♥ I am Danijela Jokic Vaislay, life coach and motivational speaker. I was born and raised in Bosnia Herzegovina, and in 2014. I moved to India, with my Indian husband (who  kind of looks like my favourite Bollywood actor from childhood, to whom I was saying to everyone that I was going to marry when I grow up, when I was little girl :)).

♥ I am a bachelor of Journalism. My passion for writing and successful blog, lead to me becoming a freelance writer. In 2015. I decided to follow my heart and go after my dream and I became a life coach. 

♥ My passion for personal growth and spirituality has roots in my own personal transformation  Nine years ago I was depressed, I had no spark, no joy, no money, no clue what I wanted to do in life or with my career. I thought my dreams were impossible to achieve. It all has changed once I started learning about the personal growth, spirituality, and the law of attraction, from various experts, and gurus.

♥ I’ve traveled to many countries, spent four years in India, read hundreds of books on the topics, graduated in the field I was very passionate about, and started sharing what I’ve learned with other girls and #bossbabes, as a life coach. My tips and advice on happiness, success, and building the confidence, have been featured and quoted in leading personal growth and media publications: from COSMOPOLITAN magazine, to The Huffington Post (see PRESS page).

♥ Nowadays, I’m traveling around the world, speaking, and working with coaching clients on my laptop, under the shades of palm trees, in a cafe with a WI-FI connection, or from my bed (when I’m kind of having a lazy day). Working on the beach and under the shades of palm trees, while drinking coconut water is my fetish!

♥ I have a thing for backless dresses, good wine and beautiful views. I am vegetarian, but I love wine! I am Vedic Astrology obsessed. I consider myself spiritual, rather than a religious person. I live a laptop lifestyle, because I love to travel.

♥ Looking forward today, I know now that dreams do come true, even the wildest ones, if we work hard, have patience, believe in ourselves, and have the courage to go after our dreams. I really hope that my story will inspire you to create an exciting and beautiful life, and go after your BIG dreams. If I could do it, a girl from a small, poor, post war country, in South Eastern Europe, with English not being my native language, and having nothing but passion, purpose and my laptop in front of me, you can do it too!

Few interesting facts about me: I am vegetarian, but I love wine. I have a craze for GUCCI. I don’t eat onions and garlic. I love songs by Enrique Iglesias (soooo romantic, oh my…) and Lana Del Rey. I love hip & hop dance. I practice yoga since 2008. I won an award for writing when I was 10 years old (I did not read it then is as a sign from the Universe that I will be a writer one day :)), and that same written piece was published in a book. I was mugged in the church, on a Christmas day, in Delhi, in India. I love bitter chocolate, and sour fruits. I am Vedic Astrology obsessed. Saturn is the strongest planet in my birth chart, and it is inbuilt in my logo design, as I live and breath things it represents (hard work, discipline, whatever karma we give out to the world, good or bad, coming back to us, wealth made by hard work, having strong principles, serving other people), and I want to build my career on these same foundations.