Sometimes, we might resist the change thinking it will be hard to cope with or being afraid that we will lose the existing comfort that we have, but it can prove to be a thing that will make us way happier that we could even imagine.

Due to frequent earthquakes in 2015 in India, we decided that we will shift the home from 11th floor penthouse to ground floor. We were searching homes for about a month, but I did not like even a thought of changing our home. I liked our penthouse, the view from the terase, neighbours, apartment complex, parties, our privacy... I did not think that we will enjoy another home that much. But, then in January last year we shifted into the home where we are living right now. And not only that home is more beautiful than the previous one, but I got a beautiful palm tree garden where I am working on my laptop and reading books, under the palm trees and it has a private swimming pool as well (I adore swimming and it was a dream come true for me!).  I cannot express how grateful I am that we've changed the home and I feel like laughing at myself now for having so much resistance to it. If I just knew what I was missing out and how much happier I will be... But, it taught me an important life lesson: that change can very good!



Last year had me step out of my comfort zone big way. I started writing in English! I created a YouTube channel even while I am not a "video person". I started working as a life coach and left freelance writing behind me. I was a very private person and those of you who are following my work for a long time know that pictures of me could barely be seen on my blog, although I was blogging for more than four years before. But in January last year I launched this blog in English and created an Instagram account. I was very hesitant always to stand in front of the camera as I rarely looked good on any photo. But, I decided to challenge myself and I was posting almost daily my photos on Instagram and for last month or two I'm posting even videos on You Tube! But, if I look back now one year later, it was all so worth it, as I would not be at the place where I am right now without doing all these things.

In just six months after I started writing in English I got featured in major international publications, including The Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha! This would not have happened if I did not make a decision to start writing in English, even if it was not my native language and I was making a ton of spelling mistakes in the beginning. But the only way we can improve at something is that we actually do it and keep on practicing! Thanks to my decision to become a life coach I am doing my dream job today, my dream which I had for many years to have my article published in Sensa magazine came true and for last six months I am also a columnist for COSMOPOLITAN magazine! So the lesson I learned this year was that in order to achieve something great, magnificent and outstanding, we must, must, must step out of our comfort zone!



I was writing for four years in my native language (out of that more than two years for a living!) prior to writing in English. I was speaking English daily for last seven years, reading books, even studying online courses... but I did not dare to start writing in English before due to my insecurities about English not being my native language and fear of not being able to express myself in English in the way I can in my native language... I was procrastinating with it and waiting for someday hanging on the excuse that I am not ready yet. Once I started writing in English it was challenging and I was making mistakes in the beginning and I was not writing in the flow while using so many beautiful words and sentences like one year after (today) I am, but not only that I could put together a blog post and articles, in just six months I got featured in The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, and so many other publications.  I was mind-blown!

After my article about gratitude got published in Tiny Buddha, my e-mail inbox was flooded with offers from editors of various publications asking me to write for them, stating that they would be honoured to publish a piece of content written by me! I also got offers for paid writing engagements in English! I turned those down as I was leaving my writing engagements, but the whole experience really hit me in the head and I started questioning myself why I did not I start one year ago or two years ago or even before??? Why I was waiting so long? If I started writing in English earlier I could've charged three times bigger fee per article than I used to charge for an article in my native language! That means that I would be earning three times more money comparing to what I was earning during my freelance writing days. So, take my experience on this and start that project, sing up for that training, start that business, create that blog, start writing that book  or whatever you you are waiting for to be ready for or procrastinating with right now!




So many of my dreams came true this year in the way that I could have not imagined! I was featured in so many major international publications, started working as a life coach, which was my dream job, worked on my laptop in a beautiful palm tree garden under the shades of palm leaves (which was kind of fantasy of mine), swam in the private swimming pool, my article got published in Sensa magazine... Those were all things I thought were happening to other people. I mean, I was reading Tiny Buddha for years, so as The Huffington Post and I could not even imagine that my article (in English) will be published there! And private swimming pool?! When I just think of all those things it still feels like I am dreaming. I mean, I'm just a small town hard working girl with big dreams and a good heart. I am not coming from a rich country with many possibilities of success and opportunities, I was not born in a rich family, I did not have a "fancy" education, I am not even a native English speaker and yet... these all wonderful things happened to me! I learned this year that dreams do come true. Sometimes beyond our wildest dreams and all the limitations that we might be facing!



For two and half years I was feeling lonely as I was not having any friends here in India. I did not meet anyone with whom I was having a special connection and deep bond with and who was alike me. I gave up the hope that I will have a true friendship here and excepted it as a part of the package of living in India, enjoying the sunny days, swimming pool, palm trees, spirituality, and delicious vegetarian food. And then I met Radhika. She is Indian, I am Bosnian. We were born and brought up on different continents, in different cultural and religious background, but it is incredible how much alike we are! We joke very often in Indian style that we must have been sisters in our past lives, since we cannot explain how two of us coming from such a different backgrounds can like exact same things (from spirituality to feng shui, food, science, nature, natural cosmetics, green tea, healthy eating, city life, music, visiting cafes, traveling, yoga, even scented candles and incenses and scents...). She is such a beautiful soul, such a good friend, supporting me in every way, and she is so so smart (she is a scientist!). I enjoy our soulful conversations, time spent together, the connection that we have. I feel so grateful to Universe for the gift of our friendship! So, no matter where you are or where you will be in your life, know that you can find a person who will be just like you and with whom you will be able to create a wonderful relationship!

Those were my biggest life lessons I learned and some memorable moments clicked in 2016.  I am grateful for everything that happened in last year and I excited to see what 2017. will bring to me!

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