One of the things I’m working on the most with with my clients is helping them to do what they love, which I’m discovering is something I’m very passionate about. Now, I love giving people guidance and tools to overcome everyday life problems and challenges, and to be happy in life (I’m writing an e-book on this topic!), but I’m starting to realise that being stuck at the wrong job can be a huge factor that is draining joy and happiness. Once my clients start doing what they love or pursuing their passion, they instantly feel much happier, not to mention the feeling when they start making money out of doing what they love (I’ve been there myself: once I got paid first time for my articles, once I got my first paid coaching client!).

So this week, I’m sharing some tips on how to do what you love (and with the grace of Universe, love for what you do and your hard work) start earning your income by doing what you love.

Now, before I mention the money part… I want to address one important thing: the amount of happiness and fulfilment you will get by doing what you love is the best reward you can get! Once you start earning money out of it, consider it as a bonus! Of course, if you are not earning your income by doing what you love you will not ba able to what you love full time, as a job, so I’m totally with you that you should set a goal of making money as well, but until that happens… consider yourself lucky, even if you are blessed to what you love on weekends! So, what it takes to transit from your day job to your dream job?


The first thing you ned to do in order to transit from your day job to your dream job is to actually start doing it. Whatever it is, writing, selling your crafts, designing your graphics, landing another higher payed or less stressful job…

Think what the first step would be and start doing it. Do you need any certification or training? Sing up!

Do you need to create your blog? Do it today! (I have a blogging guide that can help you immensely, you can check it out here).

Do you need an experience in the field? Start volunteering in some organisation, help some business owners, give free classes or work for free for some period of time.

You want to become a writer? Start writing! Blog or e-book or articles, doesn’t matter! Just start writing.

You want to sell your crafts or graphics or something else? Create it and start gifting to your friends for their birthdays and occasions. If you get good feedback, start selling on some online platform or on local  expos or trade fairs.

You want to sell something? Invest small amount of money and share samples for free to people to “test” the market. If you get interest and orders, make a bigger investment and grow.

Want to sell your services (coaching, legal or some other advice, consulting…). If you have traing and expertise already (if you don’t have, sing up ASAP) start offering your services for free for some time to get the experience and testimonials.

If you don’t know what to do or you have no idea where to start, how to start or how to get the money or resources or the training that you need… or you are feeling stuck at the place where you are right now, with no solutions or possibilities in your mind… hire a life coach (you can find out more here).

Let me tell you: there is nothing wrong to work for free for some period of time! It will help you skill your craft, build your brand, get your name out there, position you as an expert, get you testimonials and results behinds your work, word of mouth praise… All that is crucial if you want to succeed in doing what you love (more on this topic you can read in my previous post).

I was writing articles for free for two years. Writing was my passion and I was doing what I loved to do. It happened (you can more about my journey how I got to do what love here) that I started earning my full time income by wiring in 2013. but it wouldn’t have happened if I was not writing for free prior! Because I had more than a hundred of my articles published and I built my name as a writer in the niche, my articles were popular and the editorial team was so happy with my work, that I got the opportunity to get paid for it. First by the same online magazine I was writing for free for, and later on by other magazines.

Same way with coaching. I was working for free for six months to get the needed experience after I completed my life coaching certificate training. I was also assisting my mentor coach for three months for free to skill the craft and learn from her. During that period I gained confidence as a coach, I had client testimonials, and I built my name as a life coach.

There were so many of my colleagues, even friends and family members who were calling me a fool for working for free. Today, those same people are saying “Oh, you’re so lucky… I wish I have your life!” Yeah?!!



In a country I’m coming from (Bosnia and Herzegovina) it sounds like a fantasy to make a full time income by writing, especially by creative writing! In India where I am living for last three years as well, too.

Now, what made me succeed were more factors of course: my hard work and comminment to blogging and writing, building a community of more than ten thousand people who were following my blog and my work, my writing skills and talent… But, there was one thing which really helped me to stand out: I had very unique set of skills and knowledge base.

I had seven years of medical education and vast knowledge about healthy living and nutrition, I also had a Journalism degree, I was vegetarian, and I was traveling to India often where I learned a lot about the vegetarian lifestyle and cosine. So, I not only had writing skills which I sharpened while studying Journalism (and by actually writing more than a hundred articles), I also had a nutrition knowledge and India exposure. All together, made my articles so unique and so popular and valuable to readers, that the editors were ready to pay to me to write for them.

Same way when I started working as a coach: I had a background in freelance writing and blogging and I could help my clients with making money online or by doing the creative work or offering their services (from selling planners, guides and e-books in pdf online, to monetising their blog or pursuing their dream of becoming a freelance writer, giving any type of advice via Skype, creating an online magazine… you name it!).

I also had a medical background and more than three hundred articles written by that time on nutrition and healthy lifestyle topic, so I could help my clients with embracing healthier lifestyle, losing wight goals, changing their nutrution, dealing with stress…

I also had a Journalism degree and I could help those who are already doing their business to get features in media and promote their brand and their services.

I was living in India and I am very much into spirituality and yoga, so I also had some Eastern wisdom and life lessons I learned to share with my clients, to help them to be happier and more fullfiled, despite all the things that they were going through in their life.

So, again, by having a very unique set of skills, I was standing out from other coaches in the way that I was offering a unique experience and knowledge and service. I also used all the knowledge I had about power of media and landed amazing media features which helped me to build my brand as a coach .

Whatever is that you want to do, make sure that you stand out from the crowd. Bring all your skills, talents, experience, and knowledge learned over the years and blend them together into unique service, way of work or product to whatever…

A friend of mine was vegetarian for a long time and in love in India and Indian vegetarian cosine. She was blogging for a long time, sharing vegetarian recipes and enjoyed making Indian vegetarian sweets. She would make them, wrap in the celofane and gift to her friends. She was publishing photos of those gifts on her blog and soon her readers started asking if she would make them per order. That’s how she started her home based business and she had a huge success. The way she built her brand by standing out and blending all of her skills together is incredible. She was working with graphic design prior, so she designed and crafted all the boxes for sweets herself and they were stunningly beautiful. People (including me) were buying those sweats as a very special gift, as boxes were the work of art itself. She was blogging, so when she started business, she had an audience of people who were reading her blog, loved her recipes, and who were happy to buy from her. And because she was traveling to India and she knew Indian vegetarian cooking, she was not selling just any sweets, but exotic sweets which were nowhere available in the region to buy, but could be only ordered from her!

As you can see, no success is an accident or it happens overnight. It may look like it happened overnight but the secret is that it is built over years, with every little thing you do, learn, study, practice, master… No knowledge is ever wasted, no experience is ever wasted, and no effort is ever wasted.

You can always blend what you’re good at into unique product, service, experience, article, blog, business idea, consulting service, or coaching niche… and offer something that people cannot buy or get anywhere else, but from you (and that’s the secret of standing out and actually becoming successful in what you love).


Impatience is the biggest killer of dreams, along with excuses and poor work ethics.

Everything comes in it’s own time, so the success will come, the income will come and opportunities… but you have to be patient! I know a coach who gave up after seven days (!) because she did not get any coaching clients in that week. I mean, that makes me laugh. If you are starting your own business, unwritten rule (for traditional business or companies!) is that you have six months of your fixed costs covered, as it is realistic to expect that you will need apr. six months to establish your business to that level that it will be bringing you enough income for covering all the costs (we’re not yet talking about profit). Some people get lucky during the first few months, yes, but smart and well informed people make a plan and stay optimistically realistic!

Same way so many bloggers quit on their blog (even if they have a lot of potential) after few moths, saying that they have no readers or they are not making any money. The thing is that it takes apr six months for a blog to get noticed and get first raving readers and about two years to “take off”. Most of the bloggers quit on their blog much sooner as they get demotivated and feel like a failure (basically, they never gave it a chance to even get noticed). I wrote in detail how to succeed in blogging in my Soul Guide To Blogging.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking that two years are too long whether to blog without ROI, or to work for free… but great things in life take time and sacrifice! You cannot work under the shades of palm trees by sipping coconut water or from your home or while traveling if you are doing a 9 to 5 job, but if you build successful blog or you build your online business you can (not to mention that you having the potential to earn much more money by blogging or selling online products and services than by doing a “regular” job). But, unlike the certainty of starting today and receiving your income after 30 days in your bank account, if you are doing a regular job, it takes time for building a profitable and successful project, idea or business on your own.

There is no guarantee that you will succeed and prediction how long it will take. You can only keep on doing the good work and do your part: show up for your dream each and every day and do one small step at the time to make it a reality.



Now, if you invest in hiring a life coach or business coach or mentor to get guidance and tools and good ideas, you will very likely succeed much faster. If you invest more money on gaining the expertise you need for your dream job (certification, training, learning particular skills, buying books, attending workshops…)  you will very likely to get the promotion or another job faster, or get more coaching clients faster, or grow your business faster (if you happen to be a coach I have some very useful resources which can help you succeed as a coach and you can find out more here). If you advertise your business, you are very likely to succeed faster…

No risk, no gain or let’s say smaller risk and investment, smaller the gain. If you are trying to save every dollar you cannot expect you will be earning thousands of dollars very soon, until you (slowly) grow your business. Now, let’s not forget that even hobbies cost money (think of horse riding, tennis, fitness, yoga…), but the thing with investing in doing what you love or building your blog or business is that you are creating a possibility for yourself to get the invested money back and to earn money by doing it in the future!

So, how much hard work you will put in and how much money you will invest, the time for you to make a living by doing  what you love will decrease or increase. Like I wrote in the previous post, how successful we are and we will be in life is always proportional to the choices we make every single day.

One more thing before we wrap up today’s topic. Is it worth it? Hustling, grinding, sleepless nights, patience, learning new skills, working for free, having people calling you fool, investing your hard earned money, and time, and energy into something you’re not 100% sure will bring you money back? Absolutely!

Interested to work with me? You might be one click away from making one of the best decisions in your life!

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