One of my favourite words in my vocabulary… in my life!

I’ve been blogging more than five years. I love blogging. I was earning my income thanks to my blog for last three years, but even if I wouldn’t be making a dollar out of it, I would still do it, because it is one of the things I’m very passionate about.

Thank to my blog(s) I experienced things I could not be more grateful for today.

Yes, blogs (plural)… we’ll come to that too, later in this post.

Thanks to my blogs I met so many amazing people of similar interests, built an amazing community(among some became very good friends) in so many different countries, received many free gifts, media features, important collaborations, speaking and workshop opportunities, I got writing engagements which later turned to be a paid long term gig, I was featured in many publications, I skilled my writing, I learned a lot,I gained credibility and established myself as an expert (twice in totally different fields), and the most important of all… I was able to make a positive impact on other people’s lives!

Today, my blog is my tool for creative expression, my platform to share my thoughts, experience, tips, advice which will inspire and uplift my readers, my sales page, my marketing tool (since I’ve started working as a life coach and it has been one year already I did not pay one single dollar for any type of advertisement: my blog is my virtual office, my promotional tool and my 24/7 sales page).


It was October 2011… I was on the third year of college and I was cooking a lot of vegetarian delights every single day and reflecting back how it was difficult for me to be vegetarian in a meat-eating country while having so less options of eating outside. I was thinking to myself how I would still be struggling much more if I have not learned so much about Indian vegetarian cooking, how to combine vegetables and use spices and all the knowledge I gained back in Medical School and healthy nutrition lectures. I was wondering how many other people must be out there who are struggling the same way as I was and how great it would have been if I had someone to teach me and share with me all these things years ago, when I just turned vegetarian. And then it hit me!

I decided I am going to create a platform for all the vegetarian people (and those who want to go vegetarian) where I will share recipes and my experience to help others who are struggling like I was. That’s how my first blog Vegetarijanska Kuhinja was born.

I could not even imagine what a viral spin in my life will that decision have in the upcoming five years. I was blogging from the heart, sharing recipes, building my community on Facebook, and as months were passing by, I started getting questions, feedback and thank you comments from my readers.

At the same time I started writing articles, as I was studying Journalism. Since the moment I started writing I knew that my career will have to do something related to writing and online media as I discovered that it is my passion.

And then I got the idea: why wouldn’t I write about vegetarian nutrition and lifestyle, as I was getting questions from my readers like what to eat and how to stick to vegetarian lifestyle, overcome the obstacles…? I very soon started writing for an online magazine Kreni Zdravo and I got a vegetarian column.

I was so passionate about both the things and even with all the challenges (my father’s death, exams, marriage…) I was very disciplined about posting regular content on blog and Facebook page and writing articles: I treated it as I was paid for it, as it was my job, as a commitment I made to myself and my readers.

I was writing and blogging for two years and even if I was not earning any money, I enjoyed it so much (like I said, it was my passion) that I simply ignored all the mean voices and comments of my colleagues and other people that I’m wasting my time and that I’m a fool for working without any reward. Because, I had the biggest reward: it was something that was bringing me joy, happiness and sparked my passion.

Suddenly, after two years of blogging and writing, things took of! My blog has become region-wide popular by that time, I was having a community of thousands of people following my blog and facebook-page, I was featured on TV, other blogs, newspapers… I suddenly became “the famous vegetarian blogger” in the region.

I started receiving free food samples (imagine my surprised face and smile when I received the first box of dozens of vegetarian food products from one of my favourite brands as a gift). I was getting vegetarian sweets, discounts… even books!

I started getting offers for giving workshops in various cities in the region (one of them was a paid vacation on the beautiful Croatian Island beach plus fee!).

That itself was much more than I ever expected! But, something even more amazing happened. When I past my last exam on Journalism college I was sure (after having more than one hundred of my articles published) that I want to search the job (I honestly thought that time that I’m gonna need one!) in online media where I can create online content and write! I asked the editors of the online publications I was writing for to write me a recommendation letter.

The editor of Kreni Zdravo wrote to me back that she will speak to her boss about giving me a honorary for my writing in future, as I was writing for them for two years, my articles were popular and they were very satisfied with my work.

Within one month, I traveled to Zagreb (in Croatia) for SEO and WordPress workshop (organised by Kreni Zdravo) and I got my first honorary! I was mindblown!

In the country and region I’m coming from, earning by writing seemed like an impossible dream (or rather a fantasy!) and I earned my first income from writing before I even got my diploma in hands! This really gave me wings in the back and I even got inspired to create an online self-help magazine with my college friends!

But, I was not ready for the upcoming…

Within just a few months after I started earning by writing. Editors from other publications started emailing to me saying that they like articles I wrote for Kreni Zdravo and wanted me to write for them as well. I would tell them my fee and many of them were happy to pay me for my writing! I became a freelance writer, working on my own, for myself, with flexible working time, doing what I love!

Very soon I moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina to India and since I was location free as I was working online, as a digital nomad, I could continue doing my work from India, unlike the 9 to 5 job which I would have to quit if I had one.


I was writing for almost two years and that I finally got the courage to pursue my dream job. Although I loved writing and all topics related to healthy lifestyle, and I was considering a health coaching career, I felt the call deep within to become a life coach. You could have guessed by now (self help online magazine!) that I was all into personal growth and self improvement and while reading all the inspiring articles in my favourite magazine for happier life of all times (Sensa) written by life coaches, I would be awed for a moment and think to myself what a “perfect” and amazing job that would be…

So, I signed up for life coaching training and became a life coach. But, there was one problem…

In the country Im coming from people do not even what a life coach is and with the current economy going on, the prices I wanted to charge almost nobody couldn’t be able to afford. Same thing in India (when I tell people what I do they make a very weird facial expression and then ask: “Life… what???!???”).

So, the only way for me to actually succeed as a life coach was to work with international clients, via Skype. But, problem was I did not have any network, any international readers, big budget for paying Google Ads, Facebook ads, Banners adds, or branding…

But, I wanted it so badly that I decided that I will rely on what I know and do the best: blogging and writing good content! The only thing is that now I had to start writing in English and for international readers! It was scary and it took me way out of my comfort zone, but everything I learned in previous years about creating a good online content, engaging with readers, building a community, creating a successful blog… helped me immensely.

In just six months, I was featured in major international publications (The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha,…) and I had readers on the blog from around the globe! In just six months I got my first paid client too and I am doing today what I was dreaming of and fantasising about: I am a life coach!


As I mentioned above, my blog is my virtual home, my tool for inspiring people around the globe (the huge advantage of internet!) and helping them to create a life they will love, and also my sales page and my 24/7 marketing tool.

So, I can say with deep gratitude today that one “small” decision to start blogging more than five years ago has changed my life and helped me achieve and experience things beyond my wildest dreams!
Since my (first) blog became on of the most popular blogs in the niche in the region I was living before moving to India, three years ago, I am getting a lot of questions about blogging: how to start, what to write about, what platform to choose, how to attract traffic, how to do branding, how to build community, and most of all how to earn money blogging.
I want to share with you what I learned on my blogging journey and help you to create the same possibility for yourself! That’s why I created this e-book “Soul Guide To Succeed In Blogging.


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In this guide I shared how to succeed and make money blogging. I shared my five years blogging journey in this guide, mistakes and lessons I learned, what it takes for blog to go viral, what is the secret sauce to creating successful blog, 101 blog post ideas when having wirter’s block, how to deal with online hate and criticism, how to handle insecurities and blog with confidence, how blog can help in ditching 9 to 5 (I am earning my income since 2013. thanks to blogging), best resources to grow the blog, free stock photos pages recommendation, and biggest mistakes that bloggers make and you can avoid!

I hope that my story inspired you to create a successful blog on your own and follow your passion and dreams!


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