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Productive morning routine… One of the things I’m doing as a life coach with my coaching clients is helping them to manage their time better, so that they can achieve their goals as fastest and as greatest as possible!

In this week blog post I’m sharing five things that can help to create a good morning routine and start the day in the most productive way:


As you know (if you’ve been reading any of my previous posts :)) I am not a morning person. I like to wake up slowly and start my day relaxed. I find it hard to wake up and jump from the bed. One of the reasons I am so much in love with the work that I do is that I do not need to wake up early. :)) I am much more productive after 12 a.m. and I schedule my day accordingly. I book clients session in the afternoon or evenings and I write articles and reply e-mails after 12. In the morning I like to read something inspirational, I post on social media, or do some other creative work that doesn’t require much of my “brain”. I like to have a good cup of coffee, delicious breakfast, lie down in bed… Once I wake up and do my morning spiritual practice, I’m charged up and ready to hustle all day long.

Now, I always tell my clients that it is important to self reflect and get to know what part of the day is the most productive for you and when you are the most energetic and then set the goals and to-do list accordingly, so as the morning routine. Many people are the most productive in the morning while in the afternoon they work in slow motion mode. In that case, the most important and demanding work should be done by noon and afternoons should be as less tiring as possible.
Take a look at your daily schedule and see what activities you can shift on your to-do list for the time of the day when you are most productive.


Gratitude is a great practice to start the day with, as it will leave you feel good about yourself and about your life. If you woke up, that itself is a blessing, That means you get too live one more day on this beautiful planet. I wrote more about gratitude in this post I wrote for Tiny Buddha (make sure to read if you have missed it as I got a ton of feedback from people all around the world that it was life changing for them).

The moment you wake up, think about all the things around you that are blessing in your life and take a moment to appreciate them! This will help that you start your day with a positive vibe.


Having positive reminders around when we wake up helps us to stay motivated and excited about our day to come, especially in those days when we may not feel like getting up from the bed.

Positive affirmations or messages, vision board placed at the place we can see it when we wake up, motivational quote on the mobile screen, wearing a dress or a shirt with a positive or inspirational message, reminding ourselves on why we are waking up early and hustling so much… are ground stones for keeping the motivation up and building the right mindset for the upcoming day.

I make sure that I read or watch something inspirational before I start my day, to get myself extra charged up and motivated. I also like to self reflect, read my own articles or posts (just to remind myself to live what I preach :)), listen some chill out & lounge music. I also check out blogs and Instagram profiles which I find inspiring and with set my creative mind and soul on fire.

My mentor life coach Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic has a quote on the kitchen table where she is preparing her coffee “Today is the best day of my life!”, so that she can see it first thing in the morning and get excited about the good things she will be experiencing that day.

Think of how you can make your morning more motivational and inspiring and start your day with the right mindset?


Morning prayer or meditation can make the day miraculous and help you to start the day calm and deal with stress and challenges. If you are not religious or spiritual person, you can talk a morning walk, or spend some quiet time with a cup of coffee and no distraction.

Cuddling with your pet significant other is also a great way to start the morning :)) If you are a guy, bringing a cup of coffee, breakfast, rose… in bed to your lady can make the morning very special (trust me on this one ;)) :-).


I believe that there is enough said and written about the importance of breakfast after long period of no food intake over night, for our body and brain to be charged up and our mind focused on daily tasks, so I will not go further here.

Not having time for breakfast is a lame excuse, as you can make sure that you eat at least some fruits, or ready made cereal & yogurt breakfast mix before leaving for work. It will help you to be much more productive and focused on your daily activities and it will help you maintain  good health.

Stretching exercise, morning walk, riding a bike, jogging, or doing yoga are also great ways to start your morning  and build healthier lifestyle.

After all, what is the benefit of earning a lot of money and building a successful career if you will be spending that money on medicines in the long run, and spending time after work in bed due to weakness.

If you want my help in achieving work//life balance, managing your time, dealing with stress, and achieving your life goals faster, and increasing overall happiness in life, you can read more about my life coaching services here.


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