How To Stop Worrying And Live A Positive Life

How To Get Unstuck In Life

How to get unstuck in life is one of the most frequent questions that I get from my coaching clients and readers. The other one is how to stop suffering and see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this post I’m going to share my own story: how hitting the rock bottom helped me to turn my life around, also three powerful steps on how to get unstuck.


How To Build Confidence

How to build confidence and self esteem: that’s the topic I’ve been writing about a lot, and teaching to my confidence coaching clients. Today’s post is about the core confidence which comes from bullet proof self belief. I will illustrate the entire how to build confidence story with a Johny English character: totally opposite of everything that dashing, handsome, charming, ultra confident, brave and fearless James Bond character represents.


How To Make The Best Out Of Life


We all have dreams. Some of us have very big dreams (I raise my hand! :)). But we also have  limitations. Fears. Obstacles. Bad days. If you have read my previous blog posts you know that I had many unplanned events in my life and hardships, but the only reason why I’m happy today is that I decided to make the best out of my life with what I have and despite all the obstacles in front of me. I’ve learned over the years how to make lemonade when life throws lemons. The secret to living an amazing life is not to wait for that one day when everything will be perfect and as we are imagining it should be, but to make the best out of our life with what we have and where we are right now!


20 Life Lessons I’ve Learned In My Twenties

Last week I celebrated my 30th birthday on the beautiful beach spot in Croatia (definitely the most beautiful place I’ve ever been on my birthday and I’m seriously thinking to make it a tradition from this year onwards to celebrate every birthday of mine on the beach! :)). Since the number got round and I was on vacation, I had some time and inspiration to self reflect on the past decade and think of all the things I’ve experienced and learned on the way.

So, here are the most valuable 20 life lessons I’ve learned in my 20-ties!


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