better and even help you to "predict" future events or serve as a "good" or "bad" omen. I am not a fan of "dream interpretation symbols" books and universal meanings given for all the dreams, as I believe that we associate different meaning with different people, symbols, and things. If you are interested in this topic more, I would suggest reading the book "Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud. For dream journaling practice, it is important that you note down your dreams in as much detail as possible and then observe your life events and your feelings, and try to "connect the dots" and patterns for your dreams.

For example, if you are fearing snakes a lot, and you see a snake in the dream, it may have nothing to do with the actual snakes, but it can actually represent some fear(s) that you need to face. If you are stuck in a maze or a fort and cannot find the way to go out or escape in your dream, it may represent some problem in your life that is bothering you but you for which you cannot find the solution - you are feeling "stuck". If  you are naked in your dreams in front of other people and you feel ashamed, it may represent feelings of shame you need to heal or secrets about you that you fear others may find out. You need to think about the things you are seeing in your dream from your own unique perspective and meaning YOU associate with them and what the dream can represent in a symbolic way. By noting down your dreams and observing what is happening afterwards in your life you may find certain patterns, for example whenever you have a certain dream that afterwards positive thing happen, or vice versa. I would just like to add that even if the "omen" of the dream is negative you should embrace it and be grateful for it, as it will help you prepare mentally and emotionally for the situation to come and give you a "warning". 

Dreams can be really amazing way to tap into our psychic abilities and our intuition. I have had futuristic dreams since I was seven years old and many times I have experienced literal "deja vu" happening in real life, or I would "find out" in my dreams that some person was lying to me and would see the truth of the situation, and sometimes even I would "receive" the answers for some questions or things I wanted to know about. I used to be frightened by it when I was younger, as I could sometimes "see" or know about the negative things which are about to happen, my wish will not be fulfilled, someone I care about will hurt me, or I will not succeed at something. Today I feel grateful about my dreams as now I see it as a blessing rather than a curse - as I can prepare better in advance for what is about to come, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even financially. My futuristic dreams have helped me a lot in my spiritual journey, as since the early age I could witness that some things are destined (not) to happen and there IS some force greater than ourselves that is governing our life, which has strengthened my faith in Divine and guided me towards the spiritual path and later on towards the occult and Vedic Astrology. 


SHARPENING YOUR 6TH SENSE - intuitive power

6th is defined as “an ability that some people believe they have that seems to give them information without using the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste”.

You can sharpen significantly  your intuitive or 6th sense skills by playing what I like to call a "guessing game". Remember that intuition is like a muscle - more we train it and use it - stronger it becomes! In everyday life, try to intuitively "predict" things. For example, when you hear your phone ringing, try to guess who it is first before picking up the phone. When someone is knocking on the door, try to guess who it is before looking at who it is. When you receive a gift, before unwrapping it, try to guess what it is. In the beginning you may be "failing" to predict many times, but more you do this "predicting" exercise you will see how you will be becoming better with practice. This exercise will help you to learn how to tap into your intuition and interpret your intuitive messages faster and better. You will be amazed with time how much you will be able to "sense", "predict", and "feel" about certain events, people, or situations. Oracle cards can also help us with tapping into our intuition, as we need to intuitively pick the cards with the intention of receiving guidance or answer, and therefor we train our mind to consciously tap into our subconscious intuitive knowing. It is very interesting for me to hear form my fiends and coaching clients how they are amazed with the fact that they pick "the right card" every time, which has the message to the answer that they needed, and they cannot rationally explain it. 

using crystals to increase your intuition 

Placing crystals such as  amethyst, selenite, moonstone, and clear quartz on your desk or bed table while journaling, drawing oracle cards, meditating... can help you to tap into your intuitive powers better. You can also hold them in hand while having your eyes closed, rub your 3rd eye chakra with them (if they have gentle surface), wear them as a jewellery piece or in your pocket and bag, to have them with you all the time. Black obsidian crystal is believed to be helpful with increasing psychic abilities and "predicting" things or events. 


increasing your intuitive powers by connecting with the moon

Moon is associated in the astrology with the mind, intuition, emotions, and feminine energy. Synchronising with the phases of the Moon and connecting with the Moon can help us to tap into our intuition better and develop our intuitive powers. Full Moon is especially important when we are talking about the intuition, as that is the time when our emotions are amplified and we  can tap into our subconscious mind and our intuition more powerfully. I will write about the connecting with Moon and rituals for the full Moon and New Moon phases much more in the upcoming blog posts. During the phase of the full Moon make sure that you observe your emotions and analyse your dreams carefully. Doing the dream journaling and intuition journaling exercise is especially powerful during the phase of the full Moon. Many people have very weird dreams and nightmares during the full Moon night. Lust, passion, sexual desire... may suddenly increase. You may feel more emotional, get irritated faster, or start crying for no reason. You may be more aggressive than usual, or more sensitive to certain people sounds, energetic vibes... Pay attention on how do you feel during the full Moon, how you act and react on certain people and situations and on your dreams. You can discover much more about your subconscious emotions, desires, and intuitive messages during the phase of full Moon than you usually would!

Connecting with the Moon can also help us to be more intuitive as Moon is the planet associated with our mind and our feelings and therefor our intuition. You can practice some of the following rituals to connect with the Moon and strengthen your intuition. Day correlated with the Moon in Vedic Astrology is Monday, so it is very beneficial to practice all the rituals for connecting with the Moon on this day. Colour correlated with the Moon is white - wear white clothes and light white colour candles on Monday and on the new Moon and full Moon night . Incense correlated with the Moon is sandalwood - burn it on Mondays and on the night of the full and new Moon. Moon is correlated with the element of water and milk - have a milk bath on Monday and new Moon night, and detox salt bath on the night of the full Moon. Listening and/or chanting Moon are also very beneficial for consenting with the Moon - I love this one: 

conecting with jupiter and having black cat can increase your intuition !

I have learned some things in Vedic Astrology Academy about intuition that were mind blowing to me! I will share few most interesting ones with you in this post. Along with the Moon, planet associated with intuition is also Jupiter. Planet Jupiter represents the (Divine) wisdom and by connecting with the planet Jupiter we can tap more powerfully into our intuitive wisdom. Day related with Jupiter is Thursday, incense is amber, and colour is yellow. If you want to connect with planet Jupiter or your intuitive wisdom (Divine "guidance system"), wear yellow colour clothes, light yellow candles, and burn amber incense on Thursdays.  Jupiter is also correlated with a cat animal in Vedic Astrology - many psychic people such as tarot readers have a black cat - intuitively they pick the cat as a pet as they help them to tune into their intuitive powers and Divine wisdom more powerfully - black cats are kind of always depicted along with witches (a.k.a. wise women with intuitive or supernatural powers and knowledge about herbs, magic, and healing). One of the most powerful ways to tap into our inner intuitive wisdom is of course - meditation! Meditating regularly will help you to increase your intuitive powers, especially if you listen and/or chant Jupiter mantra as well.  I love this one: 

intuition - why skulls and brooms are associated with witchcraft ?

In the module about north node of the Moon (Rahu) I finally realised why skulls and brooms are usually associated with witchcraft and witches and why traditional shamans use smoke in their healing and transcendental rituals! North node of the Moon (Rahu) is correlated with witchcraft, witches, magic, magicians, occult, and also with brooms, and skulls! Colours associated with this node are black and ash colour. When we want to access and obtain information with our intuition or psychic powers we are "extracting it from the ether" - invisible realm, and Rahu is correlated with the element of ether. Therefor, wearing back colour clothes, having a (black!) cat around, (black!) obsidian crystal..., being surrounded by the skull, broom, black candles... inhaling the smoke (such as incense, burned sage...) we are "invoking" or activating the Rahu energy and we can tap stronger into our intuition and psychic powers, and predict future and give tarot or astrological reading... more accurately! Saging the space and burning incense in our home often can help us a lot to increase our intuitive powers!

We need to remember that we all have the inner wisdom and all the right answers within us and available to us (in the "ether") - we just need to learn access them via our 6th sense! I hope this blog post will help you in increasing your intuition and psychic powers! P.S. This photo shoot was very much inspired by Rahu! :-))


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