I often get asked this question, and I often hear from people I know, my readers, followers on social media and my coaching clients that they want to change things in they life with they find frustrating and go after their dreams and goals, but they do not know how to do it or where to start.

Many people try too make some changes, but due to (very) strong resistance, limiting beliefs, lack of self discipline... they quickly fall back into their old routine and their old, boring life.

Now, if you love your life and if you feel the happiest you've ever been and like everything in your life is just as it should be, then this post is not for you. This post is for you if you feel like something is missing in your life, that you've put your life on hold, or that you feel stuck into an old, boring routine and living the life without passion, purpose or spark.

As a life coach, I help people to make changes in life and work on their dreams and goals, so as the New Year is time of new beginnings, resolutions, and starting new chapters, here are some the tools which I used to change my life and I'm using while working with my 1 on 1 coaching clients:

1.Use your frustrations as an indicator of what you need to change in your life

We can and we should use our frustrations as a fuel to change and indicator which will point us in which direction we need to take our life. What are the things that are causing you frustrations in your life right now? What are your current limitations? What is making you feel irritated and upset? The answer of those questions is directly opposite of the things you need to change in your life, because as I wrote in one of my previous blog posts pain is an indicator that something is wrong and we need to heal and take of take care of that thing which is causing us pain.

So, for example, if your job is draining your spirit and makes you unhappy, that is a clear indicator that you need to make the transition in career or change your job! Same goes with unhealthy romantic relationship, friends who are taking advantage of you, struggling with money, being overweight...

2.Get rid of things which no longer serve you

In order to make space for new, you need to say NO to some fake friends, hobbies and activities that are taking too much of your precious time, unnecessary expenses, subscriptions on the magazines, e-mails etc. which you are not reading anymore, memberships... You might need to sell or sacrifice some things in order to invest money in what you really need right now to help you transform your life.

3.Start changing your life today

If you wait for someday to change something, that day may never come. Start changing your life today, right after reading this post! Write down a list of at least ten creative solutions how you can change your life for the better right now and what can you do TODAY to start. It can be as simple as going over your finances, decluttering your home or e-mail inbox or shutting down (one of) your social profiles to save extra time, saying NO to something or someone that is not going to serve you in the process of change, signing up for an online course or a workshop, booking a session with a life coach or business coach, ordering some books, applying for that job, rewriting your sales page or CV, contacting a job agent, start writing that blog or a book that you wanted to do for so long, creating a YouTube channel, listening a motivational speech, having a "difficult" conversation with someone... whatever it is that can get you one step closer to your dream life.

But, the most important thing is that you start today, not tomorrow, not next week, not waiting for the better time, because... let's face it, there will not be a better time than now!

If you are waiting for the holidays to pass, January will come and you will be short on money or overloaded with work, then there will be something else in February, and so on... things will always keep on coming up in your life and if you do not give your goals a priority and make the time each and every day or week to work on them, that someday where you will be empty and have just enough money, and just enough time, and just enough inspiration... will not probably come very soon (if it comes at all!).

4.Make the life change which you want to see!

As much as want to change your life, it will not be an easy thing to do. Every change is scary and if you want to have to live a magnificent life and achieve extraordinary things, you're gonna need to make some difficult decisions, sacrifices, get out of your comfort zone, take a risk of rejection or failure or bad investment, invest your time, money, energy, effort, hard work... It will not be easy, but one day when you look back, it will be worth it. So, stop making excuses (I wrote more about that in this post) and make it happen! Remember, no pain, no gain!

5.Life coach can help you to change your life much faster!

The journey of changing your life and pursuing your dreams can be a difficult path to walk on all by yourself. So, get someone on board to help you. If you went trough a difficult period, hire a therapist. Start attending some lectures and workshops. Get a mentor  in your niche if you want to grow professionally or a business coach. Hire a life coach to help you set short term and long term goals, create an action plan how to achieve them, help you face your fears, bust the excuses and stay motivated. Hire a relationship coach if you are struggling with your love life. Hire a health coach or a fitness instructor to help you get fit and embrace a healthy lifestyle. We all have no problem in hiring an expert to help us decorate our home, give us a legal or nutrition advice, but when it comes to life advice or changing our old habits or changing our life... it might be different (wait a minute, I just wrote LIFE!!!).

The money you will invest in having an expert who will guide you will pay off itself because in the long run it will save you a lot of time, money and pain of learning on your own mistakes!

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