Excuses have the power to turn our dreams into a dust! We use excuses as a justification for why we are not working on our dreams and goals and to tell ourselves a self limiting story which is holding us back and not allowing us to succeed and live a happier life. With New Year starting, we are all so charged up to go after our dreams and goals and we have the list of New Year's resolutions, but we know what happens in February itself: motivation goes down, we get caught up in our everyday life and chores, we start missing out on activities and things that we were supposed to do in order to achieve our goals or start going back to our old habits and routines (although we promised ourselves that THIS year is going to be life changing, THIS year we will start to exercise, go on a diet, change our job..., THIS year we will eradicate that bad habit wchih is no longer serving us, like unhealthy eating habits or smoking). So, here's some first hand advice from a life coach on what can we do to keep our motivation going throughout the year so that we do not keep on recycling our New Year's resolutions year after year.

If you have read some of my previous posts on this blog or articles I wrote, you know by now that I was myself holding onto an excuse of "not being ready" to write in English until a year ago, although I was an established writer in my native language, even earning my full time income as a freelance writer and I was speaking English every single day for seven years, taking e-courses, workshops, reading so many books...  I was backing up my excuse of "not being ready" with a story of English not being my native language, me not being able to express myself in English like I can in my native language, I would be making some grammar mistakes and a lot of typos... And it was holding me back for a long time from doing it.

Once I started writing in English, not only I was getting better and better at it with every blog post or article written, I also got featured in major international publications like The Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha, in just six months. If I started one year before or two years before, not only I would have today so much more content written and published in English, but I could also earn three times more money per article written in English comparing to what I was charging per article in my native language, back in the days I was earning my income as a freelance writer!

Past cannot be changed, and I am the type of a person who is focused on present moment and having my eye on the vision for my future, but all of this thought me an important lesson: that excuses can be a huge self imposed obstacle in our life and career and keep us away from achieving great things!

The most common excuses we use are "I am not ready!"; "I am not good enough for/in/with..."; "I do not have the time!"; "I do not have enough money!", and "I cannot do it!". These excuses we always back up with a self limiting and self sabotaging story to make them sound like the truth of our life, when in reality it is just a story we are telling ourselves to justify our excuses!

The truth is that we have to start before we are ready, with what we have, where we are and who we are right now and build on it overtime, otherwise we may miss so many good opportunities and waste so much of our precious time.

The truth is that if we are not good enough with something the only way to improve and get better is to actually start doing it and keep on practicing!

The truth is that if something is really important enough for us we will find the time and if it is not, we will find the excuse! We all have 24 hours a day, so it is never about not having the time: it is about not giving the priority to taking the time for working on our dreams and goals. The truth is that we will never know can we do or achieve something if we never try (like that old saying goes: "If you never ask, the answer will always be NO!")

The truth is that even if we do not have "enough" money right now or enough resources we can always use our imagination, help of a friend, free or cheaper alternatives available, think of some creative solutions and ideas to make it happen! The truth is that we always have the power to decide where we will spend our money: on a new bag or a pair of shoes, vacation, party, hiring a coach to help us thrive and succeed, personal development workshop, investing in our business or project we are passionate about, additional education which can help us to land our dream job or something else.

I remember back in my college days I was spending my last coin on personal development magazine, workshops, books... instead of on expensive clothes and shoes. I do love to get dressed and look beautiful, yes, but I was choosing to spend my money on things that were more important to me that time. While many of my friends or colleagues were enjoying shopping, outings with friends or boyfriend, sipping coffees in cafes, watching TV shows... I was writing my blog and articles, reading personal development books, attending self improvement workshops and yoga classes.

Today, I am reaping the benefit of my choices as thanks to all of my hard work I could make my passion for writing a career and today I am a life coach (which is my dream job). I do not believe that I could become good at what I do today without reading all those self help, psychology, personal improvement books and attending so many workshops and trainings.

We all have 24 hours a day and whatever money we have available to us, but it all comes down to the choices that we are making every single day, year after year. I want to challenge you to make your goals priority in your life these year and non-negotiable commitment to yourself! So that you can live your dreams and you can make an impact!

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