Being introvert is OK as it is a personality type (I myself am the one so I can relate :)), but being shy, reserved and insecure is not OK, as it shoes the lack of self-esteem and confidence. Extroverted person can be lacking the confidence, and on the other side, introverted person can be very confident and have a rock solid self-esteem. Being outgoing, very talkative and expressive gives only a perception of person being confident, so for that reason, many people connect these personality traits and tie them together.

If you are introverted person that is not an excuse to be shy and lacking the confidence, as you can always work on building  your self-esteem and becoming more confident.

If you are introverted person (with no issues of confidence and self-esteem) that is not an excuse not to make a good first impression while introducing yourself to a potential client or date, or giving the hell good presentation at work or a public speech, as these things can benefit you in your professional and personal life and make you even more confident about yourself.

There is nothing wrong in being introverted person, but in the world where we need to make a good impression (like on a job interview, new client pitch, the first date…) in a very short time, and interact with many people, it is important to work on improving the communication skills, in order to express our shining uniqueness, skills, talents, and amazing personality to the person we are conversing with.

Here are some tips how you can do that:

Improve communication skills tip #1: Stop labeling yourself as an introvert

The truth is that not a single person is 100% introvert or extrovert, we tend to have more traits of one, but that doesn’t mean that extroverted person never feels like needing some time alone  or doesn’t enjoy spending time cozy at home with a cup of tea or coffee and loving hug of a partner. Same way, introverted people do enjoy to speak, but perhaps only in smaller groups and in an intimate environment and do like to attend a party time to time. That said, there is no excuse for you to “label” yourself as shy or have a low self-esteem (just because you are introvert).


Improve communication skills tip #2: Work on your communication skills

Being an introvert is not a justification for having poor communication skills, as you can practice and improve them over time (even if you are very shy as well). Read books about communication, enroll to workshops, observe and improve your body language, share some interesting details about yourself and your life to the person you are meeting for the first time, have some funny jokes “in pocket” ready to share when you are with a group of people, give compliments to others, start conversations with new people, be kind and smile. You’ll notice the difference very soon.

Improve communication skills tip #3: Being introvert is not same as being boring

Sitting silent in the corner without speaking a word throughout the evening or replying every question with short and uninteresting lines is not being an introvert: it is being boring. Even while you enjoy spending time alone or in a smaller intimate groups if you are for any reason in a company of other people, because you are an introvert that doesn’t mean you should ignore them or be “on the side”. You do not need to talk much or be the star of the party (although you can if you wish to!), but occasionally you can give an interesting comment, feedback, compliments, share some funny fact or a story from your life or tell a joke. People might remember you after as introvert, but they will also remember you as a funny and interesting person!

Improve communication skills tip #4: Be authentic!

You do not need to speak much, but you need to make a point! You want people to remember you, to get a good first impression about you and feel the desire to talk to you or meet you again (especially so if you are on the first date, job interview or some professional networking event). You can think of (in advance) few interesting lines about yourself (or what you do) which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Most of the people introduce themselves in a similar way, telling (not so memorable) facts about themselves, but you can make a difference with just a few interesting, funny and memorable lines or even words, like for example:

Instead of: “I’m Michelle, a couple therapist. I love to read…”, you can say:

I’m Michelle, a science fiction book addict, and I’m saving marriages for a living.

Can you feel the difference?

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