Coaches have coaches too: so do I. 🙂 Since I completed my life coaching training I’ve been working with my mentor life coach, amazing, wise, compassionate, supportive and generous  Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic. Although it has been almost one year since I’m in life coaching profession I still have a monthly session with her, as having her as a mentor is giving me wind in the back and helps me immensely to grow as a persona and as a life coach. If I look back it would have been difficult for me to build my life coaching practice without her and her wise tips and advice.

Here are five major life and business lessons I’ve learned while working with my mentor coach:


My mentor coach Vanja is from Netherlands and due to geographical position floods are happening there quite often. In order to protect themselves, those who live near the water in her region build the sand barriers, in order to stop the water flow from flooding the area. Vanja would often encourage me with the wise Dutch saying: “When first sheep crosses the sand barrier, others will follow too!” (I bet this sounds much better in Dutch language 🙂 ).

The point is, the first time is always the hardest! I remember how nervous I was before my first life coaching session, how many months and hard work it took me to  get the first paid client, how difficult it was to write that first article in English… After that first time, things were going more or less easily and smoothly. After the first paid client comes another and another, after the first published article I wrote so many more…

Whatever we are doing for the first time, it will be scary and it will be hard and it will need more practice in order for us to master it. But, doing that first step is crucial in order for us to start walking towards our dreams and goals. Usually, in the beginning of every new journey we will face the biggest obstacles and that’s when so many people decide to give up. But, the secret to succeed is to have the patience and faith and keep up putting the hard work until we make it happen for the first time. After that… things will become much more easy!



One of the first tips which Vanja gave me as a new life coach trainee was to ask my clients to pay the fee in advance as it will show their level of commitment and how serious and motivated they are to achieve their dreams and goals. Luckily, I followed her advice right from the start and as a result I got so lucky to work with amazing clients, who are ready to work hard on their dreams, showing up on time and on each of our coaching sessions, and taking the coaching process very seriously.

It is the great satisfaction to me as a life coach to see my clients thrive, have AHA-moments, grow, change, evolve, achieve their goals and building their dream life. My clients are amazing and I am so proud of them and for all the things that they have achieved and are achieving in their life, but although I guided them and assisted them in it, that is the result of the hard work and serious commitment that they have put in.

I am aware that this practice of advance payment has scared of many potential clients and I could be earning more money otherwise, but I prefer working with less clients, but with those who are serious and clear that they are ready to put hard work and show up on each of our coaching session. I believe this practice has been one of the major reasons why my clients get the actual RESULTS during our coaching process: because they are committed, serious and obliged by the money that they have invested.


Vanja is a successful life coach, but that has not stopped her to grow and to learn every single day. She recently completed cognitive therapy education and became a cognitive therapist as well, as she felt it will add more value in her life coaching practice and she will be able to help her clients in even more profound way. She also became an EFT practitioner. From this month onward, she will be teaching Croatian language on Netherlands Business Academy. She is writing articles and is about to publish an e-book soon, and even she is 53 years old, she is active on social media and shooting inspiring You Tube videos!

I admire Vanja so much for not limiting herself with her age or labeling herself as a life coach and not allowing herself to do and explore so many other amazing things and she is constantly learning in order to grow personally and professionally and offer better service as a life coach. She is my role model!


One of the things I feel the most blessed and grateful about for having Vanja in my life is that she is my biggest cheer leader and I can share with her all of my small and big successes. I can share the same things with my mother, husband or my friends, but they actually do not really “get” what does it mean or how does it feel like for a life coach to achieve or go through certain things: only another life coach can actually get it! And when you have a coach who without a drop of envy not only understands you, but is your biggest support and cheer leader, that is truly a blessing.

No matter what we do, it is always important to have somebody who is fighting in the same arena, to whom we can talk to and share tings with, as that person only will understand us fully and completely!


Vanja gave me so many valuable tips when I was just starting out and warned me about beginners mistakes, which has been priceless. I cannot even imagine how much time, money and energy I would have wasted if I did not get the guidance from experienced life coach one year ago! Also, having a coach who will guide you every step on the way, assist you in achieving your goals and be your support and soft place to fall when you experience the first obstacles and keep you motivated is really priceless!

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