If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I've spent ten memorable days in Dubai last month. Not only I enjoyed a lot in Dubai and I fell in love with the place, but I also got some life lessons about success and being the greatest we can be, which I was very eager to share on the blog.


One of the things that fascinated me the most about Dubai was that it is the place I felt the safest in my entire life. As the law is very strong there you do not need to worry that someone will steal your i-phone, wallet, or any other belongings... The feeling of safety I had over there was something I've never experienced before: it was so liberating and I started even thinking how wonderful place it is to live and how I want to keep on coming back there over and over again.

This can be applied everywhere including the business and professional success. If you make your customers or people you serve to or offering your services safe you will build the trust with them much faster, and make them keep on coming back to you.

Make sure that you have an outstanding customer care, return and refund policy, that you deliver your product or service on time, that you deliver what you promised and that the people you are working with feel safe when they are giving money into your hands.

If today's world where so many scams are happening every single day and so many people lie, cheat, and neglect their promises... be the one who will make people feel safe and play by the rules. It may be the harder way, but it will pay off in the long run. The trust you will build by playing by the rules is priceless and it can be your greatest asset for building your reputation, name and brand!


Everything is possible in Dubai: from playing with the snow while outside is summer hot weather, seeing the sharks swimming by your side in the shopping mall, to climbing to the 125th floor of the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa) in one minute! All the things you can experience in Dubai were result of the great vision, daring to envision things which were not existing before and gathering the team of experts to make it happen.

Just like making in possible in Dubai, we can make the impossible possible in our life as well if we dare to have a big and great vision and we get the right strategy, guidance and tools from the experts to help us convert our vision into a reality.

What is your big vision for your career and your life? Dare to dream big and do not buy into the story that it is impossible. Do not let the small minds convince you that your dreams are too big! Once you envisioned it think of an expert or experts who could help you make it a reality. Life coach? Personal trainer? Mentor? Business coach? Any other relevant expert or guru?

I have my mentor life coach since I've started my coaching practice and once I wanted to boost my coaching practice to a new, bigger level I took help from a business coach. If we want to achieve big things in life (especially those who we think as "impossible") we need a team of people that can help us, who know how to and can give us tools, guidance, knowledge and strategy.


In Dubai every single building is different, which makes it really outstanding, unique and breathtaking! In other words, there is no place in the world like Dubai! That is one of the reason why so many people want to visit Dubai and why they stand in awe when they do. When you come back from Dubai, you have so much to remember, so much to talk about, so many amazing pictures to share, so many experiences to carry with you.

In order to succeed, be noticed, make other people to talk about you, your brand, your services... You need to stand out from the crowd! You need to be one of a kind, unique, different, special, not seen anywhere before, not heard anywhere before, extraordinary, magnificent, glorious! Whatever you do, make sure that you stand out from the other people in your niche and industry. If others zig, you zag. Give something to people to talk about to their friends. Give the kind of service, experience, interaction... which they never had before. If you can provide this kind of experience to your students, clients, customers, superiors... You will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


First time I saw The Miracle Garden last year on the fashion blog I'm following I was enchanted by the beauty and I wanted to visit this heaven made of flowers. I added the picture of The Miracle Garden on my vision board. As many of my dreams became my reality such as India, becoming a life coaching, woking under the palm tree leaves while sipping coconut water, a private swimming pool... I had a faith that this one will too. About six month after there I was... walking down the Miracle Garden in the my dream dress (which was actually on my vision board too).

If somebody told me eight years ago that I will be traveling to so many countries, live in India, work as a life coach, write articles for COSMOPOLITAN, Tinny Buddha, The Huffington Post... I would be mind blown!

I got to know that dreams (even the wildest ones) do come true but we do need to desire and believe strongly, and decide to go after them even if it seems impossible or crazy. Because crazy is good! Crazy actually means that we want something great and big and magnificent!


I've known my best friend and soul sister Erna for last eight years and we have gone trough our worst and happiest moments together. Life has set us a part geographically as we both moved from Bosnia to another country a few years ago, but the strength and bond of our friendship did not get weaker, but the opposite. Having the opportunity to spend ten days with her again after so long of being apart was truly a blessing and we shared some of the most profound feelings, insights and soulful conversations with each other. Having someone by your side with whom you can be yourself, have no hesitation to say whatever you feel and share your deepest worries, fears, desires and fantasies... is so liberating. Also, having a friend who will support every step of the way on your journey is a wealth of a special kind.

When I started my life coaching practice I got to know actually who was really there for me to support me as many of the people who were swearing that I am their best friend that they ever had "disappeared" or did not do much to support me or reach out and say congratulations, words of encouragement and recommendations for my services. Erna wrote a looooong recommendation for services saying that one of the reasons she is so happy and fulfilled today is my presence in her life and that I was born to be a life coach. She shared links on my articles, Facebook page with everyone in her network, she was talking about me, mentioning me... When I became a columnist for COSMOPOLITAN magazine she was so shouting it out to everyone and she reached  out to say congratulations and words of pride and praise. While we were together in Dubai she was shooting hundreds of my photos every single day, as I needed them for the blog.

I've learned along the way that success can be a big test for "friendships". Some friends will disappear as they cannot bear that you became more successful than them, and some friends will not be there to support you when you are just starting out and need them the most. Either way, I find it a good thing: at least you get to know who your true friends are and you can see clearly who deserves to be called a friend in your life. Erna is that person for me!

Those were my greatest lessons on success from Dubai.  If you need personal life and career guidance, working with a life coach can be one of the best decision you will ever make!

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2 thoughts on “Five Lessons About Success I’ve Learned In Dubai

  1. Everything that you have said and all the analogies about Dubai are absolutely and unequivocally true. My sister-in-law returned from a year-long teaching stint there and had nothing but good things to say about it. She too was in awe of the buildings, people, and unimaginable creations. Like you said, unimaginable to one person is a reality becoming thought to another. Congrats on all your success and I wish you plenty more.

    • Thank you, Joel! I wish you a lot of success as well in the future, keep on doing the good work!

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