Welcome to my virtual home!
I am Danijela Jokic Vaislay, life coach and featured writer for many major international publications.

I’m coming from a small country in South Eastern Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and currently living in India. I built a widely popular blog and became famous vegetarian blogger in the region where people almost swear on eating meet! I started earning income as a freelance writer before I even got my diploma in hands in a country where it seems impossible and surreal to make a living from writing. I became a life coach in a country where people ask “Life…what???” when I tell them what I do and yet I managed to work with international clients and have my articles published in English even while not being an English native speaker!

Never let people convince you that your dreams are too big and that you cannot do something. And most of all, never tell it to yourself!

I am doing my dream job today as a life coach, on my laptop, under the palm trees, in a cafe, garden or on my bed, while sipping cafe frappe, coconut water or a Mocktail and swimming in a private swimming pool in the afternoons (which was kind of fantasy of mine!). Although I do not come from a rich country from many possibilities for success, I built my success story myself, from scratch with some luck, creative ideas, personal growth principles that I’m teaching today to my clients, and a lot of hard work. I could give up or never even try under the excuse that I do not come from the “right” background, not have enough money or possibilities… but I did not let it hold me back.

I learned that all the limitations we have are self imposed and that the only person that can overcome them is ourself! I am the example that “impossible” things can be achieved and that dreams can become a reality!

I’m a dream chaser, and life taught me to act and work under so many limitations, as I am coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was five when the war started in my country. I did not have many toys to play with (and I wanted so much to have a Barbie house). So, I made one myself: with cartoon boxes. I furnished it with bed I made from silk cloth, I used playing cubes as chairs and I used to dress my Barbies in clothes I would knit myself for them. Like I said, due to so many limitations while I was growing up, I learned to improvise, to create something out of (almost) nothing, DIY, find the creative ideas and solutions. I achieved so much and I am helping my coaching clients to achieve their own goals despite so many external limitations with that same attitude:

I turn “I cannot do it!” into “How can I do it?”
I turn “I cannot have it!” into “How can I get it?”

I’m sharing this because I learned that there is a solution and that we can create so much if we think out of the box, we are willing to put in the hard work and make it happen! I believe that you can do it too! No matter what kind of limitations you are facing right now, there is the way you can make your dreams come true. You have what it takes to change your life and live your dreams… It can be done, but it has to be done by you. Many times, just like in my case, hard work and thinking outside of the box in search of creative solutions and ideas is enough. You do not need a pile of money and you do not need to be born in the certain country or look the certain way or have a fancy education!

You don’t need to walk on this journey alone. You can take my hand!

You can read my blog, where I’m sharing tips and advice every week. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily dose of motivation and inspiration! If you want me to guide you and support you step by step, help you come up with creative solutions and ideas to achieve your goals and live your dreams, with resources, time and money that you have right now, stay motivated and not get defeated by excuses and self imposed limitations, book your session with me. Let’s do it together!